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0 Chapter Directory 170 Miko ... And Dark History
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Sun Boshao felt drawn into the depths of a dark vortex.

     It seems to be a long tunnel.

     It seems to penetrate all life and death, even reincarnation.

     The soul seems to be torn by an invisible hand, without the freedom to act independently. In front of him, there were just so many people flying in the sky, countless souls like him.

     When everything finally stopped, he gradually recovered his mind.

     The quiet trail.

     Nearby are densely packed bamboo forests and rockery, and the ground is very bumpy and muddy.

     He was followed by many people dressed in ancient clothes, all of them behind him, without exception.

     Smart, finally returned.

     This life is his predecessor.

     As Minister of Justice, Yi Shaoqing's predecessor.

     He now wants to meet someone on behalf of the emperor.

     "Master Shangshu..." A middle-age man dressed in an official uniform and wearing a mustache, glancing to left and right, looked around and whispered to Yi Shaoqing: "Are you really going to see her?" We already tried our best, their mother and daughter have been imprisoned for six years, now..."

     "This is what the emperor meant. We are courtiers, as long as we do our best."

     Yi Shaoqing answered gently.

     "But, but... in case the other side hurts Master Shangshu..."

     Yi Shaoqing's cold eyes shot at the man, and the other party quickly bowed his head and stopped speaking."Master Wang, do you think I'm still afraid of a girl?" Give me poison..."

     Although the voice was very low, Master Wang still shook his soles when he heard it.

     "Yi... Yi Shangshu... Is the emperor really determined?"

     "As long as it is related to the Luoying Pavilion... the emperor decided not to be weak." When spoke until here, the quiet path finally came to an end. A wall covered by bamboo bushes appeared in front of everyone's eyes. In front of the road, a circular arch connected to the wall.

     Three words are written on the arch.

     "Yi Zhuxuan".

     When Yi Shaoqing came here, he already felt the bleak breath inside.

     Around this, it seems that even the air has become thinner. The wind gently moved the bamboo, accompanied by the rustling sound.

     When walking here, many people have a slight fear in their hearts.

     This is the most secluded and secluded place in the Royal Palace, and at the same time... it is also the closest place to Luoying Pavilion...

     At that time, after the death of Huang Fei's lady in Luoying Pavilion, it was completely banned. In this palace, it is a forbidden place that will make people feel terrified.

     Because there is a haunted legend.

     "You guys wait here, you and I can just go in."

     When Yi Shaoqing said this, the court guards who followed followed finally sighed in relief.

     When stepping into Yi Zhuxuan, following the road overgrown with weeds, Yi Shaoqing walked to the house in front of him."It looks very ruined... Lord Wang," Yi Shaoqing slightly frowned said: "It should be cleaned more? At least weeding should be weeding..."

     Lord Wang repeatedly nodded and said: "It is the negligence of the xiaguan, the xiaguan must hold the people..."

     "no need."


     Lord Wang was not understood for a while, but Yi Shaoqing had already answered him.

     "No matter what the result is, after this day, this Yi Zhuxuan will not live anymore. Either follow the decree, or... just take the poison. This is what the emperor gave me."

     Master Wang sighed saying, and suddenly asked: "Does His Highness Crown Prince know about this?"

     "Still does not know. This matter will be kept secret from His Highness Crown Prince." Then, he entered the house.

     Along the long pavilion, came to the room where the two important figures were confined.

     "Open the door, Master Wang. After you open the door, you will step back. I will talk to her alone."

      "Yes..." Master Wang shook his hand slightly and took out the key, and opened the door.

     "Master Shangshu please..." He finished the sentence and just screamed at the glanced at the room, then the whole person exited the room, fell to the ground, his eyes widened, but his fingers were wide. In the room.

     Yi Shaoqing also saw the scene of extreme terror in the room at the moment. Even if he was used to life and death, he could not help but be horrified at the moment.

     What a weird and terrible situation is this?

     A girl who looks 14~15 years old sits on the bed in the room, holding a white bone, with a calm expression, and even strokes the head of the bone with her hand."" Master Wang is speechless, and Yi Shaoqing beckoned to him, saying, "Go, go outside and call someone..."

     "Then, sir, you..."

     "Go call someone! Didn't you understand?" Yi Shaoqing roared to Lord Wang regardless of his image, and his expression was somewhat distorted. Master Wang was scared by him, and he dared to reply, and immediately ran out stumbled, shouting: "What happened... something happened..."

     Yi Shaoqing looked at the girl again and stepped into the room.

     "How can it be..." Yi Shaoqing's eyes unnaturally glanced at the girl and the bones, looking at this extremely uncoordinated, strange and terrifying picture.

     "Excuse me, I can't salute Master Shangshu, because I can't let go of my mother's remains, otherwise... she will disappear in an instant. I still want to stay with my mother for a while."

     The girl said it very calmly.

     She didn't look scared at all. It looks like... an inviolable saint. The dignified and serene expression was temporarily convincing.

     Yi Shaoqing took another step forward.

     " did it happen..."

     "How did my mother die, I don't know either. It's just that when I woke up one day, she became like this. I'm afraid it's related to Luoyingge."

     "Shut up..." Yi Shaoqing really deserved to be Minister of Justice, actually calmed down and said, "You should know what those three words mean for this palace."

     "I know... Actually, when my mother watches the sky at night, she has calculated that she will die. This is the fixed number, and it cannot be changed.""Fixed number...?"

     "Exactly, it's a curse. Do you know Yi Shangshu? Actually..."

     Suddenly, a large number of guards flooded into the door. Everyone looked at the bones, and they were also extremely surprised and could not believe their eyes.

     "I really..." Master Wang couldn't say a good word: "I really don't know, the people who give them meals just leave the food outside every time, because they don't let People enter this room..."

     "I know, it's not your fault..."

     Yi Shaoqing stopped Master Wang's words and said to the girl in front of him, "You just said, if you let go of your hands, will the bones disappear?"

     "Yes... mother, she will disappear. I know this." The girl Calm demenor replied.

     Yi Shaoqing is nodded. Then he gave orders to the people behind him.

     "You guys are waiting outside, I will talk to her alone..."

     "Shang, Lord Shangshu..." The guards couldn't understand Yi Shaoqing's words, but he still said frowns: "Can't you understand me? Leave this! I want to talk to her alone!"

     After dismissing the bodyguard, Yi Shaoqing closed the door.

     "Master Shangshu, I'm here to persuade my mother to return to the role of witch, right?""Yes... yes." Yi Shaoqing has completely calmed down, and there is no fear in his expression: "Lingtang was the famous Spiritual Miko in the reign of Emperor Xian. Awe. But since the death of Huang Fei's mother and Luoying Pavilion was closed, she asked not to live in the palace. The first emperor died, and soon after the emperor took the throne, she even offered to resign as the witch. However, the emperor needs the ability of Lingtang. , So it’s been six years since I confined your mother and daughter to this Yizhuxuan. Six years...Let the church ignore the emperor’s decree and insist on resigning from the position of witch..."

      spoke until here, he took another step forward, looked at the bone, and then looked directly at the girl, saying: "I, now only has one choice. Share the sorrows for the Monarch, since My fathers followed the Xiandi to fight, and the blood of our family has long been closely connected with the royal family. So... I must return to the emperor."

     After a long silence, the girl finally spoke.

     "Adult means...want me to be the witch instead of my mother?"

     Yi Shaoqing saw her seeing her mind and couldn't help but thumped, but after thinking about it, she was nodded.

     He clenched his fists, facing the girl, no more than one meter away.

     He waited for the girl's reply.

     "I promise you."

     This unexpected answer made Yi Shaoqing unbelievable. He couldn't understand why the girl promised herself? She was confined in this place for six years, and now even her mother died, why did she promise? Yi Shaoqing understands the character of the girl, she is not a person who will easily succumb.Their mother and daughter are so similar.

     "This is destined, just as the mother said. The mother refused the emperor's decree because she knew that it was impossible to violate the fate of the destiny. And I am also destined to have this day."

      "No... Where is this destiny in this world?" Yi Shaoqing shook the head, retorting: "Does the life and death of people have to be at the mercy of fate? People are not puppets!"

     The girl looked at Yi Shaoqing with some surprise, and said slightly: "Sure enough, it is an answer that suits the style of Master Shang Shu. I'm so happy that Master Shang Shu came to negotiate this with me."

     "It's not just me. You should also know? The secret hidden in Luoying Pavilion will bring terrible disaster to this country, no, to the whole world... The disaster must be strangled in the bud. Can't continue anymore..."

     "I know."

     At this time, the girl actually let go of the bone, stopped/stood.

     Then, in a flash, the bones began to weather and turned into dust.

     At this time, Yi Shaoqing noticed that the girl had some silver-white powder on her hands.

     "This is decayed powder... something that can forcibly connect decay and death, and this world," she clapped her hands, sprinkling the powder, and said, "It is one of the treasures that the mother obtained in a different space."

     "Decay...and death?"

     "Yes... it's a matter related to that space. However, the specifics can't be said now."

     The girl looked behind him and turned back, saying, "Here...too close to that door..."Master Wang did it alone, dumbstruck watching Yi Shaoqing and the girl coming out of Yi Zhuxuan.


     "Listen..." Yi Shaoqing said to all the people present: "Forget what you saw in that room before, dare to tell the story, and let the emperor hear any rumors in the palace. Those present today are all disabled. to escape relationship! Do you understand?"

      Minister of Justice such a saying, the guards naturally understand tacitly, and their heads are like garnishing garlic.

     "In addition..." He pushed the girl to everyone again and said, "Master Wang, starting from today, the order of forbidden foot is cancelled. This, the new witch, should be dressed in a robe."

     The next volume of ghost eye curse trailer: open the chapter of dark history and trace the truth of the seven evil spirits, ghost eyes and evil space! After all... what is? hidden behind that black door