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0 Chapter Directory 172 Call Of Darkness
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The next day, about one hour before noon, a group of horses had gathered at the east gate of the palace.

     A crown-robed prince, carrying a bow and arrow, is high-spirited and vigorous in front of the team. Beside him were two handsome young men riding horses. One is naturally Shaoqing, and the other is general Liu Zhen.

     Although General Liu Zhen is young, his martial arts are extremely strong and his ability to ride and shoot is even more unmatched. However, this country and the southern countries have no too many diplomacy. As a general, he is mainly a forbidden army stationed in the capital, and most of them are directly controlled by the emperor.

     "Is everyone here?" The prince glanced at the team behind him. There were probably dozens of grandiose. After all, it was the prince who wanted to go hunting, so there were a lot of guards, and they occupied the majority of the team.

     Feiyi rode a horse, just behind Shaoqing.

     When the prince turned back, she hurriedly lowered her head.

     Those purple eyes, just looking at it, have a feeling that the soul is also ingested.

     She still remembers the last words she said before her mother died.

     Even though he hated this country and hated the emperor, his mother chose this world.

     She, want the kimono to save this World.

     Once that curse starts, every person who is not in this World will die, and it will not stop."Huiyi, you should know? You can't let the dead spirits be born. Otherwise, a real bond will be established between the vicious space and the world. At that time, there will be very terrible things. Once this curse chain is launched, it is The catastrophe of mankind. The door will not be closed until all mankind is dead... absolutely not!"

     To prevent that kind of thing from happening...

     Feiyi knows this very well.

     The mother's existence is destined to be wiped out because she interferes too much in the different spaces. Therefore, the only hope is on her.

     To this end, at all costs, it is necessary to prevent the birth of the dead spirit.

     This is her destiny.

     Of course, no one knows this matter.

     In the past two years, every day, she seems to live in a nightmare...

     "It seems to be everyone here," the prince smiled and said, "Well, everyone, let's go."

     When the horse team started to drive towards Dongshan in a magnificent way, while riding on the streets of the capital, pedestrians all retreated, lest too late to avoid. Shaoqing, who was following the crown prince, paid attention to the yee behind him from time to time.

     Shaoqing knew that monitoring the Yiyi was also one of his jobs.

     Contrary to their heavy hearted, the prince was very excited. Staying in the palace on weekdays, rarely have the opportunity to go out, facing some official documents every day, living a luxurious life of day after day, feeling that life is very empty. Now, I finally have a chance to vent.Dongshan is very vast. There are three entrances from the capital to the mountain. The most spacious road is relatively far away, while the nearest road is very narrow and the journey is quite rugged. But the prince ordered to go this way, he is a person who likes to go upstream. Because everyone knew the prince's character, he didn't stop it.

     The trees along this path are extremely lush. Although it is currently close to noon, only a few rays of sunlight are shining, which is probably related to the fact that the winter is near and the light is not strong.

     Because the road is not easy to walk, the horse cannot run, and everyone walks very slowly. The tree shadow variable on both sides, densely packed, deep and full of mystery, somewhat palpitates.

     After all, this is a valley where wild beasts lay!

     General Liu Zhen said to the prince: "Your Highness, do you really want to go this way? The minister thinks it is wrong..." "What's wrong?" The prince is puzzled, can't he think of a soldier who is afraid of suffering?

     "His Highness Crown Prince, the road here is too narrow, and both sides are trees. If the beasts attack, I am afraid it will be difficult for us to escort in time. The safety of your Highness is the most important, so..."

     The prince laughing heartily got up, took the big bow from behind, and said, "The general is thinking too much. With my archery, how can the beast easily approach me? Not to mention the atmosphere that's it that the hunting wants. Everyone says yes or no?"

     Shaoqing agreed with Liu Zhen’s words: “His Royal Highness, Weichen also thinks that General Liu’s words make sense. If your Highness is really determined to go this way, please let me wait around your Highness, once there is a sudden situation, I’ll make sure you don’t worry, please don’t quit."The prince not to know whether to laugh or cry said: "All right, Shaoqing, don't be so good? I'm so weak, do you want to protect you like this?"

     However, listening to them such a saying, the prince really looked at the trees on both sides.

     Don't look tight, but after reading it...

     He actually found that in the tree shadow on his right, there seemed to be a dark thing crawling on the ground.

     The prince immediately squeezed the bow in his hand.

     That what is?

     rabbit? fox?

     Judging by size, it doesn't look like a wolf.

     Prince lightly smiled.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as he arrived, there was prey.

     He planned to shoot Zhang Gong, but, fearing that the guards yelled and frightened the animal to let it escape, so he planned to observe carefully and then say, so, also slowed down the horse riding speed.

     At this time, Shaoqing also noticed that the prince was looking at the tree on the right, and his eyes were also looking there.

     However, Shaoqing... nothing has not seen.

     Suddenly, the crawling shadow accelerated, and went deep into the forest.

     The speed is amazing!

     The prince was anxious and didn't want anything for a while, and immediately drove the horse into the deep forest! "Too... His Highness Crown Prince!" Shao Qing yelled and immediately caught up.

     The prince soon noticed the creeping shadow.

     This time, he gradually saw the outline of the animal.

     It looks like a monkey.

     Strangely, the animal didn't seem to crawl fast, but the prince kept riding the horse and couldn't catch up.The prince was in a hurry, immediately bowed his bow and shot an arrow.

     But he did not hit, but fell into a tree.

     The crown prince's victorious heart was completely inspired, and he fired several arrows in succession, but he never touched the animal.

     The Shaoqing who was behind him was also anxious. He looked at the prince constantly shooting arrows, and seemed to be aiming, but he couldn't see clearly what he was shooting.

     In the end, even the figure of the crown prince, in Shao Qing's eyes, became blurred.

     The trees are arranged too tightly, and the sunlight is so sparse that they can't tell the direction at all.

     "Your Highness! Your Highness!" Shaoqing was finally anxious and even began to yell.

     At this time, he suddenly heard the sound of horseshoes behind him. Looking back, Yueyi, Liu Zhen and others came over.

     Feiyi looked at the figure of the prince gradually disappearing, and suddenly she covered her heart, and her face began to show frightened expression.

     Shaoqing and Feiyi spent two years together and have never seen her look so scared. But immediately, he began to understand.

     Is it...

     The prince chased the black animal, but after a long run, he couldn't find the animal anymore.

     He couldn't help but feel frustrated, thinking that he had shot more than ten arrows in total, but he didn't even hit an arrow on it? Too ridiculous!

     However, at this moment, a strange voice suddenly appeared in my mind.

     "Come...come..."The sound flashed abruptly in his mind, and when the prince hadn't even responded yet, the sound whirled back and forth like a spell.

     " one we chose..."

     The prince heard until here, his feet felt a shudder.

     That what is?

     Suddenly he fell off his horse and his body almost collapsed.

     The surroundings are very lonely, and I can't see them.

     This is where?

     As the prince struggled to stand up, he looked to his side, suddenly trembling with shock and fell to the ground.

     Do not……


     On his horse, actually... sitting alone!

     No, is that really human?

     That man, his face was completely rotten, his left eye was completely protruding, dangling danglingly, there were red moles all over his cheeks, densely packed, and his mouth had no lips at all...

     The most terrifying thing is...

     He actually wears exactly the same clothes as himself, and...has a pair of purple eyes, staring at oneself watching!