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0 Chapter Directory 145 Which One? One
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

There should have been a teaching building full of people everywhere, but at this moment it has become extremely deserted and lonely, and no people can be seen everywhere.

     Yan Xiuping was pulled by the invisible person and ran towards another flight of stairs. Although he does not know who the other party is, it seems to be different from that monster.

     At this moment, he suddenly felt what was on the top of his head, and was suddenly startled in his heart. He was so scared and asked: "What... what is this?"

     "Hush... this is chameleon liquid, and now your body can no longer be seen."

     It is with no difficulty that the chameleon liquid deceives the human eye. It is easier to merge with the environment than the chameleon, and it is almost the same as the transparent person. However, there is no opportunity to test whether it can be concealed in front of ghosts.

     On reaching another flight of stairs, Yan Xiuping saw...that monster is still there! However, her face has recovered.

     There is no one around.

     She is approaching here without error.

     Sure enough, it's useless.

     Yan Xiuping kept retreating. He recalled Lu Ou's tragic death. The great fear and despair almost overwhelmed him.

     But at this time, he was surprised to find that the wall on his left appeared a rectangular shape out of nowhere, large enough for one person to pass through. Then, he grabbed his own hand invisibly and ran into the wall!He thought that this collision would be bloody nose and swollen face, but his body actually passed through the wall! Immediately after greet the eye, is an ordinary room. The room is not big, it looks like a living room, and on a sofa in front, sits a beautiful young woman.

     "I'm back, A Jing. I didn't expect you the latest research subspace potion come in handy."

     The subspace potion is a special potion similar to the Teleport ability of the spirit ghost. As long as the potion is smeared on any object to form a shape, the shape will become the door to the subspace. This is a potion that completely surpasses the common sense of physics and chemistry. A potion like Ajinglian is also made, and moisturizing can finally be determined, what is the raw material of these potions.

     Yin and Yang ghost eyes can open the insurmountable door between the world and the underworld, and it is above the ability of the spirit ghost spirit. It can be roughly concluded that Ren Senbo should have been to the non-human Foreign Space in the past and obtained the raw materials for making those drugs.

     The so-called chameleon liquid, hypnotic potion, forgetful potion, wait wait/etc etc. are all made of raw materials that are not part of this world!

     And A Jing gradually realized this. In addition to leaving her notes, her father also told her the address of his secret laboratory, where she obtained a lot of experimental materials. Those are all foreign space substances, basically unable to use scientific analysis, and only the ghost eyes of his father The Almighty can create countless extraordinary drugs.The latest space potion was made by A Jing using a black powder left by his father and mixed with some chemical agents. Because he was still in the experimental stage, he took a bit to Run An, but did not expect to save his life and Yan Xiuping's life.

     Then, Yan Xiuping found a hazy shadow around him. Although the color of the shadow was exactly the same as the surrounding scenery, an outline was obviously produced. Then, the color gradually became a man’s. Image.

     "You... what kind of monster are you?" Yan Xiuping just said this and suddenly noticed that he couldn't see his body at all!

     "Ah--this, what is this?"

     Moisturizing took out the small bottle containing the chameleon liquid release liquid and said, "Don’t panic. This is a kind of potion that makes your body look exactly like the surrounding environment and can’t tell the shape with the naked eye. Just drop You can recover with this release fluid."

     Yan Xiuping looked at Run Dark with horrified eyes, and A Jing on one side, unbelievable his words. After experiencing such terrible things just now, his hands still have the blood and brain plasma of the monster, how dare to believe the unknown origin person in front of him?

     "Run dark, is there someone around you?" A Jing began to think that only Run dark came back alone, but watching him talking to the air now, he heard someone talking, presumably someone who had dripped the chameleon liquid.

     "Well, it was a student at Yingying High School. He was almost killed. We can’t stand here without your subspace potion."Yan Xiuping listened to these two people's answers and felt that they seemed normal people, and their vigilance gradually disappeared. At this time, Run An said to Yan Xiuping: "You have listened to it, now I will give you a release solution, maybe you will don't believe me, but if you don't have this release solution, you will continue to be like this for life. This is definitely not frightening words to scare people."

     As soon as Run An's words came out, Yan Xiuping was startled again.

     Weighing again and again, he had nodded and said, "Then, okay."

     After dropping the relief fluid, he was pleased to see that the hidden body appeared again. At this time, he had a feeling after the calamity, renewed life.

     "You sit first." Run Anxian asked him to sit down on the sofa and said, "This is my home. You must have a lot of questions now, and I will explain to you slowly. But first you have to answer one of my questions." It's about the pair of twins. What do you know?"

     Although Yan Xiuping has not completely dispelled his vigilance, he basically treats Run An as a savior. He impatient said: "Please save me! Save me! She is not a person, she is a monster! It is a ghost! Please kill her, otherwise, I will definitely die!"

     Yan Xiuping actually noticed that the pair of twins was not normal very early.

     They are obviously sisters and sisters, but almost no one has seen them together. Because of this, she met one of them alone outside the classroom. If she didn't speak, she couldn't tell who she was. Moreover, the two of them are always wearing the same school uniform, the hairstyles are kept exactly the same, the height is also the same, and the sound is also the same, so it is really difficult to distinguish who is who."I really... don't know whether that monster is Jinxianhui or Jinxianna... but she must be killing me, this is absolutely not wrong ah... me, what should I do?"

     Both Run An and A Jing meditated silently.

     The focus of everything was on the twin sisters.

     "Perhaps, neither of them is human?" Run An made such a point. After all, this is not impossible, both sisters are so weird, and it is not surprising that neither of them is human.

     But A Jing denied this.

     "No, there must be only one. This is the same reason that there can be no two peaks in a hive. The same curse will not exist simultaneously, the two cannot exist together, if both If it is not a human being, it will inevitably compete and will not coexist for so long."

      In other words, one of them is a normal person, while yet another is a terrifying ghost.

     "I have two guesses for reference. First, the other party may have killed the real person in the twins, and then pretended to be the other party. Second, the sister or sister actually had a dead one, but in the form of an undead Survival. However, they all cannot be justified..." A Jing looked very worried about this problem. If it is determined who it is, the problem is simple, find a way to kill it! Even if the opponent is a ghost, since he wants to fight the curse, he must have the consciousness of fighting against death.

     However, the other party has two. As far as Ah Jing's values are concerned, she can never kill an innocent person. She inherited the holy conduct of her mother and was very different from her father's approach of using both fair and foul methods for the purpose."Right..." Run An suddenly thought of a bit: "Zhao Lingjing! Isn't it okay if you have a Lingjing? A Jing, Wen Zimei gave you that? As long as you have it, you can Identify who is a person and who is a ghost!"

     "Impossible." A Jing shook the head, saying, "Wen Zimei is already dead, the spirit mirror she made loses her spiritual power, just an ordinary mirror."

     So, Is there any way?

     "It is still necessary to collect further information." A Jing made up his mind.

     First... to investigate the parents of the pair of twins. And...the reason for their divorce.

     Jin Xianhui returned to his own family.

     It was a very generous private villa. Her father was a businessman like a nouveau riche, and soon after divorcing her mother, she soon married again.

     On the first floor is a large living room with a piano in the center.

     Like her sister, Jin Xianhui also plays the piano very well.

     "You are back."

     The stepmother's Cynical voice drifted down, Jin Xianhui frowned.

     After walking downstairs, she stared at Jin Xianhui and said, "Come into my room. Hurry up!"

     She obediently nodded and put down her schoolbag.

     Follow the stairs to the second floor.

     Her empty eyes stared at the corridor in front of her.

     Everything seems unreal.

     She opened the door.

     As soon as she stepped in, the stepmother grabbed her hair and pressed her to the floor, then picked up a bamboo stick and hit it hard on her back!"You demon girl! This drag oil bottle! It's all because of your face that looks like your mother, your dad actually thinks about her every day!" Scolding, the stepmother's bamboo stick kept smashing.

     "Just tell him if you have a species, I'm not afraid! I wish he knew, I want him to know, I'm not annoying!"

     Jinxian Huisi did not resist.

      at the same time.

     Jin Xina's home.

     In her bedroom, the ground was full of messy clothes.

     A naked body pressed against Jin Xianna. It was a middle-age man. His face was full of ferocious expression at the moment. He said to her: "Warning you... Never tell your mother! Hum, this is not the first time. Don't pretend to be so innocent!" After he finished, he began to tear Jin Xina's clothes.

     Jin Xina did not resist, letting her stepfather continue his atrocities.

     She was raped by her stepfather long time ago and took away the virgin body.

     After that, whenever the mother was not at home, the stepfather would do such a beast on her.

      time and time again.

     There is no end.

     Jin Xianhui opened the eyes.

     The stepmother seemed tired and began to sit on the bed to rest. She gasped and said, "You demon... why not, like your sister, have you been sentenced to that dead mother? Just because of you, your father has refused to ask me for a child... what are you staring at? Don’t think I’m afraid of you!"

     Jin Xianhui from start to finish never said a word. She just stood up silently and walked towards the door.

     "You... what your eyes are!"The stepmother suddenly went crazy, picked up a fruit knife placed on the table in the basin, stepped forward and held Jinxianhui, put the knife against her neck, and shouted wildly: "Cry me! Please beg me! I want you to dare not look at me with this kind of eyes in front of me again! Your eyes...Your mother has such beautiful eyes. Do you really want to destroy them!"

     At this time, after Jin Xina's stepfather once again performed the inhuman animal behavior on her, she put on her pants with a satisfied expression and shamelessly said to her on the bed with a quilt covering her body: "Remember, don't tell your mother... ...Otherwise I will strangle you!"

     Jinxian Hui silently said nothing.

     Facing the fruit knife, Jin Xianna's expression on her face remained unchanged. Only then did she say: "If you want to kill me, kill it. Anyway, I don't care anymore. This life like hell, as far as I'm concerned has no meaning anymore."

     "You..." Stepmother was so angry that she really wanted to kill her with a knife at this moment, but reason finally overcame her emotions. She put down the knife and said, "Go back to your room! Remember, don't tell your father!"

     The night is still very long.