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0 Chapter Directory 152 Forbidden Land
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Yueqi University.

     Today is Monday, this is a bright day.

     However, stepping into this campus and looking at the No. 4 building, Wen Jilie still has lingering fears.

     To him, that place, like nightmare-like, is impossible to get rid of in my heart.

     Yueqi University is a School of Economics, and Wen Jilie is a student of the Department of Finance. Sun Pu is his classmate, the relationship between the two is usually good, and often get together.

     When entering the classroom, he found...

     Sun Pu did not come!

     He had just sat down in his place. At this time, Kang Xiujia came to him and leaned down and asked in a low voice: "did you know? It seems that Sun Pu disappeared yesterday!"

     Wen Jire turned pale with fright and almost fell off the chair.

     He immediately asked, "Why? How did he disappear?"

     "His parents didn't see him after returning home yesterday. He was supposed to be staying at home, but he found him all night and couldn't find him everywhere. Wen Jilie, do you know his whereabouts? His parents Never called you?"

     Wen Liye's cell phone just stopped due this month. The thing that happened a month ago made him forget every day and every night feel ill at ease, even recharging his mobile phone. It is estimated that Sun Pu's parents should have called themselves.

     Wen screamed nervously.

     After all... Sun Pu’s disappearance, and what they saw in Building 4 a month ago, is It doesn’t matter?

     He secretly made up his mind.He wanted to investigate the information about the girl who had committed suicide in Building 4 in the past and also wanted to know why the school used Building 4 as a forbidden place. As the saying goes without wind there cannot be waves, if this is not the case whats the matter really happened, the school will definitely not completely close the good teaching building to the outside.

     If he didn't check everything again, he would probably be haunted by nightmares forever. In fact, a month ago, just after going to Building 4, he did not go to school for a whole week. Later, if his parents didn't demand it, he would never dare to come back to school. Fortunately, one month passed, and whats the matter did not happen, but as long as I saw Building 4, the fear in my heart could not be suppressed.

     In the next class, because he had been thinking about this matter, he was absent-minded when he attended the class.

     Frankly speaking, he really regrets it. He talked about the topic with Sun Pu the night before. If he slept quietly and contentedly, what would the matter be? But there is no regret in the world.

     Next, according to his plan, to check the information of the girl who committed suicide, she naturally went to the Student Council's file management room. Of course, certain permissions are required to access such materials. Fortunately, Song Yu and Hua Xuerong, the vice chairman of the Student Union, are very familiar with it. As long as you tell her, you may be able to find the information. Then, we need to figure out concretely that the school is at what time and blocked building 4.Wen Jilie was admitted to Yueqi University only two years ago. When he entered this university, Building 4 was closed. In addition, the counselor or the teacher often tells them that Building 4 is forbidden. But the specific reason has not been explained. Later, it gradually became haunted in the No. 4 building. Wen Jirei initially heard the rumors and completely regarded them as spread falsehoods. However, there is indeed a strong curiosity about the mysterious Building 4.

     In fact, whether the claim that a girl committed suicide there is inconsistent with reality, he is not completely sure, it may be a purely fabricated strange talk.

     After this get out of class, he found Song Yu and Kang Xiujia, and they talked about his ideas with them.

     As soon as Song Yu heard Building 4, he shook his head and shook his head again and again, saying, "No, no! I don't want to have a relationship with Building 4 anymore! In fact, I have already applied to the counselor to retire And staying in school again, I will be crazy! As long as it is evening, I will have nightmares when I live in school!"

     Wen Jilie understood her fear and experienced such a terrible thing in Building 4, no one dared to continue to live in school. If his home is too far away from the school, he will definitely propose to retreat.

     Wen Jirei persuaded patiently: "Song Yu, it won't work like this. Sun Pu is now missing in baffling. Who knows whether it is related to his original experience? And, he is still missing in his own family! Even if It’s useless to stay away from school!But Song Yu is still a complexion pale, and that thing gave her too much shadow.

     And Kang Xiujia's complexion could not see where to go. After going to Building 4 that time, she did not come to school for a week. Moreover, at school, she stayed in the classroom almost all day, daring not to go out at all. She later submitted an application for retreating from the boarding house. After approval, she left the school every day after school.

     "In short...I don't agree!" Song Yu refused to say whatever the case, she said to Wen Jilie: "For example, if you want to check, you alone go check. For example, who told you that haunted rumor , You go to that person and ask! I swear, I will never have anything to do with Building 4 anymore!"

     At this point, Wen Jilie knew she would never cooperate with herself.

     If only relying on the power of his oneself alone, no matter what the case is, it is impossible to find those materials. Moreover, teachers have always been an important matter that must be kept secret in Building 4. Some people have asked teachers in the past why Building 4 is a forbidden place, but those teachers only said that this is a school discipline and school rules, just follow them, and don’t need to ask so much.

     However, Song Yu's words really reminded Wen Jilie.

     At first, it was Zhang Feng from the Department of Business English who told him the haunted rumor. He didn't have much contact with Zhang Feng on weekdays. He just happened to be at the same table while eating in the cafeteria. When he was bored and chatted, he mentioned Building 4. There are a lot of rumors about Building 4, and it is Zhang Feng who told him that a girl committed suicide.

     Finally, until noon, he can go to Zhang Feng.

     After finding several places, Wen Jilie met Zhang Feng in the cafeteria.When he asked about things in Building 4, Zhang Feng nodded and said, "Well, that rumor should be true. I also heard about it."

     "Can you tell me more in detail?" Wen Jirei wanted to know as much as possible.

     "Oh? Are you interested in this? In fact, haunting is all nonsense. But this girl's suicide is indeed a matter. Probably the school felt bad influence and abandoned Building 4. It should be five or six years from now. It happened a year ago. The girl who committed suicide seemed to be Lin. She was only burned because of a fire at home. And the burn was very serious. One third of the face can be said to be disfigured. Because of this, she You must wear a mask to meet people. The school understands it too."

     "I heard that someone laughed at her? It's too much. It's something that people have suffered so much. It really shouldn't be..."

     "I think so too. But, it's ridicule, might as well say, is someone else treating her as alien. Of course it's not because of her burns, but because of... that mask."


      spoke until here, Wen Jiye couldn't help but shudder, and the nightmare of Building 4 appeared to him again.

     That white, weird mask.

     This kind of mask masks the true face and expression of the masked person, and is stiff, doesn't have any look.

     That day... they saw the mask.

     The mask, given to them, does not seem to be completely without life.

     Wen Ji swallowed hard, and he felt a bit cold in his armpit."Please... keep going."

     "Well, because I didn't actually see it, but the girl surnamed Lin seemed to regard the mask as her real face. But the mask was really weird. For this reason, everyone rejected her ."

     "So she committed suicide? How did she commit suicide?"

     "This, I don't know. Soon after she committed suicide, the school abandoned and closed Building 4. Over the years there was New Student Enrollment, and there will be teachers who stressed to them that they can't enter Building 4, even in school discipline regulations. Clearly stated."

     Things are definitely not simple!

     No, it is definitely not easy!

     Otherwise, there was no explanation for everything that happened that night a month ago.

     Wen Jilie believes that it is very necessary to find the girl's information. Her suicide must contain some hidden secrets.

     Then, he went to the shop and bought a recharge card. After recharging the mobile phone, he called Sun Pu's family.

     It was Sun Pu's mother who answered the phone.

     Sun Pu’s mother heard that his classmates called, and suddenly cheeks streaming with tears. Sun Pu still has no news till now.

     "Auntie, I would like to ask, before Sun Pu disappeared, was there anything different than usual? No matter how small things are, please tell me!"

     "This... speaking of him, he seems to have always been worried recently, feel ill at ease, and can't sleep well at night. Ask him he won't say. I don't know if it's related to his disappearance..."

     I want to come because of my experience a month ago.Wen Jilie spoke until here and continued to ask: "So... is there anything in his room? If he took some money or something, maybe he left."


     At this moment, suddenly Sun Pu’s mother said, “Yes, that’s right. Yesterday evening, when we returned home, we found that his computer was still on. Is this... is it abnormal?”

     "The computer is still on?"

     "Yes. We were busy looking for him at the time, and this matter was later ignored. Because his computer entered the Screensaver state, I was second genius and found that the computer was turned on all night. By the way, the desktop also showed There was a new email in his mailbox. I opened it and looked at it. It was sent to him by a website called Tartaros. I think it was probably spam, and I didn’t care."

     "Ha... Tartaros?"

     Wen Jilie has heard that it is a very famous supernatural website!

     Is it related to Sun Pu's disappearance?

     "Auntie, will you email?"

     "Well, yes."

     "Well, I will tell you my email address, and then you pass it to me... did you delete that email?"

     "No, no."

     "Great! Maybe it has something to do with Sun Pu's disappearance! Auntie, please. My email address is..."

      After hang up the phone, Wen Jire hurried to the school computer room, turned on the computer, and then went to QQ. He used a QQ mailbox, and just logged in to show that he had a new email.

     That was the email sent to Sun Pu from the Tartaros website.The content is like this:

     Ruohuo (Sun Pu’s username registered in Tartaros, and his QQ nickname):

     Letter to read.

     I am very interested in the experience you mentioned in the post. We already verified that the fact that you mentioned the prohibition of entry into Yueqi University is true.

     Our website has always been dedicated to digging for real spiritual news. However, I hereby declare that this site is detest bitterly for false supernatural rumors. Once you verify that the content of your post is not true, your IP will be banned. Please keep this in mind.

     However, if you say is true, the professionals on our website will communicate with you. If you are worried about your own safety, you can also consider meeting with us.

     If you want to contact us to learn more about the secret behind this terrifying phenomenon, you can add QQ... (followed by a series of numbers).

     After seeing the QQ number, Wen Jilie immediately added the QQ online and said in the verification information that he was a friend of Ruohuo. Soon after, there was news of agreeing to add as friend.

     The nickname of the QQ number is "Dr. Evil".

     Before waiting for Wen Jili to respond, the QQ number began to speak directly.

     "Excuse me, if you are Ruohuo's friend, then Ruohuo?"

     Wen Jilei said faithfully: "He... he is missing."

     The other party was silent for a while and said, "So... do you plan to meet our experts?"