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0 Chapter Directory 173 The Beginning Of Change
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

When the prince saw the rogue riding on the horse, he was dumbfounded and forgot to escape.

     His body collapsed on the grass, and it wasn't until the purple eyes stared at him that he suddenly awakened, his hands continually flicked the grass and moved backwards, panting heavily.

     What about Shaoqing? What about Liu Zhen? Where are the guards?

     Hurry... Come and save me!

     The current prince has no strength to tremble.

     Escape... Escape!

     This became the only thought of the Prince in the mind now!

     Struggling to get up, he didn't dare to look back, so he ran away and ran away. However, just when he ran about twenty meters away, behind him... there was a horseshoe! The prince's horse has fast feet, and he knows it very well. Being chased by this horse, he was chased radically is just a matter of time.

     But where did the prince dare to stop? He could only shout his voice and shouted: "General Liu... General Liu! Shaoqing, Shaoqing! Quickly... Come and save me!"

     His only hope now is that their brigade can arrive, otherwise, he may be killed here!


     Above this grass, he ran desperately, but the sound of horseshoes was getting closer and closer. He didn't dare to turn the head around. Look, that face, just a glance, is enough to have a nightmare!

     "To...Luoying Pavilion...Go and see..."

     Behind him, a voice came suddenly.

     Such a familiar voice.

     That's... his own voice!"There... there is absolute truth..."

     After this sentence was finished, the prince actually looked back.

     His horse is still running, but on his back, it is already as empty as anything.

     The prince immediately passed out.

     Shaoqing was nervously searching for the prince. At his suggestion, the horsemen dispersed and searched for the prince's whereabouts.

     At the moment, each person is burn with anxiety, shouting "Prince" in the forest, but they don't have any echo.

     The young guards who came back from Shaoqing saw all the haze, and their hearts were extremely anxious. I didn't expect this to happen this time.

     He didn't know what the prince was chasing. If it was a beast, it would be dangerous...

      thought until here, suddenly heard someone shouting: "I have found the prince!"

     Shaoqing felt relieved at once, and hurriedly followed the voice of the horse.

     The prince was found among the trees. He is completely unconscious at the moment, but the breath is still there.

     "Quickly bring the prince back to the palace!" Shao Qing immediately made a decision, and at the same time, gave General Liu a wink.

     After about one hour, the prince lay on his couch again. Liang Feng, a well-known doctor in the palace, is checking his pulse.

     "His Royal Highness seems to be frightened, just take a short rest."

     At the same time as Tai Chi said, only Shao Qing and General Liu Zhen were behind him. The emperor was unaware of the coma of the prince.

     "Some words, I want to talk to two adults in private." Liang Taiyi said in a low voice.Shaoqing nodded and said to the court eunuchs behind him: "All go out, don't come in without my order."

     After dismissing everyone, Shaoqing closed the door again and said to Taiyi: "Liang Taiyi, please say. In the end it is..."

     "The prince did not suffer much, but..." He pointed to the prince's eyes.

      spoke until here, Shao Qing and Liu Zhen, both carefully looked at the Prince's eyes.

     However, after watching it for a long time, they did not understand what was different.

     "Great doctor, please also express."

     So, Dr. Liang pointed to the left eye of the prince and said, "You... don't you think the pupil of the left eye of the prince seems to be slightly protruding?"

     Not to mention that, after listening to him, Shaoqing observed it carefully and really is!

     Although not obvious, the pupil of the prince’s left eye really seemed to protrude slightly a few millimeters.

     And it’s not just that.

     The doctor pointed at the prince's cheek and said, "Look... Although it's still very vague, however... The prince's face seems to start to produce many red spots..."

     The protruding left eye, red spots...

     Shaoqing suddenly felt dizzy.

     That evening……

     The night Fang Binqiu was killed by the mask curse...

     He saw the same face...

     Shao Qing is very puzzled, why his brain will have these inexplicable information, but everything in front of him began to give him Heart of Dread.

     Prince He...

     Is he...