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0 Chapter Directory 161 Reunion
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"You heard?"

     "Luoying Pavilion where Huang Fei Niangniang seems to live is what happened?"

     "Early in the morning, the Imperial Forest Army surrounded the Luoying Pavilion. What's going on?"

     The sky is so clear.

     Above the hall.

      Civil and military officials are on both sides, each person is trembling with fear, and dare not say much.

     The emperor dressed in a dragon robe, his eyebrows overlooking the courtiers below.

     "Minister of Justice Wu Wen!"

     The emperor shouted angrily.

     A middle-age man with a handful of moustache and official clothes quickly stood up and said anxiously, "Chen...Chen!"

     The emperor asked: "What happened in the Luoyinge case?"

     "Go back to the emperor!" Minister of Justice Wu Wen kneels down on the ground and said, "It's a curse...this is a curse..."

     "Answer me!" The emperor said even more angrily: "How is the life and death of the dragon child? Did Huang Fei give birth to the dragon child?"

     "Yes... Your Majesty, the dragon is born, but...but..."

     Wu Wen was already terrified. The current emperor is under anger. If the wording is slightly inappropriate, he may lose his head.

     "Dragon, he..."

     The emperor had completely lost his patience and shouted, "Say! What the hell!"

     In the end, out of frustration, Wu Wen told the horrifying fact.In the Luoying Pavilion, all the eunuchs, without exception, were all dead. Moreover, almost all of the body is turned into pieces of broken meat, does not have one leaving the whole body. The Huang Fei who was pregnant, barely left a breath, and gave birth to a boy.

     Since then, Luoying Pavilion has been completely closed...

     This is AD 915. China is in a state of great division of five generations and ten countries.

     This thing happened in a southern country.

     In this country, the vicious space has opened the curse on this world.

     And, the seed of the curse was sown...

     21st century.

     In the waiting hall of an airport in city G.

     Sun Boshao sat in a chair and pinched the ticket in his hand. He recalled the terrifying phone from time to time.

     It was one morning, Fang Kai called: "Mr. Sun... I’m Fang Kai, we met a month ago... I don’t seem to know why I was unconscious for a month and was put in a mouthful of iron. In the box, and, my daughter is, you tell me, is this related to the curse you said?"

     Bersau planned to go to T City in person.

     Now he has no doubt about his past life.

     You can't escape this curse without solving the mystery.

     At this moment, the radio rang: "Flight 554 to T City is about to take off, please board the passengers as soon as possible, Repeat again..."

     Sun Boshao stood up, lifted the suitcase, and resolutely walked forward.He wanted to explore his past life. What kind of unforgivable sin has been committed by the self in the previous life, and this kind of curse was incurred. The voice that cursed him hated him.

     He wanted to know the answer.

     After getting on the plane, he had just heard a familiar voice soon after he sat down.

     "Excuse me...can I sit beside you?"

     Bo Shao raised his head and just said "yes", but he swallowed it when he reached his mouth.

     Liu Li, dressed in an elegant style, appeared in front of him in this way.

     "You... Miss Phedia?"

     "Call me Liuli." She finished sitting next to Bersau, shaking the ticket in her hand, and said, "It was the ticket that Miss Ren Jing bought for me. She suggested that I go to T City with you. Details I have heard about the situation."

     "Have you thought about it?" Bo Shao was still a bit hard to believe. Why did she follow her? Do you want to explore your past life?

     Or... did she accept the curse?

     "In my dream, you appear too many times." Liu Li said: "Also, I also want to know what my past life is like. Seven evil spirits, what is it mean in the end."

     Bersau stared at her for a moment and said with great dissatisfaction: "I declare first... This is not a fun trip. You should know how dangerous it is. Are you sixteen years old?"

     "Correct it, it's seventeen years old. I just finished my birthday last week." Liu Li didn't look nervous at all.Although Bo Shao and Liuli hadn't been in contact for a long time, they didn't know how, and they had an inexplicable familiarity with her. The two of them, probably in their previous lives, were very close people.


     Bo Shao suddenly blurted out the name.

     Liu Li dazed for a moment and looked at Bersau, and he didn't seem to have discovered his mistake.

     The plane took off.

     Run An and A Jing looked at the plane rushing into the sky outside the airport, and they prayed in their hearts that their trip would be rewarded.

     Originally, they also planned to go to T city together. But now...

     "Did you smell Zimei... notes?"

     Ah Jing has already begun to investigate this matter. The underground passage of the fishing village where Wen Zimei originally lived could not find the note at all. Her special status will not be welcomed by anyone. She has no one to entrust notes. No notes were found on her body.

     So, where is that note?

     At present, there is no clue.

     Therefore, A Jing started investigating that Wen Zimei had once contacted the client as a psychicist. Although in today's society, most people advocate science, there are also some superstitious people. Wen Zimei is a very famous psychicist, so there are a lot of people who entrust her with her psychic to summon the soul.

     She decided to try and run dark, if she could find out where the note was.

     At the moment, on the plane, Liuli fell asleep unconsciously.

     Bo Shao looked at her quiet sleeping face, and the wonderful feeling in her heart gradually burst out again.In my mind, it was the girl in plain clothes who always followed her.

     The girl's name was Ying Feiyi.

     Liu Li's sleeping position at the moment is more like that girl. No... they are the same person, right?

     The so-called past life is really mysterious. Bo Shao gradually began to accept the relationship that he originally rejected.

     Looking at the clouds outside the window, and the gradually clear city underneath, Bo Shao became more tense.

     Thousands of years ago, did you live here?

     However, even if this is really the case...the current city cannot give him any familiar feeling.

     When the plane landed, a radio introduction to T city began to sound, and Liuli also woke up at this time.

     "Here it is..."

     After getting off the plane, Bersau and Liuli took their luggage first. At this moment, I suddenly heard a lot of noise in the airport. It seems that a lot of people have gathered.

     After taking the luggage, he went outside to see... A large number of young people gathered outside, holding a sign high, shouting and screaming. At the same time, there are many journalists among them.

     "Is there any big man to come?" Bo Shao asked strangely who came to pick him up.

     "Don't you know Mr. Sun? "The Undead Hotel" crew came to T City today! These people all came to see the male lead Chen Chuan!"

     At this time, a girl suddenly called: "Look... they came out!"

     Bersau and Ruri looked back, and a large group of people in western dress clothes came out. And one of the men wearing sunglasses was the most conspicuous, he stood in the middle, and Liuli soon recognized him."Really...really Chen Chuan! Chen Chuan starring in "Departure from Human Form"!"

     Bersau did not pay much attention to entertainment news, but when he heard "Death from the Humanoid", he was also interested. I just wanted to ask Liu Li in detail, but the screams of the fans completely overwhelmed his voice.

     The reporters swarmed immediately after seeing him. If it was not the crew of the crew, I was afraid that Chen Chuan had been surrounded.

     At this time, Liu Li suddenly noticed a woman beside Chen Chuan. She also wore sunglasses and had a very simple dress. The reporters also interviewed her, and she was naturally a star.

     "Ah... could it be..." Liuli stared wide-eyed at this time, saying: "Is it...Zeng Jiazhi, a famous Hong Kong actress?"

     The reporters' questions were very sharp and sharp.

     "Mr. Chen... May I ask you to appear in a horror movie twice, how do you feel this time compared to when you appeared in "Death from a Humanoid" a few years ago?

     "Do you think this movie can surpass "Departure"?

     "Ms. Zeng, we already saw your makeup photo in this film. May I ask if you have turned into a horror film this time, as the outside world has rumored that acting has reached the bottleneck?"

     "Please say a few words..."

     During the interview, the agent around Chen Chuan was basically speaking. He and Zeng Jiazhi kept silent.

     At this time, Bo Shao suddenly noticed a woman standing behind Zeng Jiazhi.She seemed to be in her early twenties, but Shi Shidai's face was a little haggard, but her appearance was still very beautiful. Faced with so many reporters, they did not appear to be in a state of panic, moving the bangs covering their eyes from time to time.

     "How could..." Bersau simply unbelievable his eyes.

     He thought he would never see her again.

     But... actually met again here.


      Unable to Restrain Emotions, Bersau shouted her name.

     Did she really succeed? He was almost unbelievable.

     Bai Liyou, who was so stubborn in the past and vowed to become the makeup artist of the big entertainment company, would actually reappears in front of him! ;