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0 Chapter Directory 177 Hades Of The Hades II
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The carriage finally reached the east gate of the palace.

     "Stop!" The guard standing at the gate of the palace immediately stopped the carriage.

     Shaoqing immediately headed out of the carriage and said to the guard: "Minister of Justice Yi Shaoqing, there are important things to enter the palace to see the emperor!"

     Because the sky was dark, the bodyguard approached and looked at it, and it was sure that it was Shaoqing, and it was released immediately.

     The emperor once told them that Yi Shaoqing can enter and leave the court at will under any circumstances, without any pass. Although he is only Minister of Justice on the surface, everyone can see that he is the emperor's confidant and staff.

     Fei Yi at the moment, anxious.

     Absolute terror is coming...

     The black door suddenly appeared in front of the prince.

     It seemed so magical that it appeared so unexpectedly.

     Not realistic at all.

     The crown prince's face was completely white, and the black door made him feel as if he had lost his strength, and even his soul seemed to be taken away.

     What...behind that door!

      At this time, he remembered the words that appeared in his mind in the jungle of Dongshan at that time.

     "We... selected you..."


     "who are we?

     Selected me?

     The prince just watched what was happening in front of him.

     The door opened slowly.

     At the moment the door opened, a cold wind blew in, as if all the temperature in the air had disappeared.The Prince's hands and feet were completely stiff. He basically couldn't move.

     Even blinking his eyes, he can't do it now.

     In the darkness, a faint outline began to emerge.

     "We selected you..."

     One hand appeared.

     Then came the second, the third...

     Countless hands appeared at the other end of the door, and the dark shadow became clearer and clearer.

     "Originally, there is no will. Only, a "source" is needed."

     Feiyi clearly remembers what her mother told her.

     "The so-called terror for human beings is the unknown, belonging to darkness and death. No one knows what it belongs to after death. All this brings terror. And the source of this"

     Human self-knowledge.

     Without the so-called self, there is no terror. If it is a fool, maybe even in the face of ghosts, it will not be afraid. Even if he died the next day, he wouldn't think there was anything to be afraid of.

     Human self-knowledge has created the source of terror.

     It is through this "source" to create the horror that belongs to a certain world. No matter what kind of space creatures are, as long as there is a feeling of terror, they can never escape the curse of the fierce space!

     "Don't let the dead spirit be born... absolutely not!"

     Luoying Pavilion is the first contact between Xingxing Space and this World.

     The death of Huang Fei, the emperor was cursed...

     Everything is for the birth of the dead spirit...The dead spirit is the existence of the fierce space and the fusion of human self-knowledge. Once born, it will produce countless curses that will feel horrible for humans in this world.

     The dark shadow finally appeared completely.

     The prince looked at the weird things in front of her and only felt that he was making a ridiculous nightmare.

     A figure completely enveloped by a black cloak appeared floating in front of him.

     Those hands were still waving arbitrarily over the door, and inside, they grinned nonstop.

     The prince saw it very well.

     The body completely wrapped in a black cloak...

     There is nothing.

     The prince's heartbeat is constantly accelerating.

     Immediately afterwards, the floating black cloak began to approach the prince.

     The surroundings became darker and darker.

     Then, the cloak began to lie down.

     The head part, if there is really a head in it, start leaning towards the prince.

     The emperor slammed one shivers.

     He was lying on the dragon bed at the moment, sleeping with a concubine. Suddenly awakened from the dream, and then felt as if his chest was blocked.


     Shaoqing and Yueyi rushed to the crown prince's palace, and greet the eye were countless corpses.

     The guards were pierced by black nails and died. And the state of death is miserable."All... all dead..." Shao Qing is simply unbelievable. The strength of these imperial bodyguards, even in the face of an army, can withstand a long time. There are at least more than fifty people guarding the dormitory, but there is no one left. Was all the ground killed?

     Seeing this scene, Shaoqing suddenly hesitated. On Wu Yi, he is a huge difference compared to any of these killed guards. No matter what came from killing them, wouldn’t he just go in now and die?

     But Yueyi was about to enter without the slightest hesitation, and Shaoqing quickly stopped her and said, "Hey, are you crazy? We should go and find some more people, just the two of us..."

     "If the dead spirit is born, it is the disaster of this World! Isn't it time to take care of her own life?" Feiyi didn't want to think so much at all, and she only wanted to stop the birth of the dead spirit!


     The black cloak became more and more hazy.

     The prince watched as the cloak gradually turned into a black smoke.

     Then, the smoke drifted away, and began to enter his big open mouth!

     At this moment, the prince couldn't even call out.

     The smoke kept pouring into his mouth, and the prince's panic finally reached a peak.

     At this moment...

     Suddenly an arrow came over.

     The arrow penetrated the smoke in an instant, and at that moment the cloak turned into an entity.

     The arrow, inserted in the cloak without error, should be the orientation of the head.When the prince looked in the direction of the arrow, it was actually Yui! She was holding a long bow and was carrying a second arrow, and Shaoqing was beside her.

     Her archery is really good.

     Immediately afterwards, the second and third arrows were fired. Finally, the smoke flowing into the prince's body also flew out and returned to the cloak.

     The cloak slowly returned to the back of the door and disappeared.

     Feiyi knelt down on the ground after shooting an arrow, almost exhausted.

     Her power as a witch almost consumed half of it, and then she reluctantly forced the incomplete deadly spirit back.

     As long as it is not fused with humans and does not have human self-knowledge, the vicious space will not be able to create a curse that can feel horrible for humans.

     But... the witch power she consumed, is also not at all belongs to this world.

     Go on like this...

     She has no confidence and continues to suppress the vicious space...