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0 Chapter Directory 155 Curse Shape
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

On the second day, Wen Jilie and Tartaros agreed on a good day.

     This afternoon, there were basically no important lessons, so Kang Xiujia, who had already retired, hurried home. Even, lunch is not eaten at school, but bought a loaf of bread in the shop and ate it while waiting for the bus. She is now completely uncomfortable while staying in school. Fortunately, Yueqi University occupies a large area, and the teaching building where classes are usually taken is relatively far from Building 4.

     At the same time, Wen Jirei was up and down at the moment, thinking about meeting the "expert" in the afternoon. At the same time, he became more and more familiar with the name Yi Run An. Therefore, on the first subject in the afternoon, he specifically asked a student who was usually gossip in their class: "Have you heard of this person?

     "Oh! Of course I know! Why? Wen Jilie, are you interested in terror?"

     terror? Wen froze for a moment, and then the man said, "This man is one of the most famous horrors in the mainland. Have you seen "Death from Human Form"?"

     Wen Jilie shook the head and said, "I haven't seen it, but I have heard that it seems to be a famous horror movie in Hong Kong a few years ago. It seems that the box office is very high."

     "Ah, so you didn't watch the classic film? That film was adapted from the secret writing of Yi Run."

     Wen Jilie thought about it, a horror, and a supernatural expert, for a while it was difficult to equate the two, but immediately understood that it was because he often encountered Supernatural Event(s) in his life Will it write terror?After this get out of class, he ran towards the library, looking for Yirun's horror. As a result, he borrowed "Death from the Humanoid" and his other "Room 3".

     Then, he borrowed these two books. In the next class, he began to read these two books. Anyway, the class was very loosely managed, and Wen Jilie read the book very fast, one class. After reading a book.

     After reading "Death from Human Form", he had to sigh that the author is really a ghost! How can ordinary people conceive such terrible plots? No, Wen Jilie immediately thought that the plot in the book is really fictional?

     After class, he looked at his watch and there was still one hour before the time he had agreed with Run An, so he went back to the bedroom and started reading another book.

     And this time, Kang Xiujia has returned home. There is a big yard in her house, planted with many hardy trees, but her parents usually there's nothing about it time to conduct Conducting Administration.

     Today the wind is very strong. When she was surfing the Internet in her own room, she heard the window being knocked by the wind from time to time, making a vibration.

     She would sometimes look into the window, only when she confirmed nothing at all outside the window.

     Time passed little by little.

     Finally, it was almost the agreed time.

     Wen Ji Li went to the small restaurant as scheduled. At this time, it was about five to one.

     He outlined the terrorist in his heart, and at the same time looked forward to the other party giving him a good answer. Of course, the biggest hope is that the shadow brought to me by Building 4 can be completely ended.

     When entering the restaurant, the waiter came up and asked, "Sir, how many are there?""I, come to find a Mr. Yi Rundang..."

     "Oh, please follow me."

     After a while, the waiter led Wen Ji Lie to an elegant little box upstairs. The box was not big, surrounded by screens. After the waiter led him into the box, he saw the gloom that had been waiting there for a long time.

     "Hello," Run An smiling wholeheartedly pointed to the seat next to him and said, "Please sit down, I've been waiting for you for a long time."

     Wen Jiliang looked at the darkness. He thought he was a middle-aged man over 40 years old, but he didn't expect him to be so young.

     After sitting down violently, Wen Ji felt a little awkward in the atmosphere. After all, the two sides didn't even know each other, and the topic to be discussed was so special, he didn't know how to speak at once.

     "Don't be too nervous. Well, can you tell me your real name?"

     "Warm...Warm blazing, gentle gentle, Xin Qiji's disease, Ye Yonglie's blaze."

     Run dark nodded, then, start cutting into the theme.

     "Hello. We already investigated the situation of the girl who died in Building 4. This is the specific material. Please look at it first. Then, we can exchange opinions." Said, he gave Wen A bag of material violently.

     Suddenly stunned, Wen took it immediately, took out the information inside, and read it at the fastest speed.


     After seeing Lin Xiuyun's method of suicide, he was almost unbelievable. Run An considers his receptivity and does not print out the photos to show him."Yi...Mr. Yi..." He squeezed the information in his hand and asked, "Can you tell me, in this world, is there really a ghost?"

     Run dark silent for a moment, said: "Whether there are ghosts in the world is not the key, but... what you have encountered, whether it is true or false positive ghosts."

     This is at the core of the problem, and Wen Liye is also very clear.

     "What we saw that day... is it really Lin Xiuyun's dead soul? What is that mask?"

     "It should be a curse. In the past, I have encountered many examples similar to yours." Run An remembered that when Duan Yuezhen and Luo Guangming entered Ningluo's house and saw the ghost painting, the girl in the painting was The ghosts were killed one by one, very similar to the problems encountered by Wen Lili this time. They also entered a forbidden place where they should not enter, and saw what they should not see.

     Sun Pu's disappearance, very probably may be due to this curse.

     It's just that it was different from the time, and you can no longer know the order and date of death. However, the key to the curse should be that the mask is correct.

      Until now, where did Lin Xiuyun's mask come from? It is still a mystery.

     "You are encountering the curse is extremely likely. But the problem now is that you must figure out the law of the curse."

     Run An recalled that although all kinds of ghosts and curses encountered in the past were extremely strange, each curse had its own rules. As long as the laws were found, they could be prevented according to detailed circumstances.

     Run An intends to gather all the cursed first, so he said: "That day, in Building 4, there are still two girls, right? Where are they now?"Wen Jilie replied: "They are all my classmate, do you want to see them?"

     "Yes. You call them right away and call them. Listen well..." Run darkly said: "You have to figure out the seriousness of this matter. Encounter curse, it means death, Even worse than death... If you want to survive, you must find out the original form of the curse! Call them, even if there is something big, you must come over immediately!"

     Although Wen Jilie didn't know whether the run-down was credible, after all, no one else could trust now, so he called Song Yu first.

     The wind blows more and more.

     After Kang Xiujia had dinner, her mother said to her, "Xiujia, the wind outside is too strong, and the yard is now full of leaves. Go and sweep it now."

     "Okay, I understand."

     After putting the tableware in the sink, Kang Xiujia took a broom and came to the yard.

     Sure enough, as the mother said, because of the strong wind, the leaves were blown all over the floor.

     Kang Xiujia waved the broom and began to sweep the fallen leaves from the ground.

     "It's spring... Now the leaves are falling all over the ground, but it looks like autumn."

     Scanning and scanning, she suddenly found a place where the leaves were concentrated strangely.

     In that place, there is a large gap between the stacked leaves, instead of densely packed. There is no leaf in those vacant places.

     "Huh... strange..."

     At this time, Wen Jilie called Kang Xiujia's mobile phone. Her mother answered the phone."Hello, is it Kang Xiujia?"

     "I am her mother, who are you? "

     "Ah, auntie, I am her classmate. If you have anything to do with her, can you let her listen to the phone?"

     "Okay, wait a minute."

     Kang Xiujia went to that place and looked carefully.

     The more she looked, the worse she felt.

     Those strange leaves...

     The first thing she saw were two piles of leaves, forming an oval shape.

     and many more……

     Kang Xiujia became more familiar with each other.

     These leaves...

     In front, there are also two such ovals, just in comparison smaller.

     And there is another pile of leaves in the middle...

     Around these strange leaves, another circle of leaves piled up, forming an irregular circle.





     It’s just the ears...

     No, without ears.


     This is the mask!

     The fallen leaves in the yard form exactly the look of the mask that Kang Xiujia saw that day!

     And what she stands now...

     It is the position of the "mouth" of that "mask"!

     At this time, another gust of wind was blowing, and all the leaves on the ground were flying. Kang Xiujia was surprised to see that the fallen leaves that originally formed a "mask" on the ground suddenly all stuck to himself!

     "Xiu Jia...your phone..."Kang Xiujia's mother took her mobile phone and came to the yard. And what caught her eyes was a lot of leaves dancing in the air. A large number of leaves were tightly bonded together, as if... a human figure!

     After the strong wind passed, the leaves scattered again and fell to the ground.

     The yard is empty.

     There is no trace of Kang Xiujia at all.