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0 Chapter Directory 144 Demon Eater
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Couldn't find Lu Ou's body?" According to the information Run Yun obtained from Run Li, this was not a simple murder, but the possibility of curse became higher and higher.

     "Yes, brother. How are we going to act next?" Run Li looked at Run Dark, and then looked at A Jing who was pensive on the side.

     It was already dusk, and the three gathered together to discuss their ideas. This murder case does seem very tricky. It's a pity that Ah Jing lost the ability to foretell keywords, but now it's don't know where to put one's hands, and he can't find the next one to be cursed.

     "At present, there is still too much information missing. Run Li," A Jing decided to observe a period of time, and then instructed Run Li: "You still continue to pay attention to the latest developments in this case, contacting and knowing the dead as much as possible. Students, ask them if there are any strange talks or haunting in their school. This time thank you for your troubles."

     Then, the topic changed again. Run An asked A Jing about her current research.

     A Jing's current experiment focuses on the eyeball of Tong Moyan that Wen Zimei helped her. At the beginning, Tong Moyan opened his ghostly eyes in front of Ming Huarui, locking her into one of the seven reincarnated ghosts. Although this is a dark speculation, A Jing also believes that the possibility is high.

     After the brain surgery, Ming Huarui had taken out bullets. She is now sober and still in hospital.

     A Jing decides to verify the hypothesis and consider finding the remaining three evil spirits. What she cared about was the words of Li Muya, the girl next door yesterday.

     She will moisten and call it "demon".Although it can also be regarded as a kid's joke, it will be exaggerated to say that such a sentence truant from school to home, then solemnly warn Run dark? And A Jing also felt a little strange to his brother and sister.

     She is embarking on a new study of Tong Moyan's ghost eyes to find out whether ghost eyes are for finding reincarnated evil ghosts. And my grandfather was also entrusted by her, and began to send people to look for the remains and folk legends left during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms in southern China, and wanted to find some spider's thread and horse track.

     However, at present, everything is still hidden in the fog, making it difficult to start the truth.

     Wu Zonghua and Tang Zhenfei went downstairs to Zhang Zhixin's house.

     After school, the two came over almost immediately.

     When entering the apartment, the administrator also greeted them because they had been there a few times in the past and were already familiar with it.

     "You said... probably not what's the matter? Zhenfei?" Wu Zonghua made several calls to Zhang Zhixin in the afternoon, but she didn't answer.

     "Ah, Who knows ne. Wouldn't it be good to go up and see?"

     Going to the elevator, the elevator door opened, and when the person inside came out, the two of them got in and pressed the floor where Zhang Zhixin's house was.

     The elevator doors closed slowly. Just before she was completely closed, she suddenly stretched out a hand!

     Then, the elevator doors were fully opened and a person walked in.

     The elevator door behind closed.

     The arrival of this person surprised both Wu Zonghua and Tang Zhenfei. They all know this person, but they have to ask: "You... who are you?"The elevator is slowly ascending.

     She is still as usual, doesn't have any expression.

     "You, Jinxianhui, right?" Tang Zhenfei tentatively asked, "Did you come to see Zhang Zhixin?"

     She still not say a word.

     "Then... are you Jin Xina?" Wu Zonghua asked this time.

     The elevator continues to rise.

     At this moment, she suddenly said something that made the two have one's hair stand on end.

     "You... want to know where is the body under Lu Ou's head?"

     This eerie tone, in this small Sealed Space, can't help but make people chill.

     Wu Zonghua was brave and said, "You... what are you saying... The police can't find it, did you find it?"

     "I will show you, okay?"

     This sentence made the two boys feel the surrounding air became cold.

     They knew that this pair of twins, no matter whether it was a sister or a sister, could not have any talent for humor, and it was impossible for them to make jokes about this kind of thing. If it is said, it means they are absolutely serious. If any of them would make such a joke, Wu Zonghua and Tang Zhenfei would rather believe that the earth is square.

     Suddenly, she lowered her head to face the ground and began to make a "vomit-vomit-" sound.

     Immediately afterwards, Wu Zonghua saw a white Sensen bone spit out of her mouth and fell to the ground. Immediately, she continued to spit out bones, and finally, almost vomited like dumping!

     In less than half a minute, her feet had... built up bones that were half a person tall!Moreover, they also noticed that there were many bloody flesh on the bones!

     The two were immediately frightened by piss in one's pants in terror, falls to the ground, while she continued to vomit.

      At this time, her cheeks suddenly swelled up and became almost like a balloon. She desperately widely opens mouth and saw that there was something dark in her mouth. Finally, the corners of her mouth began to expand, and a round thing spit out completely from her mouth, and rolled to Wu Zonghua's feet!

     That's... a human head!

     Although the person's head was covered with blood, Wu Zonghua and Tang Zhenfei recognized it at a glance. That was...

     Zhang Zhixin's head!

     In front of her, she wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. Those eyes, like Shura of hell, exuded Death Aura, and said to the two people who had been scared body and soul separated: "Let me eat you too..."

     When Qiao Pinyue came home, his eyes were filled with sorrow. The parents even doubted whether she was sick or not, and she constantly enquire solicitously about sb's well-being, but she went back to her own room after a few perfunctory sentences.

     Lu Ou did die terribly, but why should it be related to the twins? Qiao Pinyue remembered the wounds on Jin Xianhui's arm and thought that their twisted personality, very probably may be originated from the extremely complicated life relationship of the remarried family.

     Why didn't Shen try to care about them, but treat them as non-humans? The more she thought, the more absurd she felt. They are all children raised by their parents, and they are not Outsiders who appear out of thin air, but they are not quite the same in character, and should they be treated differently?Qiao Pinyue believes that as a teacher, she has an obligation to help them.

     It's just that.

     The following day, news of the disappearance of Zhang Zhixin's family, Wu Zonghua, and Tang Zhenfei was reported. And, controversy was caused in the school. Such a thing happened shortly after Lu Ou's death, and it was undoubtedly add hail to snow to the school. Fortunately, the three missing students did not have an accident on campus.

     Li Hongming instinctively felt that the disappearance of the three men was inextricably linked to Lu Ou's death. Especially Zhang Zhixin, she and her parents are missing together, making people feel too weird. The administrator downstairs at Zhang Zhixin's house proved that Wu Zonghua and Tang Zhenfei had been here yesterday. In addition, some neighbors said that they heard screaming from Zhang Zhixin's family the night before, but then there was no sound. They thought it was just a couple arguing, but it is estimated that something has happened since that night.

     Everything is in the mist, making it hard to think about the truth.

     The following week, Qiao Pinyue began to implement her plan. In Class 3 and Class 4, she set up a silent recitation group of ancient poems, and let Jin Xianhui and Sister Jin Xina serve as the leader of their group. In this way, even if they are unwilling, they must communicate and get along with the people around them.In high school Chinese teaching, the proportion of classical Chinese is very high, and it is also a piece of content that is easier to interact with students. In the next week, this pair of twins must arrange the division of labor among the team members and arrange the paragraphs that need to be recited. If you are given responsibility, you must not just carelessly care about yourself. Qiao Pinyue believes that as time goes on, they will be able to gradually merge with their classes. When the time comes, consider how to ease the relationship between the two sisters.

     She never believed that teachers only taught knowledge purely, and did not want to treat quality education as an empty slogan. I thought I did a good thing.


     That day, she experienced a real nightmare.

     That was a week after she decided to group.

     "Stop! Teacher Qiao!"

     At that time, after school, she was correcting her homework in the teacher. Teacher Shen Zhuoliang suddenly rushed in and shouted at her: "Are you crazy? Have you forgotten my warning to beyond the topmost clouds?" ?Do you want to kill your students?"

     The teachers in the office turned their eyes to Shen Zhuoliang, and did not understand why he was angry. And Qiao Pinyue is also at a loss, saying: "What's wrong, Teacher Shen, what am I doing wrong?"

     "I heard that you arranged the pair of twins as the leader of the ancient poetry recitation group? Let them interact with other students intimately? They..." He lowered his voice at this time and said, "They are gods of plague! You know Does this have any consequences? Do you think that what I said to you in the past is a rumor? If you don’t believe it, I can take you to another teacher to verify!"Qiao Pinyue realized what's going on, she thought Shen Zhuoliang was too make a fuss about nothing.

     "Mr. Shen, it's your idea of reckless and impulsive that made them isolated from the people around you! You said that they were like severe floods and fierce beasts, generally fearing too late to avoid, but what they actually did What? This is your prejudice and discrimination!"

     Shen Zhuoliang also intends to continue to argue, and suddenly the door is opened. Class 3 Student Committee Zhou Liang lose one's head out of fear and said: "No, it's not good...Mr, please go back to the classroom to see !"

     Qiao Pinyue saw that Zhou Liang was so flustered, expecting that something big must have happened, and quickly ran him to the classroom.

     When he rushed into the classroom, Qiao Pinyue was completely dumbfounded.

     Jin Xianhui was being pinched by her fellow classmate Yan Xiuping, and five or six classmates were behind him, and he couldn't hold him!

     "I, I must kill you... I won't kill you, I will die, I will die! Sisters, I will kill you!"

     Qiao Pinyue rushed up, grabbed his hands, and yelled, "Yan Xiuping! Are you crazy? Will you strangle her!"

     "Yes, I'm crazy! I must kill her! I..."

     The situation was very critical. At this time, Jin Xianhui even began to roll the eyes. If she continued this way, she might be strangled. Qiao Pinyue severely beat Yan Xiuping a slap in the face and said: "You wake me up a bit!"At this time, he let go of his hand slightly, and the people behind him quickly pulled him aside. Yan Xiuping struggled desperately and shouted frantically: "You let me go... this pair of twins is not human, I want to kill them all! Kill them all!"

     Half an hour later, in the Academic Affairs Office.

     "Fortunately, the person said that they would not be held accountable, otherwise you might be guilty of lawsuits!" The vice-president, Qiao Pinyue's uncle, said to Yan Xiuping directly, "Are you crazy? Are you know or not? Human life? Discuss with your disciplinary meeting that you might possibly be expelled from school!"

     Yan Xiuping kept staring at Qiao Pinyue all the time and said, "In that pair of twins... there is a person who is not a person, yes, it must be like this...not a person..."

     Suddenly he yelled and hugged his head, and then quickly ran out of the office

     Yan Xiuping clearly remembered that he met one of the twins in the corridor during school yesterday.

     But he didn't know which one it was.


     That would never be human.

     One of the pair of twins is a non-human being!

     He kept running down the stairs, but just before reaching the ground floor, he...

     I saw one of the pair of twins again!

     "You... who are you? Jin Xian Hui? Jin Xian Na? Who are you ?"

     Yan Xiuping punched hard without waiting for the other party to answer. However, this punch hit the other party's face, but directly penetrated her head!Yan Xiuping's hands were covered with blood and brain-like things. He was frightened and quickly pulled his hand back. In front of him, there was a big hollow in the center of his head! And she... is still moving forward!

     Yan Xiuping shouted while covering his face, his feet were almost soft.

     However, at this moment, he was grabbed with one hand, and then ran up continuously!

     He looked back and almost screamed in fright, because he couldn't see the person holding his hand!

     "Don't call it! I'm the one who came to save you... If you don't want to die, please run with me!"