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0 Chapter Directory 154 Shadow
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Bin Qiu unbelievable that scene.

     On the night of a month ago, in her bedroom, she could not sleep, so she heard the conversation between her roommate, Song Yu and Kang Xiujia.

     "Song Yu... You said that there is a rumor about ghosts in Building 4, whether it is true or false?"

     That was Kang Xiujia's voice.

     Girls always have the nature of gossip. Although they are afraid of ghosts, they still like to talk, not to mention that Building 4 has always been a topic of focus in Yueqi University.

     Song Yu quickly said: "Where will there be ghosts? Don't scare me, Kang Xiujia!"

     Bin Qiu was interested in this kind of school weird talk about there's nothing about it, but at this time, I really couldn't sleep, so I listened to them talking about it. Although Song Yu was a little timid, she later started to argue with Kang Xiujia about whether Building 4 is a true or false ghost. In the end, it actually developed and said that he would take a look in person.

      As everyone knows, Building 4 is forbidden. This is the iron rule known to all students at Yueqi University. Therefore, if you want to go in and have a look, you can only choose night.

     In other words, now is the best time.

     Bin Qiu was always silent, only half-opened, watching them put on their clothes, and then flipped out of the window (they also lived on the first floor).

     Bin Qiu gradually developed a strong curiosity. After all, she couldn’t sleep now. She suddenly had a thought. Why not follow them?

     Bin Qiu immediately turned up, got out of bed, picked up the clothes hanging on the chair, put it on quickly, then put on his shoes again and turned out of the window.

     The girls’ bedroom is a little further away from Building 4.When I went outside, I couldn't see Song Yu and Kang Xiujia. However, the destination is the same anyway, all in Building 4.

     That night, there was almost no moonlight. Under the darkness, the silent university really has some horrible atmosphere.

     Bypassing several teaching buildings, Building 4 appeared in front of her.

     Although building 4 is forbidden, all entrances and exits are not locked. This is mainly because everyone knows that Building 4 cannot enter, so no one will enter at all.

     And Bin Qiu saw that apart from Song Yu and Kang Xiujia, there were still two boys with them. Because of the distance and the dark sky, she did not see clearly they are who.

     She was wondering why there were two more boys halfway.

     At this time, the four of them entered Building 4 in this way.

     Originally, Bin Qiu was planning to go in with them immediately. However, she suddenly became timid and stopped at a distance of about two hundred meters from Building 4. She dared not go in.

     However, after arriving here, she would be unable to fall asleep even if she went back like this. Without any choice, I sat down in the trees near Building 4 and thought about what to do next.

     She came out in a hurry and didn't have much clothes on her body. Although it is already early spring, it is still very cold at night. She didn't know how long she had sat, she couldn't help shiver coldly to get up, think about it or go back, she really didn't dare to go in. Anyway, if you ask Song Yu and Kang Xiujia tomorrow, you know what's going on.

      At this time, the four people entered, it should have been more than 20 minutes.Bin Qiu suddenly felt a little strange.

     There are five floors in Building 4. Because of the abandoned relationship, the classrooms on each floor are basically emptied. A little glance at a floor will tell if there are any people or ghosts. It's 20 minutes, five floors, should we finish?

     She was immediately curious, would she...what did those four really find?

     At this time, she noticed that the flashlight appeared in a row of windows on the 5th floor of Building 4. I think that the 4th building has been abandoned, and naturally there is no power supply inside. She remembered that Song Yu had indeed taken a flashlight before leaving.

     Are they on the top floor now?

     Following the light of the flashlight, Bin Qiu vaguely saw the figures of the four of them. However, it was quickly blocked by the wall again.

     Bin Qiu felt something was wrong.

     Because... the light and the figure of four people are not moving forward, but retreating! Moreover, she noticed that the four people were obviously walking backwards!

     Before she could react, suddenly, on that window, vaguely...another figure appeared!

     That figure is really unclear. Because the light of the flashlight is some distance away from the figure, most of the figure is hidden in the darkness, plus the relationship of distance, so Bin Qiu can't see clearly at all.

     But... it was a person's silhouette, and Bin Qiu was sure.

      how can it be!

     Building 4 is the forbidden place of Yueqi University! There can be no one there!

     At this time, Bin Qiu started to goosebumps.

     But, next...Suddenly she saw that at the entrance of Building 4, the four people ran out like rabbits, and while running, they kept looking back!

     Bin Qiu had just noticed the figure, and at such a short time, they ran out, showing how fast they were running!

     Moreover, although they couldn't see their faces clearly, they cried a lot in their heavy gasps.

     The four of them ran forward like a headless fly, completely lost their way. Bin Qiu followed them all this way, of course, she followed them secretly.

     Fortunately, she has not been found. The four ran for a while and stopped in front of the Music Hall at least five kilometers away from Building 4.

     Relying on the shelter of nearby trees, Bin Qiu gradually approached the four people. She tried to hold the breath as much as possible to prevent them from noticing themselves.

     There was a green belt near the music hall, and she was hiding there, only about 20 meters away from the four people.

     At this time, the four people gasped continuously. First, it was Song Yu's trembling voice.

     "That...that what is? that what is?"

     Then, Kang Xiujia's answer.

     "It's her... she really the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed... she's still in Building 4!"

     In this dead of night, on the lonely university campus, hearing such a conversation, Bin Qiu couldn't help but also get frightened, and even subconsciously looked back for a moment.

     Then, she heard the voice of a boy.

     "Cold... calm down, is that really a ghost? Will it be human? Maybe...""Sun Pu, think about it, you are human. Is there no sound when you walk? No, it's not wrong... God, actually, there are ghosts... And, did you see it? That mask, that mask? ……so horrible!"

     The other three also nodded frequently, indicating approval. At this time, Bin Qiu heard that this person was the warm and fierce class, while the other one was Sun Pu.

     "I... what shall we do? Should we tell others?" This is Sun Pu's voice.

     "Open, what a joke!" Wen Jirei immediately rejected the idea, saying: "Tell them, building 4 is haunted? Will anyone believe it? And we have also violated school discipline and school rules and will be punished! Listen good ...... Don't tell anyone about this evening, and never tell the fifth person!"

     Bin Qiu heard until here, I feel really interesting, she is the "fifth person."

     Sun Pu asked again: "Who... nobody said?"

     "Of course! Even close friends, even parents, don't mention a word! Saying it is haunted in Building 4 will only be treated as a lunatic... what we just saw is a nightmare. Don’t think about it anymore...we really shouldn’t enter the forbidden place in Building 4..."

     Bin Qiu heard until here, his legs trembling unconsciously. Reminiscent of the figure she just saw, her inner fear promoted to the top.

     Seeing the appearance of these four people, it seemed that they had actually seen a ghost!

     Although Bin Qiu never entered Building 4, she began to think of the horror scene in Building 4.She went around another road and walked to her dormitory. She knew that Song Yu and Kang Xiujia would come back later. Therefore, she had to lie down on the bed before that time to prevent them from knowing that she had been out.

     Along the way, she unconsciously speeded up her steps, and, several times, turned the head around to see if there were any shadows following her...

     Next, when Bin Qiu came home on the weekend, he found that there was an extra iron box in his own room! She curiously asked her father what's going on, but her father's answer made her have one's hair stand on end.

     "Boxes? Where are the boxes in your room?"

     My father stood clearly in front of the box, but, like a blind man, he couldn't see it at all!

     And this box is standing on the floor as if it were rooted, let alone moving it, even if it is lifted up, it can't be done! For a month, she exhausted all methods and could not discard or destroy this box!

     Every night, Bin Qiu dreamed that the dead mother said to herself: "Don't open it... Don't open it..."


     Now, Sun Pu is missing!

     Bin Qiu did not know whether this was related to their experience in Building 4. However, she was absolutely afraid to open the box. And she also found that not only her father, but also no one could see the box. People who came to her house entered her room, and no one could see the box.

     Kang Xiujia retired shortly after that, and now Song Yu has submitted an application for retreat. After that, there was only her one person in the bedroom.

     Bin Qiu thought until here.She wanted to ask Song Yu what she saw that night, but if she opened her mouth, she would tell her that she had followed them and heard their conversation that night.

     This embarrasses Hamaki.

     It was already one o'clock in the morning and she still couldn't sleep.

     Song Yu was sleeping in her lower bunk, and from time to time she heard rolling sounds below, and it seemed that she could not sleep well.

     At this moment, suddenly she heard Song Yu's voice.

     "Bin Qiu, have you slept?"

     Bin Qiu replied: "No, no."

     "You... answer me a question, OK? Answer me honestly."

      heard until here A chuckle in Bin Qiu's heart. Was Song Yu found out about her tracking them a month ago?

     However, Song Yu's problem is far beyond her expectation.

     "Do you think... masks can replace human faces?"

      This problem makes Bin Qiu very baffling.

     However, she immediately remembered that when the four people were talking, they mentioned the "mask"!

     However, Song Yu's this problem is what's going on?

     Bin Qiu and Song Yu are usually very good friends. The two hardly to to hold anything back. Since she asked so, she must want an answer.

     Bin Qiu thought a little and said, "Mask, after all, is it a mask. How can it replace the face?"

      "Really? But, sometimes...the mask is the real face?"

     The strange words of Song Yu surprised Bin Qiu.

     What does it mean her words?"Song Yu, what do you want to say?"

     "I always think... that mask is her real face..."

     This lacking head and tail made Bin Qiu more and more confused.

     "Song Yu, can you make it clearer?"

     "Forget it, you said nothing when I was. Good night."

     Then, it doesn't have any sound.

     However, that night, what Song Yu said to Bin Qiu was deeply inscribed in the latter's deep in one's heart...