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    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

A few years ago, Li Hongming was a policeman in this city. At that time, he was still a little policeman.

     One day, I received an alarm and rushed to a house on the outskirts of the city.

     The owner living in the house is a painter named Ning Luo. This painter can only draw some ghost images that show horror, which makes his works hard to be liked by others. But his works are extremely realistic, and the ghosts he painted are extremely realistic.

     He died in his studio because of a heart palsy.

     The case was closed with natural death.

     Originally, this was just a small case of insignificant in Li Hongming's police career.

     However, after that case, Li Hongming almost lived in fear every day.

     Ning Luo's eyes. Those purple, bizarre eyes, when they saw them, Li Hongming couldn't get rid of that fear. As if there was an extremely deep and dark existence hidden in that eye.

     After Ningluo died, he left a will. All his paintings are auctioned and donated to the Hope Project, except for only one painting.

     It was a picture of a female ghost. That picture was too realistic and hung in Ningluo's house. According to his will, this painting cannot be moved.

     Many paintings painted by Ning Luo have similar horror pictures. However, the painting that Li Hongming impressed the most was a painting with no horrible content.

     However, now when he recalling, perhaps the painting was not horrible, but hidden, a horror picture that Ning Luo could understand.

     He wanted to see the picture again.If yesterday evening, instead of seeing the extremely strange, surreal scene, he would not be here today. But now it is different, he has to doubt that his inference is not completely impossible.

     It was a terrifying conclusion that even he felt trembling.

     "Hello, police officer." Some big-bellied Zhang Yiming appeared in front of Li Hongming, interrupting his memories.

     This is in Zhang Yiming's villa, Li Hongming has waited for a while in the lobby.

     "Now, I will show you the picture."

     In order to restore the darkened right arm, Ah Jing soaked the white bone arm in her special potion.

     Although we have experimented with the use of many different potions, none of them can let the darkened right hand grow again. Therefore, for the time being, he can only maintain the state of one-armed.

     It was near noon.

     A Jing came to the living room, but was surprised to find...

     Yan Xiuping, he is gone!

     "Why, why..."

     Li Hongming stared wide-eyed and looked at the painting in front of him. And, took out a photo to compare.

     He had heard rumors in the past that Ning Luo's eyes could see non-human things, and they were expressed in paintings.

     Of course, he can also regard it as a complete nonsense.

     However, if you accept this statement, Li Hongming feels more reasonable.

     Just then, his cell phone rang.

     "Hey, What happened?""Team Li? You are really prophesy with supernatural accuracy. We are investigated according to what you said, which is completely correct, just like you said!"

      how can it be like this?


     Li Hongming swallowed and said, "I am closely monitoring the pair of twins, and I will rush back to City G! By the way... Also, find out the address of the terrorist, Yi Runyin, and then assist in the investigation. Took him back to the police station in the name of. He should be one of those two on the evening evening, which I just remembered!"

     Li Hongming immediately bid farewell to Zhang Yiming, and ran out of the villa as if flying.

     He already knew... he already knew, yesterday evening, who the fierce ghost was.

     But he still didn't understand, why did those deformed babies appear at that time? And that baby also has the same purple pupil as Ning Luo!

     Yan Xiuping is missing.

     Ah Jing is not surprised. Since the other party is a ghost, Yan Xiuping should be taken away, not a system problem at all. At present, she still can't confirm which of the sisters is the ghost and which is the human.

     At this time, two policemen visited.

     They came to Runrun and said they wanted Runrun and they went back to the police station to help investigate the case.

     A Jing couldn't help feeling that the problem was very difficult. Now the pair of twins is in the police station!

     The situation gradually developed to the worst.

     Around five o'clock in the afternoon, Li Hongming returned to the city and went straight to the police station.

     However, he thought about it again, changed his direction, and went straight to Yueying High School.Now, the most dangerous place should be right there.

     Qiao Pinyue left four students to help them supplement the classical Chinese. This time the school is out of school, she said to them in a serious and responsible manner: "Listen well, classical Chinese is the focus of the college entrance examination in the future, no matter what the case should not be slack. First, everyone writes silently..."

     Suddenly, she saw one of the students... actually lost his head.


     The strange voice came.

     "Let me talk to Yirun in secret! Quick!" Li Hongming drove to the high school while calling the bureau.

     "Ah? Li team, are you not here now?"

     "Less nonsense! Hurry up!"

     When they handed over the phone to Run An, he still does not know how to deal with it, but he heard Li Hongming on the other side of the phone say: "Mr. Yi Run An... I am the Criminal Investigation Captain responsible for this case. Li Hongming , Now, please listen to me..."

     "Tell me, what's going on? You, and that ghost... and those purple-eyed babies, do you know some inside story? This is human life is beyond value, please tell me!"

     Run An was silent for a while, and replied: "Even if I tell you, you may not believe it."

     "I believe... no matter what did you say I believe! And, I also have something to tell you about the pair of twins! Listen, actually, the pair of twins is..."

     After listening to what Li Hongming said, Run An shivered uncontrollably.

     What would be so absurd?It turned out that he and A Jing had made a mistake since the beginning?

     Ning Luo had ghost eyes, so he drew what he saw with his eyes. Perhaps it was a coincidence that the truth he painted became the key to unraveling the mystery.


     That ghost is actually...

     "I understand. where are you now?"

     "I'm rushing to Yueying High School and I'm almost there..."

     "Listen! Don’t act blindly without thinking! This thing your police can’t must have us to deal with it. Listen to me, Captain Li, the other party is surpassing by far. Yes! Even if a hundred Special Forces members break into that high school, it is impossible..."

     "I know. But as a policeman, I can't sit back and watch. Give Xiao Jiang the phone! I will tell him what to do next!"

     Qiao Pinyue is hiding under the podium in a classroom.

     She was still covered with blood now.

     What the hell is this? She basically couldn't understand.

     Aren't the sisters all at the police station?

     What was that she saw just now?

     A Jing received a dark call.

     "Listen, Ah Jing... Immediately bring all the potions that can be used, and also bring the "that". Go to Yueying High School immediately! The police have surrounded the high school. You only need to say your status The police will put you in... and the ghost... the true identity of the ghost is actually..."