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0 Chapter Directory 176 Hades Of The Hades 1
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

When Xiyi was sent back to Shangshufu, it was already evening.

     When Shaoqing saw her haggard face with almost cheek depression, her eyes were almost unbelievable.

     It was night, outside Prince's bedroom.

     There are twice as many guards as usual, completely enclosing the palace into a copper wall, iron bastion, and these imperial bodyguards are all masters in the palace, and all only follow the orders of the emperor, if there is no decree, Even the prince could not order them.

     The orders of the guards are to take care of the prince and limit his access. If someone wants to visit the prince, unless he is the emperor himself, he needs a jade card given by the emperor.

     The prince knew that he was under house arrest in disguise.

     After the hunting incident, he thought about seeing his father, but he was rejected.

      call by the glorified name of asking him to take a good rest, but... the prince knew it was not that simple

     The secret of Luoyinge... The prince knew that his father was afraid that he would know the secret of Luoyinge.

     He is the biological son of the father emperor, and he is also regarded as the prince. Sooner or later, he will inherit the throne. It stands to reason that the father emperor should not hide anything from him.

     If, the father emperor really has whatever the case, and does not want the secret he knows, then... Could it be said...

     Will that secret be harmful to yourself? If you know the secret, what action will you take against the father emperor?

     In the study, he called back all the eunuchs, sitting alone in front of the case, and placed four Treasures of the Study, namely pen, ink, paper and ink, and wrote some poems, but his heart was full of surging.If you want to find out the secret of Luoying Pavilion, then... the first thing to do is to break away from the current state of forbidden foot.

     The prince is in the mind and outlines a way to leave here.

     At present, who is he trustworthy in the palace?

     There is no one.

     His mother-in-law has already passed away, and the father-empire naturally needless to say. Although Huanzhen has a good relationship with himself, he is too young after all, and his mother must also covet his position of the Crown Prince.

     So... the only person he can believe in is Shaoqing.

     He intends to let Shaoqing enter the palace, and then discuss with him.

     Shaoqing and himself are friends, will he help himself?

     No matter how you say, you are the future emperor. As long as you promise, you will be a hero in the future. Should he agree?

     The prince did not want to sit and wait for death.

      thought until here, he had a plan.

     He crumpled the paper on the case table, spread another piece of paper, and then wrote a letter to let Shaoqing enter the palace.

     Of course, considering that the possibility of the letter being intercepted is extremely high, he did not mention too core content in the letter, only that he hoped that Shaoqing would enter the palace and play a few games with him. The two are good friends, and no one in the palace knows it, so it is estimated that the emperor will not doubt.

     Today's moonlight is very bright.

     The guards outside the prince's palace stood upright, and there was no wind blowing and grass swaying (slightest sign of trouble) around them that could not hide them.Because one eunuch was killed, the guards can say that they are all waiting in line, and they dare not have one thread, one hair slack. The emperor has given them an order, except for him, anyone who will break into the prince's palace without a token can be killed on the spot!

     As for the prince, he is not allowed to leave the dormitory, even if he is regarded as the prince, the bodyguard can not obey his orders.

     The emperor's order has been strict to this extent, and the guards naturally understand tacitly.

     Prince... I'm afraid I'm going to lose power.

     At present, the three guards outside the palace are all waiting at the promenade in front of the gate, their faces are calm, and their hands are holding the scabbard at any time. As long as an assassin strikes, no matter which direction they are coming from, they are confident that they will immediately squirt and kill the opponent's life.

     Originally, the guards did not to glance sideways, so they would not go to see their companions.

     However, at this time, a bodyguard suddenly heard the sound from his side and turned his head to the other party.

     The scene before him surprised him...

      how can it be!

     At that moment, the companion also had a staggered expression.

     He was obviously dead.

     A long, thick, black nail pierced his head completely, pierced from the back of his head, and pierced his forehead, and no drop of blood shed.


     A dwarf dwarfed on the side of a snake like a snake, was riding on the shoulder of the guard, his hand holding the end of the nail.These strange phenomena made the guards who saw all of them feel as if they were in a dream. They took a long time to get back to their minds. They were about to draw a knife, and suddenly felt a pain in their heart. .

      At the same time, none of the guards outside the Prince's bedroom survived.

     They were all pierced with black nails, and almost all of them were killed at the same time.

     The door of the palace was pushed open.

     They walked along the dark corridor.

     The prince has finished writing the letter.

     Putting the brush on the inkstand, he picked up the letter again, read it several times, confirmed the no problem, folded the letter, and shouted: "Come here! Come here!"

     However, doesn't have any reaction.

     The hallway was filled with bodies of guards, eunuchs and court ladies.

     All of them were distorted in their faces, penetrated by black nails.

     The intense blood soon passed into the prince's room.

      at the same time, in the Shangshu Mansion outside the palace.

     Xiyi suddenly awakened.

      "No... No! No!"

     Her exclamation quickly disturbed the people.

     As soon as a maid entered the room, she saw her in a frightened face and said to her, "Hurry... hurry! Go wake up Master Shangshu! Let him come to see me immediately... no, let him enter the palace immediately! Something terrible happened..."

      At this time, the gown is thinking, only there is something ......

     You must not let the dead spirit be born!

     Absolutely not!

     Otherwise, it means a real disaster!

     No one entered the study.The prince felt strange. He collected the letter, put it on his body, and slowly came to the door to open it.

     He leaned over and looked in the hallway ahead, but in front of him was pitch black.

     Suddenly, a gnome-like black shadow quickly passed the end of the corridor!

     The prince almost exclaimed...

     That's the black thing I saw in Dongshan that day!

     Like a dwarf...

     No, not so much a dwarf...

     The prince thought it was more like a baby!

     Shaoqing and Yueyi sat on the carriage and hurried to the palace.

     "Are you sure? The dead spirit is really about to be born?" Although Shaoqing had expected such a day, he didn't expect it to be so fast.

     "Yes... yes!" Yueyi pulled the curtain of the carriage from time to time, hating the speed is still too slow.

     "The so-called dead rebirth is the evil spirit that proclaimed the birth of the curse, and the messenger who brought the bad omen to this world. As long as there is no dead rebirth, the curse cannot be fully established. However, once the dead rebirth is really born... …"

     Feiyi knows...

     It must be stopped as soon as possible! Must stop!

     The prince slowly walked towards the depths of darkness of the corridor.

     The bloody breath became stronger.

     " could it be so dark?"

     The prince did not dare to make a sound when he walked, not even calling the guard.

     After a period of time, he suddenly felt something was wrong...

      how can it be like this!

     The corridor he is walking now...

     There is no end!He still remembers the location of the palace clearly. This corridor is definitely not that long!

     Just at this time...

     He noticed a black spot on the wall in front.

     At that point, suddenly began to spin up.

     Soon, getting bigger and bigger.

     A vortex was formed.

     And the vortex suddenly split into two halves.

     In the end, it became...

     A black door!