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0 Chapter Directory 157 Suicide Woman
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

At this moment, Bo Shao's body fell heavily to the ground, and his back was soaked with sweat.

     He turned back slowly, behind him, just a wall.

     Everything just now seems to be just an illusion.

     Bo Shao immediately ran into the back room, and saw that the chairman was lying on the bed safely, and his chest was obviously up and down, proving that he was still alive.

     Bersau was slightly sighed in relief.

     The voice just now lingered in his ear.

     How can I do?

     Bersau felt more and more... maybe he was really cursed.

     Considering your past life, this is really crazy. But the reality is in front of him. Bo Shao increasingly feels that his predecessor is really the Minister of Justice Yi Shaoqing.

     And six other people, jointly committed a certain crime, because of that crime, and suffered a curse. The soul is reincarnated as a modern person, and may have experienced several reincarnations, but that is not important. For Bo Shao, in this life, he was finally found by the dead spirit.

     "He" wants revenge.

     "He" clearly hated them, seven of them. And that hatred is enough to keep the ghost's curse for thousands of years.

     Bersau thought It should be noted, what happened in his previous life, but dreams are always fragmentary, and they have become increasingly unclear recently.

     What unforgivable sins did he commit in his previous life? But no matter what he did in his previous life, he was retaliated in this life, and he was still cursed by the ghost, which made Bo Shao really hard to understand and accept.

     Moreover, there are still many mysteries...At night, Bo Shao came to Liuli's house with a tired look on his face. She is now living place, rented by a scholarship abroad, she has returned to the United States, where the school submitted an application for suspension.

     The house she rented is the first floor of an apartment. Because of this, it is indeed a very wise choice to avoid taking the elevator or taking the stairs.

     Liuli also seems to be quite painful when he is repeatedly troubled by the dreams of his previous life. Especially when she began to realize that she might be cursed by ghosts, she was very scared.

     The reason why Bo Shao came to see her was because Liu Li played a special role in her dream. How close you might be to understand your past life.

     Although Bersau still has difficulty in accepting the existence of the so-called "previous life".

     When Liu Li came out to see him, her deeply sunken eyes highlighted her gaze. But when she saw Bersau, she was screamed in shock, as if she saw something terrifying.

     But then she calmed down, patted her chest, and said, "You... are you Mr. Sun Boshao? Come in."

     What happened to her?

     Bo Shao was a bit at first confused, but then he wanted to understand.

     She regarded herself as "Shaoqing".

     Presumably she still continues that dream.

     She collapsed on the sofa and said to Bersau weakly and without strength: "Sorry, I'm so tired, I don't have time to entertain you... Is there any news? About the curse of ghost eyes?"

     Bo Shao first asked: "Is the illusion still very frequent?"Liuli nodded. She seems to be struggling even to speak now.

     In this way, Bersau felt a bit embarrassed for a while, so he said to her, "Did the content of the dream remind you of anything?"

     Liuli knew that Bo Shao wanted to know her past life.

     The dream reincarnates repeatedly, but she cannot retrieve past life's memory from the incomplete image.

     She did not know how her past life was related to Bersau’s past life. But in the dream, Yi Shaoqing is undoubtedly a play a critical role figure for her.

     She is not an official.

     Although Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty once appointed women, women are still rare in Ancient China. In the previous life, she followed Yi Shaoqing who was Minister of Justice and lived in his palace, but she was not a maidservant or his wife.

     She vaguely remembered in her dream that she helped Yi Shaoqing deal with many complicated documents, and also made many valuable opinions for him, which can be regarded as his right-hand man.

     In modern terms, it is similar to the post of secretary.

     But it does not seem to be a pure secretary.

     She can only remember these.

     Suddenly, she seemed to think of something, and said to Bersau: "Recent dreams... I started to see a vague figure repeatedly. Although I can't always see the real person, I can be sure that that person is very important. He seems to be wearing Very expensive clothes, every time I appear, I, and you... I am talking about your past life, will bow to that person. So, he should be an official above you, or a member of the royal family. "As soon as these words came out, Bersau felt that his heart had been pounded.

     Because, in his dream, he also saw such a figure.

     I can't always see the other person's face, but I feel that the other person is full of prestige.

     Every time I saw him in my dream, I would bow down. Moreover, I felt that I was in my heart, respecting and loyal to that person.

     Who is he?

     What does he mean to his previous life?

     In dreams, the faces of other people can be clearly seen, except that one is the exception.

     He should not be an official.

     Because Bo Shao remembered seeing him many times in the dream, but the other party never wore an official uniform. The luxurious clothes are very similar to the emperor's yellow robe.

     The other a royal!

     Moreover, the status is quite high!

     Bin Qiu returned home.

     She had thought that her father would work overtime again today, but she never dreamed that as soon as she entered the door, she saw her father sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper.

     "Dad... are you home?"

     Father dazed for a moment, put down the newspaper, looked at her daughter's somewhat pale expression, and asked with concern: "Bin Qiu, what's wrong with you?"

     "It's nothing... Dad, I'm a little tired and want to go back to sleep."

     Bin Qiu knew it was useless. Even if he said that there were more strange boxes in the room, his father would not believe it, and the mask curse was even more absurd.Just as she was about to walk to the bedroom, she suddenly remembered something and said to her father: "Dad... Speaking of it, I had a question I wanted to ask you a long time ago."

     Bin Qiu's father was nodded and said, "What's the problem?"

     "Why...we want to move to G City? Although I was admitted to Yueqi University in G City, I don’t think you moved because of this reason. I always wanted to ask you, but... I think You have your reason for doing things, so I didn’t ask too much. However, I recently returned to pondered, it seems that it is not the case. I remember...Is that night?"

     At this time, Bin Qiu's father's face changed.

     "An emergency patient came to the hospital at that time, a woman who committed suicide by cutting her wrist... This was later told by Dr. Zheng. He said that at that time, the injured person lost a lot of blood. During emergency surgery, when you When I saw the woman’s face, I was in a terrible panic. Unwilling to do surgery... When you came back the next day, you barely said a word to me. Later, after I passed the Yueqi University, You actually made the decision to move... Are you trying to avoid the woman? She was saved after the operation."

     The daughter's face was fixed on him—Fang Kai's face, the ace surgeon of Guofeng Hospital.

     She revealed the key to the matter.

     "What...are you scared? Who is that woman, dad?"