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0 Chapter Directory 178 Seven Evil Spirits One
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Really so?"

     At this moment, it was three nights at night. The emperor listened to Shaoqing's report in the Imperial Study Room.

     Then, he ordered a eunuch around him, saying: "I have passed on my words to call General Liu into the palace."

     "" Shaoqing guessed what he was going to do.

     "Let the forbidden army surround the entire palace, and no one is allowed to enter or leave! From now on... this palace is in the highest alert condition! Including the army guarding all the places... How many soldiers are sent! How many people are there for me? These horrible things!"

     At this moment, the emperor was already very angry, surpassing by far when he knew the changes in the prince.

     "Where is the prince now?" The current emperor is most concerned about this problem.

     "The crown prince is currently unconscious, and Wei Chen temporarily placed him in the palace of Prince Huanzhen."

     After listening to the emperor, he sat down, thought for a while, and finally made up his mind.

     "I delegate some rights to you. You can mobilize a part of the forbidden army and put the crown prince... to death! As for the reason, you can just think of one without any need to report to me."

     At this moment, there are only the Emperor and Shaoqing in the Imperial Study Room.

     Although he had long expected that the emperor would say so, but listening to his own words, Shao Qing still felt that they had to have a dizzy spell.

     Moreover, the emperor asked himself to execute the prince himself!

     "The emperor... even if the prince is really going to be executed, according to the law, the penal department..."

     "I drafted the decree and personally gave the crown prince, is he still dare to resist?"The emperor if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound said this sentence, and, has already spread the decree on the table, ready to write.

     Shaoqing immediately knelt down and knocked, said: "Emperor! Weichen risked his death and admonished...please think about it! Now the palace is bloody rain and foul winds, the ministers are terrified. , Doubtful..."

     "Shut up! Shaoqing, do you want to rebel? This is my order. If you fight, do you know the consequences?"

     At this moment, Shao Qing was more afraid of the emperor in front of him than the foreign objects in the British Pavilion.

     Only the prince, he couldn't get rid of it.

     A prince who is almost the same age as herself has always trusted herself and treated herself as a close friend. But now, he will be completely abandoned by the emperor, and even his life will be taken away..."

     "Emperor...Chen...Dare not."

     "Don't dare! Just go with my decree this time. The charge is to assassinate me. Those guards and the eunuch's death are pushed to the prince. If the prince resists, you will execute him personally! do you understand?"

     With that said, the emperor has begun to write the imperial edict.

     After a while, he had finished writing and covered the jade seal.

     The moment when the jade seal was covered, it also means that... everything has become fixed.

      doesn't have any.

     Shaoqing stood up and took over the imperial edict.

     "Secret... lead the order."

     The hand that took the imperial decree kept shaking.

     To kill... Prince?Shaoqing knew that what he was holding was a weapon that allowed the prince to consigned to eternal damnation. He will become the executioner who personally killed the Prince's life.

     However, he was unable to resist.

     This is his own destiny.

     He is a minister. It was Jun who ordered him to kill the prince. Monarch is the subject, this is heaven's law and earth's principle.

     Therefore, he must kill the prince.

     have to!

     Less than one hour, the entire palace was surrounded by the soldiers of the forbidden army not one drop can trickle through, and the army of the entire capital was basically alert here.

     In the palace, everyone suddenly felt self-defeating, knowing... to be big incident occured.

     Huan really inside the palace.

     The prince is still asleep and still not awake. Huanzhen is always with him, and he still does not know what will happen next.

     Suddenly, someone outside shouted, "The Edict is here!"

     Huan Zhen heard the "Edict" and immediately ran outside.

     Above the lobby, Shao Qing has entered the same group of forbidden soldiers, and Liu Fei and many court eunuchs have already kneeled to the ground.

     "Liu Fei Niangniang, please let His Highness Crown Prince come out to pick up the purpose."

     The content of this decree was not even known to the group of forbidden soldiers behind Shaoqing. And the content of that decree is enough to shake the country completely.

      "Yes." Liu Fei watched Huanzhen come out at this time and hurriedly said, "Zhen'er, let your emperor come out to take orders."

     At this moment, Shao Qing's heart jumped wildly.

     He knew that as soon as the prince came out, he read the decree, and today, he will surely kill the prince himself.

     He and the prince are close friends.The prince is cheerful, treats people kindly, and gets along well with anyone. The officials used the prince's personality and wanted to be close to him, so that he would be able to reap the benefits after he became king. But Shaoqing is different, he really regarded Prince as a friend.

     So he always felt guilty in front of the prince.

     Strong guilt...

     Almost at this moment, the prince woke up.

     He touched it, a short knife hidden in his underwear.

     "Are you finally... coming?"

     At this time, Huan Zhen entered the house. When he saw that the prince was awake, he immediately ran and said, "Brother...... Are you awake? That's great. Yi Shangshu came to tell the father's decree. You can refresh yourself a little and get out."

     "Edict?" Crown Prince cold smiled, said: "Huan Zhen, you go out first, tell them, I change clothes, go out immediately."

     Huan really nodded and walked away.

     After Huanzhen went out, the prince immediately locked the door, opened the window in the room, and stepped out.

     The imperial palace is now full of people. The prince also roughly estimated this. His purpose was simple, and he had to think up every possible method to enter Luoying Pavilion. And there are too many to count people who guard there.

      to find a way, if you go in, you can't do it with a clear one. The guards who were on guard might have been replaced by those of the military. Although Prince Wuyi was powerful, he was totally unsure of dealing with them.

     Only one step is a step.

     After waiting for the prince to come out for a long time, Shaoqing felt something.He immediately ordered the imprisoned person to say, "Go into the room and look! Don't be rude to His Highness Crown Prince, remember?"

     After the soldiers entered, they immediately came out and said, "Prince... His Highness Crown Prince is gone!"

     Shaoqing was terrified.

     Is the prince already realized?

     Shaoqing immediately ordered: "Quick! Go and inform General Liu, and if you pass the order, you must find His Highness Crown Prince! Remember, don't hurt him, bring him uninjured to me!"

     The prince knew that most of the decree was against himself. But he did not dare to imagine whatever the case, the father emperor would give that order.

     Even if you are a prince, you can't escape punishment if you disobey the decree.

     But the prince hopes to find the truth one step earlier.

     When he came to Luoying Pavilion, he expected that the guards had not received the order, so confidently walked over. Anyway, hard break doesn't have any chance of winning.

     Only stake all on one throw.

     Luoying Pavilion is the palace where the Huang Fei Niangniang lived. The dormitory is very large, and there are about thirty people guarding it. These people are all masters of 1 in 1,000.

     When he walked to Luoying Pavilion, he already felt a whimper.

     Outside the gate, several guards also noticed the prince.

     Looking at the word "Luoying Pavilion" on the forehead, he has made up his mind.

      The leaders of these imperial bodyguards walked quickly to the prince and knelt: "See His Highness Crown Prince! Your Highness, this is the imperial palace, please return quickly."

     "Father and Emperor passed on my word, and asked me to come to Luoying Pavilion to check it out. Please also be convenient."Prince Prince talk random nonsense said. Of course, this lie was revealed sooner or later, but in order to know the secret of Luoying Pavilion, the prince was already at all costs.

     "Please, His Highness forgive sins. Without the Emperor's Imperial Decree or the passing jade card, his subordinates cannot allow His Highness Crown Prince to enter the Luoying Pavilion."

     Luoying Pavilion is in sight.


     "Bold!" The prince said angrily: "Dare you dare to disobey?"

     "How dare you subordinates! It is just that the emperor ordered me to keep this place, and no one should be allowed to enter except those with jade cards or sacred passages... Please His Highness Crown Prince not to embarrass the subordinates. Do you dare not let go?"

     It seems that it is no longer possible to enter Luoying Pavilion as a prince.

     The prince slowly drew his short knife from his arms and quickly placed it on the neck of the guard's head!

     The guards next to them were all turn pale with fright, but it was too late to respond. The prince, with a short knife, shouted to the guards: "I will not let it go!"

     The crown prince also put everything together. He knew that without solving the mystery of falling into the British Pavilion, the phenomenon of terror will continue to spread in the palace.

     Whatever the case, he must know what is hidden in Luoying Pavilion!

     The head of the bodyguard was also stunned. Originally, if he was attacked by someone else, he would definitely be able to respond in time, and never let the prince put the knife on his neck. But the Prince's action was so unexpected that he didn't have time to react.

     The head of the bodyguard decided to see the timing and grabbed His Highness Crown Prince's hand with a knife to escape. While he was looking for opportunities, suddenly a large number of people stepped behind him.The prince quickly turned around and saw countless soldiers coming from all around.

     They followed the trail all the way, after all, the prince was walking around the palace, too conspicuous.

     And it was Shaoqing who led it.

     "His Royal Highness! What are you doing?" Shaoqing was stunned by the scene before him, quickly said: "Quickly release Wei Wei! Highness... Please take over the imperial edict!"

     "Shaoqing...I have to go in! I want to know what secrets there are in Luoyingge!"

     Shao Qing listened suddenly to heart alarmed, body leaping, and at that moment, the head of the guard immediately grabbed the prince's hand and slammed it. The prince lowered the knife because of arm pain. Then the guards swarmed and grabbed the prince.

     "His Highness Crown Prince...please accept it!" Then, Shaoqing opened the silk in his hand and began to read it.

     "By the grace of God, the emperor's edict..."

     When Shaoqing finished reading the decree, and announced the "crime" of the prince and the order to execute him on the spot, every person present was stunned.

     Especially the prince.

     He was paralyzed on the ground, and he was unbelievable. What Shaoqing said was true.

     He thought that the decree at most deprived him of the position of the Crown Prince, but... was it to kill him?

     "I want to see my father emperor! What a joke, say I want to seize the throne? I am a prince! Why should I do that? Shaoqing, I must have made a mistake! Someone framed me!"

     "Sorry, Your Highness, this is the decree. Please take the decree..."

      At this time, the guards who captured the prince, because the content of the imperial decree was so amazing, did not grasp the prince for a while.At this moment, the prince suddenly grabbed the short knife on the ground and flew towards Shaoqing...