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0 Chapter Directory 138 Sisters
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

After the New Year's firecrackers passed, City G also ushered in today's early spring.

     After the snow in winter gradually melted, the busy new year also officially started.

     Qiao Pinyue rode a bicycle, looked at his wrist watch from time to time, along a very clean road to her upcoming Eagle Eagle High School. Today was the first day of her report, so I was always nervous. This job was introduced by her uncle who served as the vice principal of this high school, so she cherished it and felt very stressed.

     Perhaps it was a little anxious. When she turned a road, she didn’t notice a stone on the road, and she hit it directly, causing a loss of balance. The whole person fell heavily on the ground, and the bag placed in the bicycle net pocket also fell. Off the ground.

     Fortunately, the fall was not heavy, and he was basically not injured. Qiao Pinyue patted the ash on her body, and when she was about to stand up, she put a hand in front of her.

      At first glance, she raised her head, a girl in school uniform. She looks very beautiful, but the expression is very indifferent, saying: "Get up."

     "Okay...Ok. Thank you."

     Qiao Pinyue took the female student's hand stopped/stood and she turned back. Qiao Pinyue said another sentence: "Thank you!"

     But the female student did not look back.

     After raising his bicycle, Qiao Pinyue picked up his bag and continued to ride towards the school.At a young age, with a restless mood, she walked into the classroom she taught at Class 3 of Yueying High School. She just graduated from Normal University last year. She is still somewhat concerned about whether she can win any high school teacher. After experiencing the student age, she knew that the current students are not easy to manage, and now is the critical period for them to move towards the third year of high school. In the future, she may also take them to graduation.

     After entering the classroom, she first glanced at the students in the classroom. Everyone was already noisy. When the teacher came in, they immediately crow and peacock make no sound, and all sat down.

     Looking at the faces that are about to get along with him for a long time in the future, Qiao Pinyue gradually calmed down and began to introduce herself: "Hi fellow students, this is my semester to take over Teacher Zhang's Class Teacher's Chinese language teacher. My The name is Qiao Pinyue, I hope we can get along well, then..."

     She has now reached the podium and opened the roll book, intending to get familiar with classmates by roll call.

     At this time, she suddenly discovered that the female student was sitting under the stage!

     Is she actually her own student?

     This coincidence like a TV series surprised Qiao Pinyue, but she quickly calmed down and began to read the names on the roster, and guessed which name was the girl student. It’s rare for her to be a beautiful female high school student.

     "Zhang Zhixin!"


     "Tang Ruoyun!"


     "Jinxian Hui!"

     When the name was pronounced, the female student said, "Present!"This is a very nice's name, Qiao Pinyue thought so.

     When the roll call ended, she began to say: "Today is the first day of school. Let us all know each other. Well, who is the monitor?"

     A girl sitting next to Jin Xianhui raised her hand, and Qiao Pinyue immediately signaled her to stand up.

     "Hello, Teacher Qiao, this is Zhang Zhixin, the monitor."

     The girl's voice is full and powerful, and she looks very sunny. This is in stark contrast to Jin Xianhui, her expression is still the same as before, very indifferent, can't see any emotional color, it is estimated to be a very introverted student, right?

     "Well, please introduce yourself. Then, anyone who wants to introduce themselves can stand up one by one. I hope everyone can be like friends." Qiao Pinyue intends to use this method to ease the atmosphere So that you can gradually become one with the students.

     In high school, she didn't have a teacher with a deep impression. Most are a wooden word-by-word reading, and the class can make people drowsy, and classroom discipline is naturally a mess. Teachers also tend to turn a blind eye, have little communication and interaction with students, and have very indifferent feelings.

     Qiao Pinyue does not want to be such a teacher, but a teacher who can impress the students.

     The class leader's character is indeed very cheerful, and talks about many things with her class without any confession, and also expresses that she will become a good assistant of the teacher. While she was talking, Qiao Pinyue also saw many people talking in whispers, whisper to each other, wondering what they were discussing? Are you talking about yourself? Still talking about the monitor? Or is it radically is irrelevant?The following class atmosphere was still active, and many people took the initiative to introduce themselves. After about half a class, she watched the time almost there, so she stopped temporarily and began to explain to the students the teaching plan for the semester and some things about the college entrance examination.

     During the lecture, she always looked at Jin Xianhui intentionally or unintentionally. Just now she by no means stood up and introduced herself. During the lecture, although she took notes seriously, her expression was too cold. She was so indifferent in the table with a person whose squad leader was so sunny, more or less a bit strange.

     However, the personality of the person is not easy to change. From the perspective of her helping herself, she is still very enthusiastic? Qiao Pinyue thought so.

     After the bell rang, students all walked out of the classroom, and Jin Xianhui always sat motionless like a statue.

     At this time, she took a book out of her schoolbag to see it because she put it on the table and read it. Qiao Pinyue didn't see what it was. So she walked over, at this time Zhang Zhixin already left the seat, she smiled wholeheartedly and greeted her: "Classmate Jinxianhui, hello, thank you very much in the morning."

     She raised her head, looked at her suspiciously, and then said, "I'm sorry, teacher, I don't understand what you mean."

     This surprised Qiao Pinyue. Did she forget her appearance?

     "Don't you lift me in the morning? At that time I accidentally fell to the ground..."

     Jin Xianhui blinked her eyebrows, shook the head, and said, "That's not me.""Yí?" Qiao Pinyue wondered, what the hell is this? How do you think she is the girl student who helped herself!

     "Teacher...please don't confuse me with her. You said, it should be Jin Xianna. She and I are twins, so they look very similar."


     Qiao Pinyue hadn't reacted for a while, and it felt like Jin Xianhui was joking with her. Her tone is too strange. If there is such a twin sister, why is her attitude so indifferent?

     After saying this, she lowered her head and continued to read the book. It was completely act as if no one else were present, and there was no meaning to continue talking with Qiao Pinyue.

     Qiao Pinyue looked at her so indifferent attitude, it was not good to continue to ask, and had to leave temporarily. On the way, she was thinking, wasn’t that female student really not Jin Xianhui this morning? But she was wearing the same school uniform and her expression was so cold. If this is true, then the twin sister should also be a student in this high school.

     She happened to meet Zhang Zhixin in the corridor and quickly stepped forward and asked, "Hello, squad leader... I have a question I want to ask you."

     "Okay, teacher, ask."

     "Classmate Jin Xianhui sitting next to you, does she have twin sisters?"

     "Ah... Xiaohui, yes. But teacher, you better not preface this matter with her. That's her sister, who is also studying in this high school, in class 4."

     "Is their sister relationship bad?""Alas... it's not just bad. Teacher, in fact, almost no one in the class would approach Xiaohui. The relationship between her and her sister is really poor, and both are extremely introverted. Well, as for her and The reason for her sister’s poor relationship, after all, involves the privacy of other people’s families, I don’t want to say..."

     The squad leader was really shrewd, and Qiao Pinyue didn't keep asking. Putting it that way, Jin Xianhui's words are not a joke. If the sisters are all extremely introverted, it is really not easy to communicate.

     At this moment, Jin Xianhui suddenly came over here, still holding a book in his hand, and when they passed by the two of them, it was completely act as if no one else were present, not only did not greet, but even the eyes Did not look at it. Qiao Pinyue felt very uncomfortable about being completely ignored.

     "She... is she lonely..." When Qiao Pinyue said this, he suddenly thought, wouldn't that person just be Jin Xianhui, but that sister? Although he also holds a book, it cannot be concluded that it is Jin Xianhui.

     She just walked over just now, not even looking at the two of them. I am afraid she didn't notice herself.

     At that time, Qiao Pinyue only felt that she met a student with a more introverted personality. She thought that if she communicated with her more in the future, she should be able to open her heart. However, she never dreamed that this was the beginning of a series of nightmares...Zhang Zhixin walked downstairs after saying goodbye to Qiao Pinyue. When passing a corridor, she had no intention of looking out the window. In the teaching building adjacent to here, and in the window directly opposite here, she saw the figure of Jin Xianhui. No... Maybe it was Jin Xianna.

     The two teaching buildings are less than 20 meters apart, and Zhang Zhixin has good eyesight, so she can see clearly.

     At this time, the other person's eyes also passed towards here.

     Although they are far apart, Zhang Zhixin always has a strange, palpitation feeling.

     She stopped and began to look closely at the girl across the building (let’s call her that).

     She wants to give it a try, can she see who the other person is?

     In the window opposite the teaching building, only the girl can now be seen. She raised her hand and seemed to be holding what thing. if looks carefully, it seems that her mouth is chewing.

     And, gradually found that her open the mouth together, it seems, what thing bit, and then slowly chew.

     Is she eating what thing?

     Zhang Zhixin put his head out of the window and wanted to take a closer look.

     At this time, the feeling of palpitations became stronger and stronger.

     Is she a sister or a sister?

     Zhang Zhixin has also been in contact with her sister several times. Her character can be said to be carved with her sister, and the voice is like the extreme, and they are all wearing school uniforms at school, so if they do not speak, they are outside the classroom She couldn’t tell the difference at all, she didn’t know how many times she had missed it.Suddenly she felt that the other party was chewing faster. She didn't know it was the illusion that it does not belong to oneself.

     Soon after, she walked forward, and her body quickly disappeared behind the wall.

     Zhang Zhixin shook the head, in the end still is not guessable. It is useless even to ask any of them afterwards, because the other party is mostly silent.

     Now recalling carefully, she is holding something to eat in her hand, it seems... the color is a little red?

     However, because the color of the wall next to her is closer to red, it may also be your own illusion.

     At noon, Qiao Pinyue came to the school library during the lunch break. She is a person who loves to dunk in a pile of books and take pleasure in it.

     After selecting a few books on several bookshelves, she chose a position to sit down, and soon after she sat down, suddenly another student sat opposite her.

     And that student is Jin Xianhui.

     She just wanted to say hello to the other party, but she wasn't sure if the other party was a sister or a sister, so she asked, "Please..."

     The other party raised head up looked at her and asked blankly, "What's the matter?"

     "Ah... Excuse me, are you..."

     The other party suddenly said like understood: "You seem a little familiar... Yes, you are in the morning..."

     "Yes, yes! Then are you Jinxina classmates? I am your sister's class teacher."

     Speaking of "sister", Jin Xianna immediately showed a disgusted expression, and then replied: "This... I understand." Then, she looked back at the book.Qiao Pinyue had to sigh, these two sisters are so similar...