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0 Chapter Directory 175 Black Nail
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The next day, Xiao Linzi's body was found.

     That is an extremely terrifying method of death.

     An extremely thick long nail pierced his throat and nailed his body firmly to the post.

     Shaoqing has completely blocked this area.

     Just outside the prince's palace, such a bloody incident can be said to be unimaginable.

     Fortunately, unfortunately, it was only a minion that was killed, otherwise, I was investigated, and I don't know how many people would be involved.

     The nail that pierced Xiao Linzi's throat was half a meter long, and the appearance of the nail was black, and it looked...

     Shaoqing began to fear.

     Since he was in charge of the Luoying Pavilion, he has never been so fearful.

     This nail...

     He had to make a terrible guess.

     Could it be... the things in the Luoying Pavilion... came outside?

     Prince's bedroom, in the study.

     The prince's body has been roughly restored, and at this moment Shaoqing and several officers of the Criminal Department are standing in front of him. After roughly speaking about the beginning and end of the bloody incident, the prince's complexion became more and more ugly.


     "Chen is here!"

     "Let Ying Feiyi enter the palace... come and see me. I have a few things and want to ask her."

     The prince recalled yesterday a series of weird events, plus the death of Kobayashi, he couldn't calm down anymore.

     Absolutely... what's the matter happened.Since his childhood, he has lived in fear of being taken away by the Purple Death at any time. He has purple pupils, and he knows that the princes like him cannot survive after birth.

     Although with Time Elapses, he grew up smoothly and became a prince, but the fear that lay on his heart was always difficult to shake off.

     Purple death is a disease that is as incomprehensible as a curse. Once suffering from the disease, there is only death.

     The prince knew this very well.

     He began to be afraid.

     Encountered that monster wearing his own clothes, talking in his own voice, with purple pupils, so terrifying looks... And, riding a horse that only he can control...

     As if it were you...

     He called himself and went to Luoying Pavilion...

      No matter the case, the prince intends to meet the witch Yingyi first, asking the situation.

     Xiao Linzi's death further prompted him to make this decision.

     I'm afraid... time is running.

     He noticed that the number of guards near the palace began to increase, and the father and emperor also began to restrict his movements in the palace. Although nominally calling him to recuperate, it is actually the same as forbidden foot.

     Sure enough... Is he sick?

     In the afternoon, Ying Fei came to his palace at the call of the prince.

     The prince arranged the meeting place in the study.

     But although it is a study, it is actually without too many books. The prince usually likes to train and shoot and martial arts, and has no intention of reading. He didn't have much interest in practicing writing brushes. The Four Treasures of the Study, namely pen, ink, paper and ink, on the table were almost untouched.When Ying Feiyi entered the study, the prince immediately noticed that she was still reluctant to stare at herself and kept her head down.

     After the routine visit, Yueyi sat quietly opposite the prince, waiting for his question.

     The prince knew that if she didn't open the door and see the mountain, she wouldn't say the core of the matter.

     Therefore, he simply asked.

     "Miss Feiyi... Please tell me everything related to Luoyinge, the Purple Death. I want to know, everything's everything. I know that this is the top secret in the palace, but I am the next monarch after all, for the palace In this matter, I think I have the right to know. Please also...tell me."

     Scarlet garment has not replied.

     "Luoyingge...what is there?"

     The prince suddenly raised this problem eagerly.

     He wants to know the answer!

     There is a hidden secret in the blocked Luoying Pavilion!

     "That's not the thing you should know about His Highness Crown Prince. It's I'm sorry..." Feiyi still refused to raise head up and replied in a steady tone: "I can't say."

     The prince was silent for a long time, and suddenly he said, "Miss Feiyi, please... raise head up."

     He noticed that Yueyi kept avoiding his gaze.

     However, despite that, not only did he not obey him, he buried his head lower.

     She can't look at those eyes.

     The secret of Luoyinge, of course, must not reveal(ing) everthing.

     In this palace, you know all the secrets...

     There are only seven people.

     seven people……"Miss what exactly is going on? Why don't you look up? This is my order!" The prince couldn't help but feel angry, even using the serious words of the order.

     This time, Yuyi raised her head slightly reluctantly.

     When her eyes touched the Prince, suddenly her eyes became chaotic. In an instant, her eyes no longer have any charm.

     Fei Yi raised her head, actually... shouted hysterically!

     She became...not like her just now!

     As if he was possessed by something, the yuyi shouted desperately in front of the prince.

     The sound was so loud that the guards waiting outside rushed in immediately.

     Is she crazy?

     The prince was completely stunned for a moment. However, even after the guards entered, her cry did not stop.

     Then, Ying Yi's eyes closed, and the whole person collapsed to the ground.