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0 Chapter Directory 151 Don't Open It
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Fang Binqiu looked at the iron box in front of him. The box is more than two meters long and its width is close to one meter. The box looks very old and doesn't have any patterns on it.

     This box appeared abruptly at home a few days after the day a month ago. The heavy lock on the box had been broken by her.

     Don't open it! Then, every day, Bin Qiu will be in a dream, and the mother who dreamed of her death told her: "Don't open it!"

     "It" refers to... is this box?

     On the day a month ago, the moonlight was obscured by darkness, and it was close to Midnight 00:00. However, in Room 102 of the male dormitory building of Yueqi University, the wardens had turned off the lights, but the bunks were still talking. meeting.

     Wen Jilie said to Sun Pu of the lower bunker: "Have you heard of it? Why was Building 4 abandoned? It turned out that it was used as a teaching building."

     Many universities have so-called tales of strange talk, and Sun Pu naturally also heard a little.

     "I heard a few girls talk about it. It seems that a girl with a facial burn had committed suicide there in the early years, and then it seems to have been the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed. What would you say about this? Would you also feel this feeling? Interest? It's just a normal school quibble. This kind of ghost story is too old-fashioned."

     Although it was said that way, the boys' bedroom was an abandoned building 4 across a teaching building. When Sun Pu said this, he glanced out the window.Another boy in the dormitory was yawned and said: "Ah, it seems that the school is full of attention. It is strictly forbidden for students to enter, and even write it into the school discipline school regulations. Is it really a ghost!"

     The dormitory where the lights were turned off late at night was indeed the best place to talk about ghosts. The atmosphere should be as good as possible. Knowing that the other party was scaring himself, Sunpu couldn't help feeling a chill, and he held the quilt tight.

     Wen Jilie suddenly said: "How is it? Would you like to see it there?"

     "Now?" Sun Pu asked in surprise: "But is it a bit to go at this time..."

     "Why, afraid?"

     "Why, how can I not be afraid!"

     Sun Pu rubbed his eyes, tried to wake up as much as possible, and began to wear clothes. Wen Jilie was originally just irritating him. He did not expect him to agree, but it was a bit unexpected, but since he was serious , I couldn't say I couldn't say it, so I also followed my clothes.

     After getting out of bed, the two turned over the window and came outside, because there was almost no moonlight, so they had to flashlight.

     When I was about to come to Building 4, I ran into two girls head-on.


     The two girls were Song Yu and Kang Xiujia in their class. They were also using flashlights and had to go to Building 4. Because many people have been discussing this matter recently, they are unavoidably curious. Unexpectedly, everyone is here."Speaking really dare to come," Wen Jire said when they went together: "In recent years, there have been so many extraordinary news of extremely mysterious and abstruse, aren't you afraid?"

     "Cut, that's just hype, let's go..."

     Soon, Building 4 appeared in front of them...

     At this time, no one found that Fang Binqiu followed behind them...

     One month later.

     Sun Pu unscrewed the tap and put water in the basin.

     A month ago, the horrific scene could not be erased.

     When I picked up the water and planned to take it into the room to wash my feet, my mind was still filled with the images. I didn't notice the chair at the foot. One accidentally, the whole person fell out of the center of gravity, a basin of water, All spilled onto the wall.

     He stumbled to his feet and stood up, looking at the water, and his mood became worse.

     Bring a rag and bucket, with great difficulty to clean everything, but there are still a lot of water stains on the wall.

     It looks really uncomfortable.

     Recalling the experience of a month ago, until now, Sun Pu will still be awakened by nightmares at night.

     After that, he didn't dare to approach Building 4 anymore, and he would be scared even if he went to school.

     Today his one person is at home, parents will come back very late. Sun Pu casually grabbed something in the kitchen and ate it.

     When he was eating, he was facing the wall wet by water.

     At first, he felt nothing, but after a long time, he suddenly felt something's wrong.The water stains left on the walls seem to form a weird shape.

     Sun Pu shook the head, try not to think so much, after finishing eating, go to the computer, play online games, and dilute the shadow of impossible to get rid of.

     After that incident, he, Wen Jilie, Song Yu and Kang Xiujia never said a word.

     He didn't tell anyone about going to Building 4 that night.

     In this way, he sat in front of the computer and played for a whole day, even forgetting to eat lunch.

     At around five o'clock in the evening, he felt hungry stomach and turned off the computer.

     Thinking about what to eat, he walked outside and passed the wall, and suddenly noticed that the water stains on the wall became very clear.

     He began to feel that the shape looked very familiar.

     Sun Pu carefully distinguished the shape. After a while, he gradually recognized what it was.

      "No... impossible..."

     A nightmarish scene a month ago showed up again in front of his eyes.

     He stared at the shape for a long time...

     It looks like a man's face!

     However, the distribution of facial features in that face is too simple, more like a mask.



     The girl who committed suicide in Building 4 had to wear a mask to appear in school because of a severe burn on her face. However, they have been ridiculed and mocked by many malicious people.Building 4 was originally the teaching building where her class is located. After she committed suicide, the teaching building was completely abandoned.

     This "mask" reflected on the wall is like looking at Sun Pu!

     Eyes symmetrical left and right, shapely nose, and a wide open mouth.

     And what he saw that day...

      exactly the same!

     Is it really a curse?

     At this time, the sky was dim.

     Sun Pu is at home alone, although it is a lonely room, but at this moment, he feels that there will always be something running at any time!

     He almost ran back to his own room and gasped.

     He comforted himself repeatedly, it was just a coincidence, just a coincidence.

     However, everything I saw a month ago...

     Suddenly, Sun Pu thought of something, he immediately turned on the computer, and then, in Baidu Search, entered the word "Tartaros".

     He remembers that this is a supernatural website that can be called an authority in China. The former manager of the website seems to have died due to Supernatural Event(s).

     In the forum of that website, there is a "Ghost Report" column. There, you can write your own Supernatural Event(s). Then, the person on the website will contact this person according to the email address at the time of registration to verify the situation.

     I heard that this site is not practice fraud, it really recruits a group of people who have research on spirituality.

     Today, Sun Pu can only treat dead horses as live horse doctors.He first registered in the forum and then published a post. In the post, he explained the situation encountered a month ago in detail, only the school name and his name were concealed.

     He hopes to be helped.

     After posting the post, he was finally relaxed.

     Then, just wait for the site's people to contact themselves.

     At this time, he suddenly wanted to see the wall again.

     While writing that post, he suddenly thought that it would have been too deep to give him the impression of the thing a month ago, so he had the illusion that he saw the water stains on the wall as " mask"?

     Sun Pu thought about it carefully and thought it was very possible, so he went out again.


     When he stood in front of the wall again...

     He was completely stunned!

     This time, the outline of the "mask" became extremely clear, and it was several times larger than before, almost covering the entire wall!

     At this moment...

     Sun Pu suddenly felt that the wide open mouth of the mask seemed to be smiling at him in one piece!