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0 Chapter Directory 174 The Deep Lock
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Shaoqing and Yueyi walked through a promenade, and every five meters stood a bodyguard with a knife.

     Those guards, Shaoqing is very clear, all are masters of domestic reckoned to be first or second best. If they want to kill a person, Antiaris takes only a few seconds.

     Even after passing by them, the momentum radiated by them made people walk a bit heavy. Finally, came to the door.

     The two bodyguards were waiting in front of the door. When they saw Shaoqing and Yueyi, they saluted.

     Shao Qing noticed that the guards in this area are all born with faces.

     In the past two years, the emperor seems to have changed the guards in the palace. It seems that all of them belong to his cronies, and he will only obey his orders. In addition, no minister can command them.

      In addition, in the past two years, elite troops from all over the country have begun to be transferred to the capital, and the local military power has been reduced day by day. Even General Liu, who is called the emperor's confidant, is only in command of the army, but if he really wants to transfer troops, he also needs the emperor's decree to do it. General Liu’s identity is that of Liu Fei’s elder brother. It stands to reason that it is impossible to betray the emperor, not to mention his loyalty, but even the emperor did not believe him.

     Emperor him, change getting bigger and bigger...

     Here is the Imperial Study.

     If there are important events involved, Shaoqing will never come. Because he knew that the emperor did not like to be disturbed when he was writing in Yushufang.

     Crossing the corridor to the emperor's imperial case, he knelt down with Qiyi and said, "Long live my long live, long live long live!"

     Among them, even dare not look up.It wasn't until a solemn and powerful voice said, "Let's stay flat." Shaoqing, did not dare to raise head up.

     In a dragon robe, with a beautiful beard, the emperor who is not very old, his purple pupils still make people feel strange and scary.

     "Yi Aiqing..." The emperor put the brush in his hand on the inkstone platform, sat down, and asked slowly, "Whats the matter?"

     "Return to the Emperor..." Shaoqing replied: "What we are worried about seems to have really happened. Prince He..."

      When spoke until here, the leisurelyness on the emperor’s face disappeared without trace, and even great fury rose up and growled, "What did you say!"

     The roar even ran in with the two guards and asked kneelingly, "Emperor, what happened?"

     "Go on! I didn't call you in!"

     At this moment the emperor's face was even distorted because of his anger. His hand grabbed the inkstone, as if to crush it. When the guards saw the emperor like this, they could only leave in trepidation.

     The emperor's reaction, surpassing by far, had Shaoqing's expectations.

     "Are you sure? Tell me! Shaoqing!" The emperor's volume increased several times, Shaoqing frowned, in the end still telling the story.

     "My thoughts are... His Highness Crown Prince whats the matter happened during that missing time. This is the only explanation so far."

     After listening to Shaoqing's words, the emperor sat down again, meditating for a long time, and said, "Yingyi..."

     "Yes... the emperor..." Feiyi knew, now, it was her duty."Continue to monitor the prince. When he wakes up, ask him in detail about his detailed circumstances. Also, this news should be strictly sealed. At present, without anyone else know?"

     "Yes...the emperor..."

     "Is the red spot on his face not obvious?"

     "It's not obvious, if you don't look closely, you won't notice it...but, if the time is long..."

     "Finally, is this broken..."


     This description gave Shaoqing some shiver all over though not cold.

     The crown prince is also the flesh and blood of the emperor, flesh and blood...

     How can I say that?

      thought until here, Shao Qing stepped forward and said, "The emperor... also allows the officials to take the courage to admire. The condition of the prince, after all, is special. I think it can be diagnosed by Dr. Liang first. Moreover, the prince is still in a coma. , Detailed circumstances, we all still do not know ah..."

     The emperor looked at Shaoqing and suddenly said, "In the past few years, you have been very close to the prince, and I also sees in the eyes... Don't you bear it?"

      "No... Emperor, minister..."

     "It's okay! After all, he is the prince, who wants to succeed the throne. Well, just do what you say."

     "Yes...Yes...the subjects lead..."

     While speaking these words, Shao Qing's back was soaked in sweat.

     What happened?

     He always felt as if everything was so untrue.

     It’s like... being in a dream...

     At the same time, in the Prince's bedroom. He lying on the couch slowly opened the eyes."Go to...Luoying Pavilion to see..."

     That's what his own voice said!

     As soon as he woke up, the prince felt a surprisingly painful head.

     The scary face said his voice...


     Carefully when recalling, he still wears his own clothes, and he can even control the fierce horse that only he can tame...

     The idea of have one's hair stand on end came into the crown prince's mind...

     Could it be...

     Could he be...

     Go to Luoying Pavilion?

     The prince knew that it was the place where the royal palace was banned after the birth of his father. Because there is an unimaginable curse in Luoying Pavilion, no one can come close.

     That place is now composed of Shao Qing and Yueyi Conducting Administration.

     The curse of Luoyinge is mainly manifested in "Purple Death".

     After his father was born, he had abnormal purple pupils. He grew up bearing a heterogeneous name.

     He was able to reveal one's talent among the princes and become a prince. It really took a lot of work. However, after he ascended the throne, there were still many forces, and he was very dissatisfied with him, especially those elders who followed the first emperor.

     The father emperor is a "son of evildoers", which is an open secret in the palace.

     The Luoying Pavilion is also the most taboo name of this palace.

      Up to the present, the father emperor's child, only he and Huanzhen only. The other children suffered from purple death. It is because of this purple pupil that it causes illness and death from birth.

     He and Huan are the only exceptions.His mother died after giving birth to him. Huan Zhen was born of Liu Zhen’s sister Liu Fei, and Huan Zhen was the only child of the father emperor with dark pupils.

     And everyone in the palace said that the Purple Death was brought by Luo Yingge.

     In fact, the prince never understood.

     Since Luoyinge is so terrible, why didn't the father emperor order anyone to destroy it?

     The same is true of Emperor Xiandi, and he did not intend to destroy Yingying.

     As for why, it is always a mystery.

     The prince made up his mind.

     He wanted to find out the truth, the truth hidden behind Luoying Pavilion...

      At the same time, somewhere in the palace, Liu Fei's bedroom.

     "Really? Brother?"

     When Liu Fei came from Liu Zhen and heard about the prince, she couldn't help but smile.

     "If it is true, then Zhener has a chance!"

     Liu Zhen is also repeatedly nodded, in fact, he is also playing this wishful thinking. Now the emperor only has these two princes. If the prince is in trouble, then the benefit is naturally Huanzheng. If he can become a prince, he will be able to obtain greater benefits.

     late at night.

     Outside the prince's palace, an eunuch patrolled with a lantern.

     Now the emperor has ordered them to stay close to the crown prince's palace.

     This eunuch is called Xiao Linzi, and he is most trusted by the prince. He also don’t know why the emperor ordered so, but he was only a minion and naturally he could only obey orders.It's already three o'clock. Although he was very sleepy, he still had to persevere. After one hour, someone will change.

     Under the dark night, the hazy tree shadow swayed on the ground, which was really scary.

     Xiao Linzi walked and walked, suddenly, the lantern in his hand, without omen, went out like this!

     He was shocked, and the lantern immediately fell to the ground.

     But then, more terrible things are happening.

     In the darkness before him, he suddenly saw a dark thing crawling on the ground!

     That what is?

     Xiao Linzi bravely asked, "Who...who!"

     At this moment he was standing on the promenade outside the palace, surrounded by walls and guardrails, the aisle was relatively narrow, and such a dark thing Sudden Appearance in front of him was really heart alarmed, trembling in fear.

     Xiao Linzi immediately ran back, wanting to yell to attract the attention of the bodyguard, but when he turned around, he found out...

     There is still a dark thing crawling in front of me!

     "That...that what is?"

      He unceasingly backed away, his body hit a post.

     From this perspective, he could see the two dark things approaching him.

     Suddenly, he found something strange.

     His feet didn't seem to be on the ground.

     Before he could react, his body quickly emptied, almost reaching the top of the pillar, close to the pillar.

     " is this..."He didn't have time to speak, a dark hand stretched out from the back of the pillar and pinched his neck!

      That moment, Xiao Linzi fell into a suffocation...


     When he was struggling desperately, suddenly, there was light below.

     The two originally black objects were now absolutely clear.

     That is……

     Two monsters!

     Yes, monster!

     Two monsters like babies!

     In one of them, the head actually grew diagonally, the hand grew out of the neck, and a third foot was born in the umbilicus! And yet another, the center of the top of the head was completely sunken in, and the whole body was in the shape of W, just like a snake!

     The reason why they emit light is because they...

     They all have purple pupils and suddenly shine at this moment!