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0 Chapter Directory 171 The Cursed Emperor
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Two years have passed since Ying Feiyi regained her role as a witch.

     "Brother, can't you let me go too?"

     On the lakeside of the palace garden, a large and spacious pavilion.

     Surrounded by eunuchs and court ladies, as well as guards.

     There were only two people sitting in the pavilion, both of whom were wearing luxurious clothes, one was a youth, and the other was a teenager.

     "Huan Zhen, no, you are too young... I will definitely take you there when you are seventeen..."

     It was the young man who spoke.

     His dress and manners are very good, and his a pair of eyes is very special.

     Those are...purple eyes.

     There is a stone platform between the two, on which various fruit snacks are placed.

     "Oh, brother..." The teenager ate an apple and chewed while saying, "That witch sister will also go hunting with you? Why can women go too?"

     "This one……"

     The youth actually do not understand why.

     Hunting has been his interest for many years. This time he went to Dongshan to hunt, and originally planned to call his father and emperor together, but he claimed that the state was busy, so he declined his invitation.

     "Okay... I will see someone later."

     The young man stood up, touched the teenager’s head, and said with a smile, "Huan Zhen, I hope you will grow up to assume personal responsibility as soon as possible..."

     "It's so good, Brother Huang..."

     "What?" the youth asked puzzled."Brother Brother, you have the same eyes as Father Emperor...but I am different. My eyes are different from ordinary people there's nothing about it. No wonder Father Emperor loves you more than Brother..."

     "Where, Huanzhen, the emperor did not particularly favor me..."

     "It's okay," said the boy. "In fact, even if the father and emperor prefer you, the elder brother, I don't care. After all, you are a prince."

     The identity of this young man is the crown prince of the country, named Huan Yuan.

     The hunting day will be tomorrow.

     About three kilometers from the capital, there is a mountain that has lived a lot of animals for many years, including tigers, bears, lions and leopards. Although the beasts have become scarce due to long-term hunting, there are still many that can be seen occasionally.

     Winter is almost here. At present, many animals will leave the nest and go out for food to prepare for the winter. Now is the best time to hunt.

     He intends to go to the Minister of Justice.

     Yi Shaoqing is good at riding and shooting, and it is very good to have a personal relationship with the prince. The prince is a rare amiable and approachable prince. He has a great strategy and is familiar with history books and military books. His martial arts are also good.

     The reason to go to Shangshufu is to discuss with Shaoqing about hunting tomorrow, on the other hand...I want to see her.

     After the sedan left the palace, the prince's heart thumped.

     The current witch should be in a yue, because of her mother's previous anti-decision behavior, so it seems that she cannot trust the emperor. Originally, she wanted her to live in the palace, so that she could be monitored easily. However, later Yi Shaoqing personally took care of her and offered to let her live in Shangshufu, and she was solely responsible for everything she did.Of course, the prince did not understand the inside story.

     In fact, the death of the former witch, the mother of Yui, was declared ill.

     A few days ago, after the prince and Shaoqing talked about hunting, he actually proposed that he should also take away the Yiyi. Although the prince was really puzzled, he had always trusted Shaoqing, so he didn't say much.

     Although the crown prince is above Shaoqing, the two are of the same age and like-minded. The only difference is that the prince's personality is cheerful and outgoing, while Shaoqing is more restrained and deep.

     The sedan came to Shangshufu.

     The prince lifted the curtain of the car and said to the eunuch who was outside the car: "Xiao Linzi, let us know."

     "The minions obeyed the orders." The eunuch walked slowly to the gate of Shangshufu and started knocking.

     After entering the Shangshu Mansion, I saw that Shaoqing had accompanied the servants and servants in the family, all kneeling on the ground in the courtyard, saying: "I see His Highness Crown Prince!" And kneeling beside Shaoqing, it was already ten. Six-year-old Kyee.

     The prince stepped into Shangshufu and looked at the two with a smile.

     "Get up. This is outside the palace, don't be so restrained."

     Shaoqing stood up when he heard this sentence, but he still lowered his head and said, "His Highness Crown Prince came to the hut, Weichen excuse me for not going out to meet you, and hope to forgive sins!"

     "It's done, don't be offended!" The prince patted his shoulder with a smile and said, "Old friend, I'm angry when you do that again."

     "His Highness Crown Prince, please inside." Shaoqing looked up, facing the prince's purple eyes.

     The prince looked at the robe and said, "Witches also come together. I have something to say to you."Stepping into the house, I found a spacious and clean room. After closing the door, the prince looked at the two and said, "It's a rare meeting. Last time we met at what time?"

     "Issue His Highness Crown Prince, yes..." Shao Qing said only half of it, and the prince immediately intercepted his words and said dissatisfiedly: "Shao Qing, don't be like this, aren't we old friends? Why should we still be?" Restrained?"

     "Where. The crown prince is the prince of the prince, who is a courtier under his body, is it rude?" Shao Qing is still the same, always conforming with the norms of society.

     "Forget it... I know you are like this..." The prince had sat down, picked up the tea cups on the table, and said, "Tomorrow's hunting is basically ready. We will gather at the east gate of the palace in the afternoon. Qing, no problem? I don’t know if you can improve your archery after more than half a year?"

     "Wei Chen practiced hard, only a little success."

     "That's... Kyee, how about you? Can you shoot an arrow?" The Prince's eyes turned to Kyee again.

     "I learned it a few years ago, but I haven't touched it in a long time, so maybe it's rusty."

     Feiyi didn't know why, and was reluctant to speak directly to the Prince's eyes.

     She was taboo, those purple pupils.

     "Such..." The prince smiled and said, "You should be very smart, maybe you have practiced in the past few days?"

     "Yes, some targets have been shot, but they are not allowed. They are used for hunting. I am afraid that your Highness will laugh."

     Fei Yi's eyes are still free in other places.

     Her hands are slightly shivering.

     But the prince did not find these abnormalities."Is it...?" The prince looked at Shaoqing again and found that his eyes seemed to be concentrated on the robe.

     He stayed for several hours, and after chatting about something, he left.

     Before the prince left, he also deliberately glanced at Yiyi.

     However, the other party has never seen him directly.

     After sending the prince away, Shaoqing returned to the room and closed the door.

     Scarlet dress was almost exhausted, her hand braced the corner of the table, and she barely kept her mind.

     "Why... call me to go?"

     Shaoqing walked slowly to her, staring at her face, sighed saying, "I hope, you can take this opportunity to observe the prince."

     Feiyi grabbed the corner of the table with his hands, getting tighter and tighter.

     "What... mean?"

     "You don't need to ask knowingly. I don't believe you didn't find out that the Prince's eyes are more disturbing than before. The pupils have started to become more and more muddy, and there is even a tendency to expand. This is a'harbinger'."

     Fei Yi lowered her head.

     "Do you... want me to decide?"

     "This is your job."

     Shaoqing suddenly walked to a desk on the left side of the room and knocked on the table. The corner of the table was suddenly opened, and he took out a scroll from the inside.

     He opened the scroll.

     A big, purple eye is drawn on the scroll!

     "What you should know... The emperor today is the child born by the Huang Fei empress, who was born with a purple pupil... The emperor, when he was born, was cursed by the things behind that door. Now...";