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0 Chapter Directory 153 Scary Mask
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Wen Jilie was a little hesitated for a moment, and then typed the word "OK".

     Although it is not known to what extent the so-called "experts" can help him, Wen Jirei really wants to get help at this moment.

     After all, the experience a month ago was too weird and terrifying.

     Therefore, the time and place of meeting were proposed for convenience. Just tomorrow at 5:30, the place is in a small restaurant near the school. He also said that after entering the restaurant, he directly said that if he wanted to find Mr. Yi Runan, the waiter would take him to their reserved seat.

     After a good conversation, Wen Jili went offline.

     He knew that tomorrow, he would be able to meet Mr. Yirunan of Tartaros. This name also sounds very unique, and Wen Jilie always feels like where is it has heard this name.

     However, all of a sudden, it couldn't figure out.

     The night came again.

     This month, every day in school, as long as the night comes, Wen Jire dare not be alone. Fortunately, the bedroom is always very lively, and can also dispel some fear.

     Sun Pu's disappearance also caused the concern of two other roommates in the bedroom. They guessed whether Sun Pu was kidnapped or running away from home.

     However, Wen Jilie was very clear in his heart.

     The disappearance of Sun Pu is definitely not simple.

     If it really has something to do with what they saw in Building 4... then does it mean that they will also disappear?

     No, to be more precise, it does not belong to oneself...will it disappear?The missing Sun Pu, where is it now, is simply unable to find out. Wen Jilie unimaginable where is it now, what kind of things he experienced. He had a strong hunch that Sun Pu... would not return.

     Finally, it was time to turn off the lights.

     Every day, at this time, will become the most fearful moment for Wen Jioli. As soon as he thought that Building 4 was so close to the Male Student Dormitory, he was basically unable to fall asleep.

     This state has lasted for a month, and now, because of the disappearance of Sun Pu, it has become more severe.

     He only hated it, and he couldn't immediately meet that Yi Run in secret today.

     On the other hand, Yun An also found some information about the Suicide Girl.

     Sun Pu's post to Tartaros, Run Darkness naturally saw it. Immediately afterwards, an investigation was launched. As a result, without much effort, the specific information of the girl was found. But about how she committed suicide, it was only after A Jing broke into the police network that she obtained real information.

     The result is very amazing.

     Although Run An and A Jing have seen such things, they are still extremely shocked.

     The girl's name is Lin Xiuyun.

     She was admitted to Yueqi University seven years ago. She committed suicide five years ago. At that time, she was a sophomore.

     During the summer vacation in her freshman year, her family suffered a fire. Because of the fire, Lin Xiuyun suffered serious burns to his face. For this reason, she was tired of the world. Although she didn't commit suicide at that time, she was completely one stumble, unable to rise.

     Later, she made a white mask herself.That mask is very strange, and even her parents did not know how she was manufactured. She usually does not let anyone touch her mask. Moreover, almost no one saw her take off the mask.

     Putting behind the mask, her character gradually began to change. Back to school again, it seems to live like a normal person again.

     Her parents originally planned to continue to take her to seek medical treatment and find a way to perform facial cosmetic surgery, otherwise she will be greatly affected whether it is job search or marriage in the future. However, Lin Xiuyun actually refused.

     Yes, rejected.

     When Run Yun secretly heard this at first, he was very puzzled, and even doubted the truth of the information. But Run Li, who is responsible for gathering information, said to chop the nail and slice the iron that this is absolutely not wrong, because Lin Xiuyun's parents said it himself. After Lin Xiuyun committed suicide, it was also very sensational news, and the newspaper company where Runli now works also reported the news. She found out that the reporter interviewed Lin Xiuyun's parents afterwards.

     The reason for Lin Xiuyun's refusal to continue treatment makes people feel ridiculous.

     She said that the mask was her face. Therefore, it does not matter whether the face under the mask recovers.

     Lin Xiuyun's suicide, at the time, believed that it was squeezed out of classmate. Therefore, public opinion at that time tended to sympathize with Lin Xiuyun, criticizing college students' indifferent selfishness.

     However, Runli felt that this might not be the case.

     She found an alumni who had graduated from Yueqi University with Lin Xiuyun. That alumni and Lin Xiuyun are classmates.When mentioning the old things of the year, the alumni seemed very heavy. Obviously that thing gave him a big shadow.

     When he mentioned whether Lin Xiuyun had a discriminatory mentality about facial burns, he immediately denied it.

     He said so to Runli.

     "Miss reporter, maybe you won't understand my words. But... the people who were in the same class with Lin Xiuyun, no matter who you asked, would give you the same answer. We... are afraid of that mask. Wearing that mask, in Lin Xiuyun, who appeared in front of us, seemed to be no longer her! Although, her behavior and the fire changed before there's nothing about it, but as soon as she saw the mask, we would be terrified, subconsciously Stay away from her."

     Runli really didn't understand his words, so she further asked: "Excuse me, why do you have such an idea? Is the mask scary?"

      "No... The mask itself is not what kind of, but... As long as you look at the mask, you will feel that it is not like a mask, but... a real face!"

     Run Li heard until here, even more confused.

     "Is the mask made vivid and lifelike?"

      "No... Actually, the masks are very rough and nothing special. Even the masks sold on the street stalls are unable to compare, and the masks themselves have their special expressions. So, I am still is unclear now. Why are you so afraid of that mask. Me, I really and can't describe that feeling...""That day... it was during the lunch break. More than a dozen students, including me, came to Lin Xiuyun's desk and said they wanted to talk to her. Naturally, it was about the mask. We said that we can understand her Use a mask to cover the mood of the burn, but I hope she can change a mask. The money to buy a new mask can be paid by us, just ask her not to wear this mask to school. Originally, we should use pleading She said to her, after all, she did nothing wrong. However, out of fear of the mask, our tone became very tough."

     "As a result, Lin Xiuyun completely rejected our request and even told us that this mask is her face. She will never change the mask. Her tone is extremely determined, although we have repeatedly stated our position, but She just didn’t want it. Finally, there were more people than one can bear, who started cursing her, and, I used ugly words...I also scolded her at the time. Now I want to come, basically unable to understand why I was so Do. But we can't stand looking at the mask and living in the same classroom as her, which will drive us crazy! That mask...we are afraid of that mask!"

     What made this alumni hadn't thought that Lin Xiuyun was in Building 4 that night, and they committed suicide in the classroom they usually use.

     The next day, when he came to Building 4, there were already police cars outside.

     When learning that Lin Xiuyun committed suicide in Building 4, everyone had a surprise.

     Regarding the cause of death, both the police and the school said they committed suicide by cutting their wrists. but……Many people saw that when the stretcher carrying the body came out of Building 4, a large area of blood was stained on the white cloth on the face of the body!

     Through A Jing's invasion of the police network, Lin Xiuyun's true cause of death was also found.

     She did not commit suicide by cutting her wrist.

     Shortly after she committed suicide, the school announced that Building 4 was abandoned.

     Lin Xiuyun did commit suicide, but the way she committed suicide was really terrifying. Therefore, it is understandable that the school and the police are unwilling to announce the truth to the society. Moreover, this is also the will of the family of the deceased.

     Lin Xiuyun has left a suicide note. The suicide note specifically stated that the mask must be worn on her face when leaving the funeral.

     After learning all the truth, Run An felt more and more that the content of the post was true.

     In Building 4, there is the mask brought by Lin Xiuyun...Curse!

     Looking at the photo of the deceased on the police network, A Jing is also felt unprecedented. In the past, even the twisted human corpse did not shock her so much.

     Lin Xiuyun's body fell to the side of the classroom. She naturally wore a mask on her face, which was completely red with blood. It seems that it is really just an ordinary mask.

     And Lin Xiuyun's right hand is holding something.

     That was... torn off by herself, her own face!