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0 Chapter Directory 160 In The Box ... And The Last Mask
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Three o'clock in the morning.

     Bin Qiu walked alone on the deserted street.

     She dared not continue to sleep in the room with the box, and she watched her father fall asleep, thinking probably not, so she walked out to relax.

     Under absent-minded, Bin Qiu walked to Lewan Square near her house.

     She is sitting in the center of the square, where there is a stage, if it is daytime, it must be a vast crowd.

     She sat on the stage, overlooking the stage.

     She wanted to weaken her inner depression as much as possible. And at the moment, Bin Qiu, completely without realizing, behind her, there appeared a... masked woman!

     A pigeon landed at the feet of Bin Qiu.

     The pigeon screamed and looked at Bin Qiu.

     Bin Qiu likes pigeons very much. She reached out and touched the pigeon's head. It was not afraid, it just stopped there.

     Then a few more pigeons stopped on the stage.

     The pigeons are gathering more and more.

     Dozens of pigeons suddenly appeared beside Bin Qiu.

      This time, if you stand down and look down...

     On that stage, countless pigeons gathered together and formed a big face.

     And Bin Qiu was completely unknown.

     At this moment, the curse of the vicious space is also striking towards Bin Qiu...

     Suddenly, Hamaki stood up, rushed off the stage, and ran to the house. And those pigeons flew all around.

     How can I leave my father alone at home? Bin Qiu knew that there was that iron box at home!After returning home, she gently opened the door of her father's room. Fortunately, her father was still asleep in bed. She returned to her own room. The iron box, still like a ghost, was placed in the room.

     Facing the iron box, Bin Qiu suddenly had a courage in his heart...

     By the end of the memory, Bin Qiu had opened the iron box.

     She has already made a full mental preparation, even if a terrible ghost pops out of this box, she does not matter!

     However... the things in the box... still let Bin Qiu see eye sockets want to crack! Lying in the box is...

     Run Yin's house next door, Fan Yin's house.

     Even in this late night, he was still looking at the mirror alone.

     Although confirmed many times, Xiaoxia still could not rest assured.

     He feared that he would become ugly.

     No, to be exact... he fears that he will become deformed...

     Xiaoya began to fear that such a brother was coming, and even his mother advised him that he would not listen. Now, as long as he looks away from the mirror, he will constantly ask people around him: "Am I ugly?"

     The elder brother's abnormal changes were all because of the man next door, the man named Yi Run An.

      At the same time, Bo Shao woke up from the nightmare again.

     This time, while opening eyes, I saw a face staring at him.

     A pair of purple eyes looked at him expressionlessly.

     A ricket figure leaned down and stretched his head to a distance of less than a few centimeters from Bersau.

     Bersau's heart began to beat fast, he didn't even dare to breathe.However, what is more scary is that face.

     That simply not human face.

     Two eyes, of which the left eye part, together with the orbits, completely protrudes from the face, but the forehead is deeply sunken, and the right eye is under many rotten skins, and has grown a lot of unsightly red moles, and the most terrifying thing is the mouth , Actually there is no lips, the teeth are directly exposed outside like this, and gurgling constantly.

     Bo Shao has followed Sun Zhengyan for many years, and he is also a person who has seen the world.

     Faced with such a terrifying face, he basically could not keep calm.

     Are you going to die?

     Is it dying?

     He wanted to say something, but his throat could not speak. He couldn't say anything.

     This deformed face, even when viewed as a ghost, is really terrible.

     But, soon after, that face gradually lifted up.

     Bersau felt his body was completely paralyzed.

     It took a long time before he struggled with stopped/stood.

     Behind him, it is not a soul in sight.

     He was completely saturated with sweat at the moment.

     He just walked in front of the ghost gate.

     At this moment, the person he remembered in the mind...

     It is Liuli.

     To Li Shao, Liuli should be a very strange person. The two of their past lives have no intersection. However, they were very familiar people in the previous life.

     But Bersau constantly resisted the absurd concept of himself in the previous life.Even if he really had a previous life, Bo Shao did not consider himself to be Yi Shaoqing.

     He didn't want to admit it.

     However, he does have a special emotion for Liuli.

     Just then, his cell phone rang.

     "Hello... who is it?"

     "Mr. Sun? Can you come to T City now? Great discovery... Great discovery!"

     "What?" Bersau asked in surprise: "what did you say?"

     The voice heard that it was the investigator sent by the chairman to T city. They were instructed to search ancient ruins to find clues related to the curse of ghost eyes.

     "What did you find?"

     "Yes... bones! An astonishingly large number of bones! Just under the ancient ruins we discovered last time, a large amount of bones that looked like babies were dug! Roughly calculated, it probably exceeded 100!"

     More than a hundred baby skeletons?

     This reminded Bersau, who was intimately related to the Black Gate, and the countless freakish babies with purple pupils came...

     "More than a hundred...what are those bones..."

     "We inferred that the bones should have been more than a thousand years ago... Things are going wrong, we are difficult to close, although the administrator of the local site has been bribed, but so many bones have been dug out, it is impossible to continue in secret... hope Come on, Mr. Sun!"

     Are there more than a hundred baby bones?

     What is it's going on?

     "In addition... there is one more thing, you must tell you... Mr. Sun..."

     "What? Hurry!""Eyes... Underneath the site, there is a huge, bloody eye shape! It seems to be formed by real blood... But... it has been thousands of years, that blood... it hasn't dried up yet!"

     Bersau's cell phone fell to the ground.

     He froze for a long time.

     how is this possible……

     Seven evil spirits...

     Countless deformed babies...

     Seven ghost eyes and a black door... also... just now...

     That face...

     The purple pupil on that face reminded Bo Shao of Ren Senbo.

     For Bersau, that man was his biggest nightmare.

     He is a demon.

     From the moment he appeared in front of yourself, Bersau's life was changed.

     The father is the steward of the nobility. It sounds like he is just a servant, but the situation of the father is different. In a sinister shopping mall, Sun Clan's enterprises are facing many crises. My father followed the chairman from a very young age to manage the Sun's finances, and he had many ideas for his father. Up to the present, Sun’s deposits and real estate in various countries are all managed by Bo Shao. Although it was opposed by the Sun family, the Sun family’s owner is Sun Zhengyan, and whether he is Bo Shao’s father or he is the person the Sun family trusts.

     However, Bo Shao did not have such a deep feeling for the Sun family like his father.

     Because he feared the man... he feared Ah Jing's father, Ren Sembo.

     Bersau's father, because of his handling of Sun's finances, often traveled around the world.

     That was when Bersau was three years old.Sun Jingxiu, A Jing's mother, often falls into a strange nightmare. She was upset repeatedly, but could not find the source of the upset. This situation developed to become very serious later, and even the physique began to deteriorate.

     Bo Shao always regarded Lingxiu's grandson as a dear older sister. At that time, he was also anxious. One day...

     Bersau's father brought a man to the Sun's house.

     That man is Ren Senbo, a famous Psychologist. He was a friend whom his father met by accident. Because the condition of the young lady became very bad, she brought Ren Senbo to try psychological treatment for the young lady.

     Bersau's life changed from that day...

     Since Ren Senbo first stepped into the Sun family, Bo Shao could not have a good impression on him.

      He by no means has done something bad, has not harmed anyone in the Sun family, and has not caused any harm to Bersau himself. But... Bersau just couldn't stand his existence.

     Because of his eyes.

     That eye seems to be a symbol of the devil.

     That man is a demon...

     Bersau, who was only three years old, left a deep shadow in his heart.

     Later, he did something unforgivable. He took away the most cherished princess of the Sun family, Sun Lingxiu. Bersau, at that moment, he vowed never to forgive him. Hope day and night, Miss Lingxiu can come back.

     However, although Miss Lingxiu returned to Sun's house many times later, she did not want to leave Ren Senbo. Even... knowing those eyes is a sign of disaster.

     When he first saw Ren Jing, Bo Shao did not like her.She doesn't have those bizarre purple eyes, but... she is Ren Senbo's daughter.

     However, in the face of Lingxiu, Bo Shao also helped their mother and daughter many times.

     Every time, when they leave, the chairman's pain becomes stronger. Like Bersau, he also hated it deeply, and was afraid of the existence of Ren Menbo.

     Four years ago, Miss Lingxiu died. When this news came, the chairman of the hospital survived for three days in emergency. Bersau is even more painful.

     From that moment... his hatred of Ren Sembo reached its zenith.

     He came to China and attended the funeral of Miss Lingxiu. At the same time, I was surprised to learn that Ren Senbo actually left Miss Ren Jing.

     At that time, his aversion to Ren Jing weakened.

     After all, she is the only flesh of Miss Lingxiu in this world. Even though, she shed the blood of the devil.

     So Bersau helped her, and according to the chairman's instructions, bought a villa, and also closely watched Ren Jing's life.

     And this time... the nightmare also started to deepen.

     Just last year, when A Jing came into contact with Runan Brothers and Sisters, strange things happened again and again. The people they contacted were either violent death or inexplicably missing. The most bizarre and terrifying ones are Xie Xiaohao and Ou Xueyan whose bodies are twisted into monster-like.

     So, Bersau began to pay close attention to the people they had contacted.

     When Ah Jing and Tang Yingxuan and others met, he began to investigate the situation of those people. The situation of Tang Yingxuan is obviously very strange.From a very childhood, she was discovered to have the ability to predict a certain degree of the future. About three months before she met with A Jing, she was still working in a media company, and the night her colleague Fan Tengyue disappeared, she and three other colleagues claimed that Fan Tengyue was found in one room on the seventh floor. Killed.

     But that room does not exist at all.

     And she resigned the next day. About two months after resigning, she actually committed suicide by cutting her wrist at her home. Because she rented a house by herself, nobody found it at all.

     However, it is strange that ambulances and police cars came downstairs. As a result, the police took the doctors to break the door down and enter. She was taken to the hospital and saved in time.

     Bersau later investigated the matter. At that time, the hospital received a call for help and made it at Tang Yingxuan's house. however……

     When Tang Yingxuan woke up, he actually denied having called this phone!

     Shortly after Ah Jing contacted her, she died baffling. Like her three other colleagues...

     Through the relationship, Bersau discovered an amazing fact.

     Tang Yingxuan's eyes are purple pupils. She has been wearing contact lenses to hide this.

     Who called it the hospital that day?

     Originally, Bersau had always wondered. but……

     When he knows the secret behind the ghost eyes, he understood.

     A person with a spooky constitution has a ghost attached to his body. A Jing told him that Tang Yingxuan had something like a ghostly eye, and... Runnin once used Soul Devouring Ghost Eye to pull out the ghost within her body's.That is a female ghost.

     The call for help that day was also the voice of a woman.

     Bersau produced a horrible speculation.

     If...the ghost's eyes are dominated by the dead spirit, then the ghosts possessed by the spirits are also manipulated by the dead spirit. Tang Yingxuan could not die before the date of death. She knew this, but she chose to commit suicide.

     After she cut her wrists and was in a dangerous state, the dead spirits made sure that within her body's ghost made that call to ensure that she lived to the day she really died.

     Actually... even the freedom to die...


     Bo Shao made up his mind to find out all the rise and fall of the terrain.

     He still couldn't forgive Ren Sambo.

     But... at least I want to protect Miss Lingxiu's daughter.

     While investigating things related to Tang Yingxuan, he discovered one thing. At first, a doctor in charge of operating on her operated on the operating table for unknown reasons and fled out of fear. He doubted that the doctor would be one of the seven evil spirits. Because Tang Yingxuan has fierce ghost eyes, if the doctor is one of the seven evil spirits, he will feel fear when he sees the ghost eyes.

     A month ago, he finally found out that the doctor was in city G. Even the address and phone number were found. And, got in touch with him. The doctor's name is called Fang Kai.

     However, soon after, Fang Kai no longer actively met with him to discuss this matter. Compared with the initial meeting, the attitude is just like two people.

     At the moment, Bin Qiu's room.Lying in the iron box... Fang Kai, Bin Qiu's father!

     At this time, a person's silhouette stood at the door of the room behind Bin Qiu. It was "Fang Kai" who should have fallen asleep in bed!

     Bin Qiu looked back, she looked at this "father", her eyes filled with panic!

     "Fang Kai" raised his right hand and opened his face.

     "Fang Kai"'s face, however, is just a mask.

     Just a "mask"...

     Then, he took off the mask "it" and turned on... the lamp in this room!

     At this time, a pedestrian on the road looked at Binqiu's apartment.

     In this apartment, there are many windows with lights on at this late night.

     However... strangely...

     Many of the lighted windows are adjacent. They are combined together, and on the exterior wall of this apartment, the overall look, actually... formed a shape similar to a human face! And the lights from the windows of Binqiu's room turned into the left eyes of the "face"!

     At the moment, in Binqiu's room, not a soul in sight except for the iron box containing Fang Kai...