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0 Chapter Directory 179 Seven Evil Spirits Two
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The emperor entered the secret path that he placed in the imperial study.

     He carried an oil lamp and walked down an old step. This is a spiral staircase that leads to the ground about ten meters below.

     Somehow, he suddenly thought of going there today.

     This secret way, only his one person knows in the palace. The craftsman who helped him design this secret path, and later gave them a sealing fee, went to a place far away from the capital. Because the project was carried out underground, no one found it.

     Of course, it is impossible to leave no trace at all. At least Shaoqing noticed it, but even so so?

     The flame of the oil lamp is getting weaker somehow. This is because there is insufficient oxygen in the ground, but the emperor at this moment has some palpitations.

     He had already given orders to kill the prince.

     He still remembers when he was about ten years old.

     At that time, he had just been established as the prince.

     The first emperor Establishing a Nation with the Military believed that the next generation of kings should govern the country with virtue.

     When Emperor Xiandi established himself as a prince, many founding courtiers opposed Xiandi's decision. Many people think that their origin is too strange.

     His mother Huang Fei was not a concubine favored by the Emperor Xian during his lifetime. The Emperor Xian Emperor only accidentally fortunate her once and became pregnant with herself. But the day he was born, Luoying Pavilion had an unimaginable tragedy.

     Born with different magic ordinary pupils from ordinary people, many people treat themselves as evil spirits.

     But Xiandi valued himself very much.In a very childhood, I often come to see myself, and teach myself to read and read, and ask the teachers of martial arts and riding to give myself.

     So the courtier had long worried that he would become a prince.

     One night that year...


     "do not come!"

     The prince put the short knife on Shaoqing's neck and snarled at the soldiers and guards who had surrounded him: "No one, no one!"

     While doing so, he whispered in the ear of Shaoqing: "I'm sorry... Shaoqing, I am really without any means now."

     The prince did not want to be so unclearly killed by his father and emperor. The only one who can solve all mysteries is Luoyinge in front of him.

     "Give up! I'm going to the Luoying Pavilion! Whoever dares to stop me, I will kill Yi Shangshu!"

     Everyone is ashen-faced, this shocking scene in front of them makes them almost unbelievable their eyes. The prince seemed crazy, and no one could guarantee that he would make whats the matter.

     Shaoqing saw that everyone was still, frowns said, "Are you all deaf? Get out, do you want me to die?"

     He decided.

     Since the prince must die, at least let him see for himself the truth of Luoyingge.

     The guards listened to what Shaoqing said, and finally gave way.

     "Throw the key into the entrance of Lok Ying Pavilion! Hurry!"

     The head of the bodyguard hesitated, released the key, and threw it to the prince.

     Prince Edward sharp-eyed and deft-handed, left hand extended to take the key. Then, he held Shaoqing and walked towards Luoying Pavilion step by step.The guards dared not stop him anymore, and the prince smoothly came to the door of Luoying Pavilion, handed the key to Shaoqing, and said, "Open the door!"

     On the gate of Luoying Pavilion, the rusty iron lock opened with a click!

     When the prince entered the gate, the guards and soldiers stood at the door like sculptures.

     No one dares to chase in.

     Entering the Lok Ying Pavilion is a felony, not even the emperor relatives. Unless there is a jade card specially awarded by the emperor to enter and exit.

     Everyone knows the emperor's decisive character. When the emperor died, the first thing the emperor did after he ascended the throne was to use various means to kill the ministers who opposed the emperor's establishment of the prince, without leaving any living mouths.

     "Quick...go to inform the emperor! Big incident occurred!"

     Luoying Pavilion, a very simple residence, is not a gorgeous palace. This is also because the Huang Fei Niang Niang was not particularly favored by the first emperor, and she was only lucky once.

     Over the years, this place has been declining. In the entire room, there is only a table, a few chairs, and a screen. At least this is the outer hall, but it is basically clean, it seems...

     Someone has been cleaning here.

     "Shaoqing, I'm sorry." The prince put down his short knife and said, "Come on, take me. I want to know what secrets are hidden in the Luoying Pavilion. You're ordered by the Father and Emperor to read the decree. I don't blame you. But... ...Why did the father emperor do that?"

     Shaoqing was silent for a long time, looking at the Prince's urgent eyes, sighed saying: " will also...""What did you say?"

     "At this point, I don't have anything to hide from you. I have something to tell you."

     Shaoqing seemed to have made a lot of determination, and finally spit out a word from his mouth.

     "Purple Death does not exist. That is a lie we fabricated."

     The prince only felt that to have a dizzy spell, and the short knife in his hand almost fell off.

     "You... what did you say?"

     "Go. I will take you... to see the truth you want to know."

     From the left side of the room, there is a door. Push the door open, in front of a long corridor. At the end of the promenade is another room.

     "Your Highness, let me declare first. What you see next is definitely a scene beyond your common sense. You are absolutely difficult to accept. However... Now it doesn't make much sense. I hope you..."

     Shaoqing spoke until here, I really couldn't find any better words to comfort the prince, sighed saying, said nothing.

      When be finished, the prince opened the door.

     "Hui Yi, His Highness Crown Prince is here. Doctor Liang... no need to be anxious, we..."

     The prince saw the scene in front of him, incapable of believing his eyes.

      a normal person how can it be Imagine such a picture?

     This room is large.

     It seems to have been remodeled, knocked off the walls and merged into one room. doesn't have any furniture anymore.

     The walls on all four sides were painted black.

     Countless iron hooks hung from the ceiling. The number is extremely alarming.

     Every iron hook is plugged with at least four to!

     The emperor came to the bottom of the secret path.

     There stood a coffin.

     Walking to the coffin, he said slowly that the lid of the coffin was open.

     It was a pair of bones in clothes.

     Holding an oil lamp, leaning closer to the bone, the emperor stroked the skull.

     "Queen mother..." he murmured.

     Not to be favored by the first emperor, because she was pregnant with herself only by a chance.

     If you give birth to a dragon, you must be more expensive.

     "Did you think that way? I was just the tool you looked for." The emperor grinned and said, "What the humans are terrified... feared... Those things that I experienced as a child. That night... on the night of my tenth birthday, the thing that was dressed in black and hidden in the dark appeared in front of me..."

     Those purple eyes... are marks.

     It is the sign of a contract.

     Huang Fei, she made a contract with Xingming Space in order to realize her own vision.

     A contract that should not be made as a human being...

     "Why...that is, what thing?"

     The prince stared wide-eyed looked at the dead babies suspended by iron hooks.

     Is that really a human baby?

     Those babies do not have one with normal body and appearance, either distorted body shape or extremely terrifying facial features. Only the bony bones exposed in their broken skin prove that they are human.


     All babies have purple pupils!After careful calculation, the number of these dead babies is definitely not under one hundred!

     "Purple Death or something is our fiction." Liang Taiyi, who was standing under those dead babies, said: "The princes who publicized the death of the Purple Death are all in this place. These princes with purple pupils, one The owner was born with such an ugly and horrible gesture. This is a shame for the royal family, and of course the emperor will bury them here."

     The prince is speechless.

     These dead babies...have the same bloodline as themselves?

     Even if they are so ugly, but... they were deprived of life as soon as they were born?

     Was I saved from death because I was not ugly? And not without suffering from purple death?

     Feiyi knelt in front of the prince and said, "His Royal Highness, I know that, in your opinion, our sins cannot be redeemed even if we die. But I didn't do it for oneself. It was given before my mother died. My will, whatever the case, can't let the blood of the Huang Fei empress, that is, your father, and the children born by your father, survive. The reason why you are spared is because your situation is special, so I I think maybe you won’t be chosen by the dead spirits... but it turned out to be my wishful thinking."

     The dead infants who shocked the eye, astonishes the heart made the prince feel dizzy. He finally couldn't bear it anymore, he spit on the wall and spit out.

     Here... hell on earth!"Why... don't kill you?" The prince suddenly angered, grabbed Shao Qing's shirt, and shouted: "Why not kill you? It's you who are damn right! Instead, it was Xiao Linzi they... why! "

     "Because there is a blood-eye scroll." Shaoqing had expected that the prince would have such a response and replied: "That was the ghost eye mark printed by the former witch with witch power. There are seven of us, each person has a copy. In addition there are also A lot of backup...with that scroll, you can’t start with us. However, that witch power has gradually weakened."


     " people. There are seven people in this royal palace who know everything about this place."

     "You...not people!"

     The prince punched Shaoqing fiercely, and the latter just fell to the ground. He was the second and third...

     "I what is? What do you think of me? I really treat you as a friend! But...but you, what did you do? You actually..."

     Just as he was about to throw another punch, suddenly a powerful hand grabbed his wrist.

     He looked back and it was... General Liu Zhen!

     He is also one of the few people who can obtain the permission of the emperor to enter Luoying Pavilion.

     The emperor closed the coffin.

     Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and the oil lamp went out.

     At the moment when the lights went out, the emperor suddenly saw that beside the coffin, there was a scary face full of red spots and a protruding left eye!