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0 Chapter Directory 139 Nightmare Starts
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Excuse me... Have you seen Lu Ou?"

     Shen Zhuoliang, the class teacher of Class 4, entered the classroom deeply worried and sick at heart. At this time, there were only five to six people in the classroom.

     "No, I didn't see it." each person replied.

     The female student named Lu Ou, because of her poor grades, had called Shen Zhuoliang before the semester, saying that she hoped to use her lunch break to tutor math after school. However, she did not come at noon today.

     Shen Zhuoliang is a very responsible teacher, so he immediately came to find the girl. And when spoke until here, a girl suddenly said: "Teacher, think about it carefully, it seems that after finishing the math class in the morning, you will never see Lu Ou again."

     "You... what do you say?"

     He frowned, grabbed his hair a few more times, and then asked again: "Well, where is Jinxina now? Does anyone know? She and Lu Ou are at the same table, I think she might know something."

     "She...should be in the library."

     After Shen Zhuoliang heard the words, he hurried to the library immediately.

     In the impression, Lu Ou is a very law-abiding student. Although she usually has poor academic performance, she will never do anything that violates the school discipline and school rules. Such things as truancy are hard to imagine.

     Is she out of whats the matter?Shen Zhuoliang is a very responsible class teacher. He is very concerned about every aspect of every student. He visits at least ten times every semester. Sometimes he will help the students even if they get off work late. I even visit the house in person, which can be said to be a rare good teacher.

     The teaching building where the library is located is also separated by a teaching building. When Shen Zhuoliang walked out of this building, he saw Jin Xianna coming in front.

     "Ah, Jinxana, you came just...I want to ask..."

     Who knew she walked over directly from Shen Zhuoliang's side, no response at all. Suddenly he understood that this person is probably a sister.

     But just in case, he still chased over and asked: "Sorry, I probably admit it wrong. Are you Jin Xina's sister?"

     Although the other party stopped, their eyes did not look directly at Shen Zhuoliang, only saying: "I and she It doesn’t matter."

     This really makes Shen Zhuoliang somewhat angry, she looks so irrational, and Jin Xianna looks like there's nothing about it. But in the emergency situation, he did not have time to worry about her, so he ran to the library again.

     Qiao Pinyue observed Jin Xianna.

     She and her sister are so similar. They look and don’t say that the hairstyle, figure, one's every movement and that introverted personality are all exactly the same. At this level, it is difficult to treat them as two different people.

     Her posture when reading a book is also very similar to her sister.

     Qiao Pinyue held a book to block his face, and secretly observed Jin Xina as a thief.Frankly speaking, her appearance is really beautiful, but unfortunately her expression is too stiff. If this pair of twins is very fond of talking and laughing, I am afraid that it will become the high-profile sister flower of this high school? But why are these two people so inharmonious in character and others, and the gap between them is so deep?

     After all, Qiao Pinyue is today as the first day to be a teacher, and he doesn’t want to think too much. Anyway, the future is long.

     At this moment, a young man came by Jin Xina, who seemed to be a teacher. He called Jinxina first, then the latter raised head up and asked, "What's the matter?"

     The young man looked very anxious and asked her: "Jin Xianna, do you know where Lu Ou is? I am looking for her. Is she not coming back after the math class?" "I don't know where she is."

     It was only very briefly after these words that her eyes turned back to the book.

     "You... are you not at the same table? Didn't she tell you anything?"

     "I do not know."

     Still a short answer, Jin Xina's attitude at this time reminded Qiao Pinyue of her sister.

     She couldn't help wondering in her heart: Are these two... really not the same person?

     "I am working again now."

     At this moment, at Run An's house, A Jing told Run An.

     Last week, Runli also found a new job as a newspaper reporter in the past. Now, A Jing also says she wants to go out to work, and she just stays at home and writes on weekdays. She can't help but feel lonely in the future."That..." Run An thought that it was also sensible act for A Jing to go out to find a job. After all, staying at home always had nothing to do and was easy to indulge in flights of fancy. Now that I have lost the ability to foresee, I have more contact with the society, but it is easier to get some news related to the spirit.

     "So... what kind of work?"

     "It's the job of drawing illustrations. Remember? I used to draw illustrations for Miss Zuo Ziyue."

     Ah Jing, such a saying, Run Dark remembered it.

     "Long time ago, I almost forgot."

     "Miss Zuo contacted me again, and she said that I hope I can continue to draw illustrations for her work. And I agreed, and I will go to work in the publishing house tomorrow."

     Zuo Ziyue is a well-known lyrical prose writer. Run Anqing had a relationship with her at the meeting of the Writers Association in the past. In the impression, she is a very dignified and elegant lady, and her writing is quite delicate. It was just unexpected that the person who helped her draw the illustration was actually A Jing.

     "Oh, there is one more thing love."

      "Huh?" Run An looked at Ah Jing's look very dignified at the moment, and felt that it was not a trivial matter. He asked quickly, "Whats the matter?"

     "Grandpa, he...want to invite us to dinner on the weekend, and Runli also went with him."

     Grandpa of Jing?

     Run An was taken aback, but then thought about it, this is also a matter of reason.A Jing's grandfather, Sun Zhengyan, is the chairman of the internationally renowned Sun's Enterprise. This is a large multinational company, involving many industrial projects, and Sun Clan is naturally having wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation. A Jing's mother is the only daughter of Chairman Sun. Since he decided to accept Ah Jing, then as a boyfriend of Ah Jing, I am afraid he will be regarded as the successor of his future family, right?

     However, the biggest problem at present is to lift him and A Jing, as well as the death curse on Run Li, and Chairman Sun also knows what to do to achieve this.

      No matter the case, all in all, he should also meet with A Jing's grandfather. He is sincere to Ah Jing, he loves Ah Jing deeply. But now facing this horror curse, so he did not discuss marrying with A Jing.

     In fact, he hoped that one day, he and A Jing would marry into the palace of marriage and become the person who guarded her life. However, this has become very slim and extravagant.

     Now, even the spooky constitution that foresees death is lost, and he is full of powerlessness and despair for his future. But the love for Ah Jing urged him to cheer up and he couldn't easily lose hope.

     At present, there is still life.

     Yes, there is life...

     "What are you thinking? Run dark?"

     A Jing's voice interrupted the dark and intense inner activities. He was somewhat at a loss for a while, and he did not react.

     "Are you... embarrassed?" A Jing thought he didn't want to see his grandfather, and was a bit worried.

     "No, no..." Run An quickly waved his hand and replied: "Well, okay, I will go."In fact, in his heart, how much worried did A Jing's foreign guild think of himself? Ah Jing is the sole heir to Sun's business in the future. Now it is because he wants to help Ah Jing to remove Curse, but... will he really be satisfied with her marrying a terrorist?

     Run dark shook his head, now where is the time to consider this?

     This is the highest priority when contacting death curse. Others should be put on hold now and not considered.

     At this moment, the doorbell rang.

     Run An initially thought Run Li came back from get off work early and hurried to open the door. But... standing outside the door is a little girl.

     "You... who are you looking for?"

     The girl looked up and saw that it was dark, and immediately said: " are a demon..."

     Run dark suddenly be at a loss, and then the girl continued to say: "I warn you... Never hurt your brother, otherwise I won't forgive you... wait and see!"

     Then she did not turn round and ran away. For a time, Yun An felt baffling.

     At this time, Run An recalled that she was the sister of the pair of siblings living next door. He remembered that she was called Xiaoya.

     A Jing came over and asked, "Who is it?"

     Run dark shook the head, said with embarrassment: "This..."

     Suddenly he felt something's wrong... Today is the day when the primary and secondary schools begin, why didn't she go to school? Should we pass the lunch break?

     Why does she say that she is a "demon"?

     At this time, Shen Zhuoliang was very disturbed in the afternoon math class.He is currently in class 4. During the lecture, when he saw Jin Xianhui, he would think of the missing Lu Ou. She still didn't go back to class. Until now, she didn't know exactly what's going on.

     He had already called Lu Ou's family, she by no means went back, and her mother would be on the way to school.

     When asked a question, he asked Jin Xianhui to answer it.

     After she came to the podium, Shen Zhuoliang handed her the chalk, but she turned a blind eye, picked up the chalk herself, and began to write the problem-solving process on the blackboard.

     Shen Zhuoliang looked at her answer carefully, thinking very clear, and grasped the focus of the topic at once, and the writing was also very good. He taught for so many years and rarely saw students who could write extremely well in chalk.

     However, she always gives herself a very uncomfortable feeling.

     Regardless of sisters all the same.

     He rarely treats his students differently, but...the two sisters really make him very uncomfortable.

     Through home visits, he learned that the parents of the second sister had been divorced since their childhood. The elder sister followed the father, and the younger sister followed the mother. Now, both sides have reorganized their families.

     As a result, the two are now studying in the same high school, but the relationship has become so bad, making him hard to understand. Even because they live in different families, the blood of the sisters cannot be severed. Why do both of them hate each other so much?

     At the moment, in a teaching building next to it.

     On the third floor of the teaching building, a cleaner is cleaning the corridor.When stacking the newly-swept garbage and throwing it in the trash bin, I suddenly found it in the garbage heap, revealing one...

     It looks like a flesh-colored corner!

     Because it was covered with garbage, I only saw this corner.

     The cleaner was tense for a moment, turning over the garbage...

     "Ahhhhhh!" a scream rang throughout the teaching building.

     A bloody human head is lying in the trash at the moment!