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    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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Wen Jilie suddenly noticed that Run An was always covering his right hand.

     "Mr. Yi, are your hands okay? You have been..."

     The dark hands began to produce severe pain.

     It is early spring now, and it has gradually moved away from the coldness of winter, and Run An not only wears long sleeves, but also wears a pair of gloves.

     He wasn't afraid of cold, he still wanted to hide the arm that was completely boneless.

     Decay powder, through this magic powder, darkening can use this white bone arm created with decay powder, this pair of gloves is also specially made by A Jing to help him, can prevent the corrosion of white bone arm.

     At this time, A Jing was in the Crown Hotel, discussing with Bo Shao and her grandfather Sun Zhengyan about the dead spirit.

     After the evil spirit was enclosed in the black door, it fully proved that the scroll was indeed a psychic prop.

     In the spacious and luxurious room, three people sat together, on the a table in the middle, there was the scroll.

     "Sure enough..." Sun Boshao said with emotion after listening to A Jing's description: "There should be more than one such scroll, which is the link that can connect the black door. But what is the so-called deadly spirit? ? "

     A Jing was slightly pondered for a moment and said, "It's actually not difficult to guess. I... I used to have the ability to anticipate the curse keyword. And this ability comes from the power of that door. A ghost with insight into the power of life and death in the world."In the past, moisturizing and moisturizing, attached to ghosts within the body controlled by the dead spirit, had the ability to anticipate the cursed and the date of death. The dead spirit is the evil spirit that declared death.

     What is the relationship between that evil spirit... and the seven evil spirits?

     Freaky babies that always appear have the common feature of purple pupils. They seem to be looking for the seven reincarnated ghosts. The so-called "evil ghosts" should be seven reincarnated people.

     According to the clues, although it feels ridiculous, the two people, Bersau and Liuli, seem to see their own experience in the previous life in their dreams.

     Moreover, their dreams can be linked together.

     Although I don’t know what happened, there are more and more mysteries related to the seven evil spirits.

     The so-called deadly spirits are a group of deformed purple pupil strange babies. They are in charge of a black gate connected to the nether world. At the same time, seven ghost eyes appeared in this world because of them.

     Why should humans have the ability to foresee?

     A Jing believes that it is probably to find out the seven people who were reincarnated through this point.

     From the five generations and ten countries to the modern era of 21st Century, the population of the earth is increasing. Even if it is limited to China, it is difficult to find seven of the more than one billion people.

     Therefore, the ability to anticipate is very important.

     No, to be precise, it requires The Almighty's ability to foresee like his father.

     However, among these, a problem appeared.Ghost eyes will cause death, and people with ghost eyes will be surrounded by people whose number cannot be counted. Because his father had Yin and Yang ghost eyes, he also created the fate of all his relatives and friends being killed by ghost eyes.

     From the point of view that those strange babies stopped that evil spirit from killing Li Hongming, if Li Hongming is really one of the seven reincarnated people, there is an answer.

     The purpose of the dead spirit is to personally curse the seven people. So find them at all costs, but they must not be allowed to die before being cursed.

     Therefore, ghost eyes will be strong or weak. The weaker ghost eyes, the less chance of death. But at the same time, the ability to anticipate becomes weaker.

     So, after thousands of years, I found those seven people.

     However, this is a corollary after all and needs to be verified.

     The power of this scroll can open the door of the dead spirit, but this is also built on, a major premise.

     Before the seven reincarnated people were cursed by the dead spirit and died.

     Bersau told Ah Jing that he had a dream.

     In the dream, he was the Minister of Justice of an ancient dynasty, and was heavily used by the emperor. He is in a dream, named Yi Shaoqing.

     In that palace, he directly governs one region/place.

     That place is a forbidden place in Gong Wei.

     No one was allowed to enter except the emperor and several people who were directly appointed to manage the place.

     There, it was called "Luoying Pavilion".

     Bersau only remembered this.

     It is especially worth mentioning that Liuli once appeared in his dream.Liu Li is also about sixteen years old in his dream.

     Liuli also had the same dream as Bo Shao. In her dream, she also faced Bo Shao as Yi Shaoqing.

     Everything seems very chaotic.

     If the dream is really their previous life, the key is how did their previous life relate to the dead spirit?

     It is a pity that the times are too far away to find the truth. But many wild history is not enough.

     "Miss Ren Jing," Bo Shao put forward his own opinion: "The door appears because of the user, because of you. Do you think of this too?"

     "Yeah...I think so." A Jing actually knew this already.

     She has a certain connection with that door.

     "Li Liu she... what's going on now?" A Jing asked Bo Shao.

     Bershaw said the head and said: "She has been very painful recently, not only is it difficult to sleep, but also the frequency of hallucinations is getting higher and higher. If this continues to develop, she may be mental breakdown. I have already investigated her, she There was no history of insane in the past, but because she was an orphan, she could not know the status of her parents. But I think that she should not see a hallucination because it is not just a mental problem."


     Ah Jing became interested in this."She... began to see the black door often. It was about once every two or three days at first, and then once a day later, and finally, every day, I often saw that illusion." Boss spoke until here, suddenly the tone became heavy. : "I think this is probably a sign of the early curse."

     A Jing felt the same.

     But the question is, why did Bosau have not seen the illusion? He had also dreamed like that.

     It may be that there is a certain order of curses, or there may be different ways of curses.

     However, A Jing increasingly feels that the inference of past life is very likely. Since there are ghosts, people will be reborn by reincarnation, which is left nothing to be strange.

     She put away the scroll and said to Bersau and her grandfather: "I'm leaving now. At present, Run An is meeting with the person who has entered the teaching building that may have ghosts. It is estimated that he will have a result when he returns at night. Then, Goodbye, Bersau, Grandpa!"

     After A Jing left, Sun Zheng extended his sighed saying. He lay on his back on the sofa, looking at the sky, the black door that had been circling.

     He has also hallucinated.

     Bo Shao can see that the chairman's mental condition is very bad.

     "Chairman, why don't you take a break ba first? You can see that you are tired. Lifting the curse on Miss Ren Jing is definitely not something that can be done overnight. You still have to be patient."

     Sun Zhengyan rubbed his eyes, and the black door in front of him disappeared.



     "Help me contact lawyer Smith. Let him come to China as soon as possible."Bersau asked doubtfully: "Chairman, why did you call Lawyer Smith here? We now..."

     Suddenly, he understood something.

     From a long time ago, Bo Shao gradually felt that the chairman had that intention.

     "Dong, Chairman... You're the one who wants to make a legacy..."

     "Good. I have that meaning. If I will be cursed, I don't want to leave regrets." Sun Zhengyan said with a very painful expression: "I owe too much to Lingxiu's mother and daughter. whatever the case, I In the end, she has not blessed her marriage. Ah Jing is my granddaughter, so... she has the right to inherit all my property. Although money cannot help her escape this curse, at least, it is the only thing I can do for her Things."

     Bo Shao silent for a while, nodded, said: "Yes. Just as you told me, chairman."

     Next, the chairman went into the back room because he felt too tired. Bersau made a long-distance phone call across the oceans and asked the chairman's personal lawyer Smith to come to China as soon as possible. After all, it is a major matter of drafting a will, so sloppy.

     After hanging up the phone, he also felt a little tired.

     At this moment...

     Suddenly, he vaguely heard what sound came from behind.

     As if... it was the sound of a door being opened.

     Immediately afterwards, a voice full of indignation was heard behind Bersau.

     "I hate you... I hate you... Shaoqing..."

     Bersau did not let himself turn the head around.

     He kept himself as calm as possible, but his body shivered without listening.

     That sound is getting closer and closer.He meditation in his heart, this is auditory hallucinations, auditory hallucinations.

     Then, behind him, there was a sound of the door closing.

     "You seven...none can't escape...none..."