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0 Chapter Directory 159 Vicious Space
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Wen Jilie took a look at the scroll of evil spirits and said in surprise: "It can open the door of another world? You used this scroll to destroy a evil spirit?"

     Here is the usual home in the dark, because today is Sunday, so he is also convenient to come.

     With this scroll, no matter what ghosts come, there is no need to worry about fear. For Run An and A Jing, there is really a feeling of turning over to be the master. In the past, even if there were ghost eyes, in the face of ghosts, they were still frightened, and almost every time they were in close contact with Grim Reaper. But now, as long as Ah Jing uses this scroll, he can seal the ghost behind that black door.

     After listening to their words, let Wen Li, who has been in a state of fear for the past month, feel relieved.

     "However, this scroll can only be used by A Jing." Run An specifically reminded him of this, and then said: "Listen, you take the bottle of subspace potion, if you encounter it to ghosts and the like, Call us immediately, if you have no time to call, just send an empty text message, and then apply the potion around, A Jing can immediately rush to you to seal the ghost."

     After taking the vial containing the subspace potion, Wen grimaced and asked inconceivable: " How do you have such a thing?"

     "Don't believe it? Then try it." Runan glanced at A Jing and said to him: "Let's go, let's go downstairs, A Jing, you set up a space exit here with a potion. Then go to Let’s make another entrance, and then just enter the exit when you enter. How?"After all, Wen Jilie didn't quite believe in such an unbelievable thing, and thought it was better to experiment, so he agreed.

     After the two left the room, only A Jing was left here, and Run Li was at work today.

     Ah Jing didn't know what happened, and suddenly there was a feeling of panic.

     The eyes drawn on the scroll, facing her like this, felt a little uncomfortable.

     However, what Ah Jing did not dream of was.

     A minute later, a big event happened that affected her and Run An's life and death.

     The pupil of the eye on the scroll suddenly burst into a thick black smoke!

     Ah Jing was shocked!

     However, she has a very familiar feeling.

     That black smoke shadow is enough, and gradually formed a human-like shape!

      "No... how come?"

     A Jing is simply unbelievable his eyes.

     However, what she couldn't believe in, still behind.

     The thick black smoke formed a person that A Jing could not dream of.

     It looks like a completely human woman. And, from the outside, it doesn't have any characteristics of ghosts.

     A Jing looked at this familiar figure, and she rubbed her eyes several times.

      "No... impossible... how could..."

     At this time, she lightly smiled to Ah Jing and said, "I haven't seen you in a long time... Ah Jing, my daughter."

     This woman formed by black smoke is actually Sun Jingxiu, the mother of A Jing who has passed away!Although A Jing is full of vigilance, but the person in front of her, her voice and smile are no different from her mother!

     But why is the mother's soul in this scroll?

     However, now A Jing, the eyes have been wet.


     She walked towards her mother Unable to Restrain Emotions, and when she touched her mother's body, immediately hugged her tightly!

     "Mom... I miss you so much..."

     Sun Lingxiu smiled and hugged her daughter, and said, "Over the years, thank you for your troubles, Ah Jing..."

     "Mom... it's so nice to see mom again..."

     A Jing is holding her mother tightly. Suddenly she feels slippery and greasy, and she lifts it up, but her hands are full of blood!

     If you take a closer look, the body she is holding is completely rotten!

     But she still hugged her mother.

     "Mom... why is it on the scroll? Why... is it just now before me..."

     "I'm sorry...sorry...A Jing..." Mother's voice is still the same.

     However, A Jing's cheeks felt the coldness of his mother's cheeks.

     "Senbo really shouldn't let you go through these... Ah Jing, listen well. I, I can't stay here for too long. I want to tell you something..."

     A Jing nodded.

     Although the body in his arms is like an ice cellar, A Jing feels extremely warm."The curses in this world are all deadly spirits, no, to be precise, the verdict of the vicious space on human beings. What can predict the content of the curse is that the dead spirits revealed the verdict of the vicious space to mankind. "

     "Judgment? What kind of crimes have we committed? Need to bear the sentence?" A Jing was puzzled.

     "Sin is not needed. The vicious space is the source of this world’s terror. It is created to make humans feel terror. It’s not just Foreign Space, it’s blameless, no matter what causes humans to die, as long as it is Being cursed will inevitably be the verdict of the vicious space. And you, as well as the brothers and sisters of Yirun, will die in the vicious space."

     A Jing panic.

     "How... how could..."

     "In the vicious space, there is a cage made for the cursed. A Jing, the curse you and Runnin suffered..."

     A Jing listened breathlessly.

     "It's a curse that can be avoided, but... also a curse that can't be avoided."

     Ah Jing didn't understand.

     "Mom... what the hell is this?"

     "I can’t tell you, Ah Jing... otherwise I’ve violated the'rule', and I, and your father, will accept more terrible sanctions and judgments. The vicious space is the source of terror in this world, as long as that space exists, this The chain of curses will last forever until humans die."

     At this moment, A Jing suddenly felt that his mother in her arms began to gradually lose her sense of reality.

     "So... find a way to fight this curse... Ah Jing, you"The mother's voice has begun to intermittent.

     "Mom!" A Jing shouted sadly: "Please, please... stay, don't leave me!"

     However, this is useless.

     After all, people have different ways.

     "Yes... yes, smell Zimei..."

     Another part of the mother's body began to become black smoke.

     "What? Wen Zimei? What does it mean?" A Jing asked, looking at his mother.

     "Find the note she left, there is information about the cursed person directly related to the vicious space..." Half of the mother's face had turned into black smoke.

     "I... can't stay any longer, otherwise my sentence will be aggravated..."

     "A daughter..."

     In this way, the mother turned into black smoke again and merged into the scroll.

     Ah Jing when recalling, according to his father's notes, the mother was fused by the black door while she was pregnant with her.

     Behind that black door, what exactly is it?

     Could it be...the mother's mouth...the fierce space?

     She held the scroll tightly, and the tears fell down.

     "Thank you... mother..."

     Then she raised her head.

     "Did you smell Zimei... notes?"

     Run An's home is currently under construction, and there is a section of ground pile driving. There are many potholes there. It is daytime, so there are still many migrant workers on the construction site.

     "Just choose here."

     Run An found a pit, which suddenly disappeared here, should not attract attention.Wen Jire walked into the pit with confidence, then dripped the subspace potion on the ground, and sprinkled it all over the body.

     However, it doesn't have any reaction.

     This is of course, because Ah Jing currently has completely forgotten this matter.

     "No... no response..." As soon as Wen's violent words fell, a shovel nearby turned on and scooped up a pile of soil.

     The darkening heart was bad, and the construction staff discovered them completely.

     No way, he had to go out first. When Run An was going to take Wen Jire out of this pit, he suddenly found something strange.


     Connect this pit that Wen Jilie is standing with several pits nearby.

     Like a face...

     He hadn’t reacted, and suddenly the earth under the ground was flowing like a steady flow, and Wen Jilie didn’t react, and his body was covered with mud. Then, within a few seconds, the pit actually Filled with dirt!

     "Heaven..." Run dark turned pale with fright and quickly called the construction workers nearby. After listening to his explanation, everyone quickly started digging pits.


     The pit was dug to nearly three meters, but no one was found below...