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0 Chapter Directory 169 Oni
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Inside the elevator, Bai Liyou, who had been frightened by the strange sight in front of her body and soul separated, watched the black door opened.

     And almost at the same time, a board suddenly fell off the ground, and then she heard a familiar voice from above her head: "Catch me! Liyou!"

     Liyou immediately looked up, and it was Bersau who reached down at the top of the elevator. Liyou immediately stood up and grabbed the hand he reached over, and began to climb up.

     In an instant, when she climbed up, she was actually on the corridor of a certain floor of the hotel!

     She looked at Bossau in surprise, and a girl behind him who didn't seem to be twenty years old.


     Li You is completely caught in the fog, what's going on?

     In the past, his boss, Sun Boshao, actually appeared here, and... also took himself from the elevator to the corridor of the hotel?

     "I haven't seen you in a long time, Liyou."

     It was indeed quite a long time since I met, and she was still the strongest.

     Bo Shao really appreciates Li You's talents, and the two of them are also old-fashioned. After considering it again and again, he decided to save her. Therefore, the subspace potion was used.

     "Bersau...why, this is..."

     Without waiting for Ryo to continue, he interrupted her and said, "Listen to me. Don't worry about anything else, I have to mention it to you first... our situation. First, we already can't leave this The restaurant is over. If you want to go out, you must find the source of this curse."

     Then, he gave the details to Liyou briefly.At the current Jiaping Hotel, any exit to the outside is a black, unopenable door. Moreover, he can basically be sure that this restaurant already doesn't have any living people.

     Bersau thought that he could live, maybe it was related to "seven evils".

     Moreover, even the windows, outside, are still black doors.

     That black door is exactly the same as Ah Jing's description!

     Vicious Space...

     Bersau first considered this mystical space.

     "In short..." he said to Liyou: "You come to the room first. I want to ask you something...there are many."

     Sun Boshao now also wants to collect more information about the vicious space. Whatever the case, he also knew that the seven evil spirits probably meant the cursed. A Jing once described to him that anyone who is cursed, whatever the case struggles to survive, will inevitably die like a hunch at the time of arrival, and die with pain.

     Bersau and Liuli have chosen one room on this floor, and opened the door with a subspace potion into the interior. This restaurant is not a soul in sight now, no need to worry about anything at all.

     Bersau was also the one who had seen the real ghost. To be afraid, there must be some. However, he did not want to greet the curse in fear.

      Regardless of anyone, he is also reluctant to accept his life, but he cannot be controlled by himself. He must even be taken away by that fierce space on a specific day.

     "You mean, Zeng Jiazhi, she... became a real ghost?""Yes... I think so." Li You replied very much to chop the nail and slice the iron. She believed that there was a ghost in this World. Then, she took a black note from her body and handed it to Bersau, saying: "Last year, when we took over this drama, we had some weird and haunted statements in our company, so the company found a psychic Teacher, her name is Wen Zimei. And after looking at the company, she handed me this note. She said...If whats the matter happens in the future, follow the instructions in the note. She said that she will not use it soon I’m a psychicist, so I don’t need notes anymore... I can’t understand many of the notes...

     When Bo Shao looked at the note, both eyes shines! Isn't this the note A Jing was looking for? He overjoyed at unexpected good news and took notes.

     At this time, the door was suddenly locked, a bloody hand was inserted, grabbed Liyou who was standing behind the door, and slammed her whole person towards the door, and the door was completely knocked open a big hole !

     Then, I heard Li You's tragic cry from outside!

     This happened so fast that he simply had no time to react!

     Liuli was frightened by the soul flies away and scatters, immediately grabbed Bersau tightly, and soon... there was no movement outside the door.

     Suddenly, the door that was already on the verge of collapse collapsed!

     Standing outside the door... is a person whose head almost entirely turns into a skeleton!

     The reason why it is almost entirely transformed into a skull... is because the left part of the head is more or less, with some carrion!

     Bersau and Ruri curled up in the room trembling with fear, not even dare to show up.But immediately, the rotten flesh suddenly couldn't support it, falls to the ground, and various kinds of rotten flesh, broken bones, and smelly corpse water sprinkled on the ground. There was no good piece of meat on this monster, and his bones were completely broken. "Variation" has developed to the point that this "corpse" can no longer walk!

      After a while, everything already recovered normally. Outside the window, restore the normal view.

     "Why, why?"

     Bersau was completely stunned.

     How did everything go back to its original form?

     But he didn't have much time to think, who knew whether this "corpse" would stand up, so he immediately sprinkled the subspace potion, connected the space of G city, and Liuli left T city.

     Bo Shao from beginning to end could not know why Zeng Jiazhi would mutate and why all these strange phenomena would happen.

     Perhaps, it can only be explained that Li You's desire to create a perfect ghost image, and Zeng Jiazhi's strong mentality to play a good female ghost, made her ghost makeup "mutate"...

     After returning to City G, the two handed over the notes to Run An and A Jing, and they began to study Wen Zimei's notes in detail.

     In her notes, a key person was mentioned.

     The current leader of Guiyanjiao...Lu Xiaoming!

     All mysteries began to become clear.

     That night, Bersau had a dream... a long dream...