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0 Chapter Directory 180 Seven Evil Spirits Three
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The remains of the mother are there.

     She signed a contract with Xingxing Space.

     "Let my the emperor of this country."

     It’s just human, it’s just a look, but it has exchanged endless terror. The first evil of mankind led the door to open.

     The dead spirit is looking for in the product that Yu Wang was born.

     Proof of contract.

     When the prince woke up, his body was wrapped in chains around the pillars in the secret chamber of Lok Yingge.

     In front of him, it was someone he once believed in and considered sb as close friend.

     "For... why..."

     The prince looked at Shaoqing and Yueyi in front of her, as if looking at a stranger.

     Shaoqing...that former confidant of the past, now, has to wield the blade of slaughter to himself...why...why is it Shaoqing?

     General Liu Zhen looked at the prince with a cold eye and said, "His Royal Highness, now you have been killed by the Emperor, we as human subjects are also acting according to the purpose, please do not blame..."

     "Liu Zhen!"

     The prince roared frantically: "Do you think I don't know what you are thinking? I am dead, then the position of the Crown Prince, naturally belongs to your nephew, that is, Huan is true! You are in my heart to wish me to die! "

     Shaoqing sighed saying and said to Liu Zhen and Yueyi: "Go out first... Prince, let me do it myself..."

     Fei Yi understood, and immediately left the room. Although Liu Zhen was dissatisfied with the command of Shaoqing, after all, he was also regarded as a celebrity in front of the emperor. Offending him was no good, so he had to leave.In this little secret room, only Shaoqing and the Prince remained.

     Formerly...close friends, now...but...

     Shaoqing began to feel that Prince's face became more and more blurred...

     The vague figure in the dream... the suspected royal robe...


     it's him!

     Bersau began to wander on the edge of dreams and reality.

     Dream, about to wake up.

     "Seven evil spirits..."

     These four words appeared in Shaoqing's mind.

     He didn't know what it meant, but...these four words couldn't be swept away. Like a nightmare...

     "Shaoqing... is it you? In the end, the one who wants to kill me... is it you?"

     The prince's lips twitched for a long time before he said this.

     "I tried my best. It's not my idea to kill you."

     Shao Qing only had these few words to answer.

     This is not an excuse.

     This is just Shaoqing frankly showing his sincerity to the prince.

     "I can't betray the loyalty of the family. It is the glory of my father to fight with the first emperor. After the dynasty of the Tang Dynasty, like today's all split up and in pieces, there will be betrayal and killing everywhere. My country is peaceful in the south, but no one knows when. Will it fall into turmoil. Only a loyal minister can support the country. I cannot be a traitor, it is for the family, but also for this country."

     The prince was silent.

     His purple pupils always stared at Shaoqing."So... the father emperor wants me to kill me. As a courtier, you can't disobey, huh? Isn't it like a kimono, to save people?"

     "Shaoqing panicked... How can the servant's meager body bear the world? I'm just doing my part as a prince. As the so-called prince is the prince, the father is the prince, this is human relations, and it is a great righteousness. What is the difference from those rebels and thieves? Please ask His Royal Highness to appreciate Shao Qing’s pains. Shao Qing does not dare to ask His Royal Highness to forgive me, but... what Shao Qing did today is not for his own self, but for loyalty."

     "Loyalty?" The prince suddenly began to sneer, and then it turned into howling laughter: "Zhongyi! Father is going to kill his son, which kind of loyalty is this! You are stupid! I am more appreciative of those in your mouth than you. rebels and traitors! At least, they can't easily cross the knife on his son's neck! I hate you... Yi Shaoqing, you hypocrite, full of compassion, duty, propriety and integrity, but a full killing demon! I curse you... you are not human, you are a evil spirit!"

     Yes... evil spirits...

     "Is it ugly to be a curse? Because I was worried about being cursed, I eliminated the factors that were harmful to myself in advance, played life so arbitrarily, and looked as it should be by rights... Yi Shaoqing, in my opinion , You're better than my dead brothers... 100 times uglier, 1000 times uglier!"

     Shao Qing's expression didn't change at all.

     "I understand His Highness. I won't make you feel pain. Your Highness... Finally, what else is there?"Tell me... who are the seven people? Who are the seven people you know who know the secret of Luoying Pavilion? Father Huang is naturally counted as one, you, Xiyi, Liang Feng, Liu Zhen, then, there are still two Who is it? Who is it?"

     Shaoqing asked: "This is... Is your last wish before your death, Your Highness?"

     "Yes Yes!"

     While saying this, the prince almost bleeds her lips.

     Shaoqing then answered him.

     "There are still two people, one is Liu Fei, because when Huan was born, his situation is very different, but we can't guarantee that it will be fine in the future. Instead of considering monitoring Liu Fei, it is better to tell her the truth, because she Naturally, I will also cooperate with us for the real benefit."

     "So that's how it is. Then...the last one? Who is the last one? Tell me!"

     This time, Shaoqing was silent for a long time.

     When the prince was about to get angry again, he slowly spit out two words.

     "Huan Zhen."

     Huan Zhen... Who is Huan Zhen...

     In front of the mirror, Xiaoxia suddenly dipped her hands in the foundation box in front of the mirror and wrote these two words.

     It looks like a very familiar name.

      to think of it...

     He is Huanzhen.

     The previous life was a prince.

     So... I am afraid of the dark ghost eyes. Therefore, I was afraid that because of that horrible bloodline, I would become as horrible as those brothers.

     They are not humans, they are monsters...the root of the curse!

     Therefore, it must be wiped out and thoroughly eradicated!Huan Zhen knew the secret of Luoyingge from the conversation between her mother and uncle by chance.

     After that, he joined them.

     Whenever the concubine gave birth to a deformed baby, Liang Taiyi declared that he was stillborn and died of purple death. Then, the baby was taken to Luoyingge and killed.

     Huanzhen has also killed many of these babies himself.

     Those are all princes who are related to him, but they have such a terrible appearance.

     So when killing them, Huanzhen never felt guilty.

     Whether it's tearing their chests or digging out their hearts and cutting off their heads, Huan really has done it.

     "It's's him—"

     In the old days, that cute brother...

     Was he also one of those who pushed himself into consigned to eternal damnation?

     It's all crazy...

     "You are not human..." The prince's tears began to splatter and fall on the ground.

     Is it human, how can such a thing be done?

     "You are not human at all! You are more terrifying and evil than the ghosts! You are evil ghosts in human skin, all seven of you...all are real evil ghosts!"

     Suddenly, an arrow appeared in the crown of the prince!

     He looked unbelievable in front of him, it was a hard to believe scene.

     His father...

     The emperor is holding a bow in his hand."You are not my son. You are a ghost, you are a evil spirit! Go to death! I am a Venerated Emperor, I am a Son of Heaven! I how could it be you, a monster son! You are my stains, my shame , Just like this Luoying Pavilion where I was born...I will bury all of you here, just like the door of all black, no daylight!"

     Shaoqing looked at the emperor at this time.

     That grim look, that crazy language...

     He looked really like a goblin crawling out of hell!

     Suddenly, the prince suddenly saw, behind the head of the emperor, slowly... slowly... a person's head appeared!

     Is that a human?

     The protruding eyes... the twisted face...

     as well as……

     That purple pupil!


     Bo Shao woke up!

     He stretched out his two hands...

     "These hands...the hands of evil spirits..."

     Bersau fully recalled his past life.

     He also finally cleared the true meaning of "seven evils".

     Thousands of years ago, after the prince died at that moment, he became the spirit of death. And his unspeakable resentment, combined with the ghosts of those killed babies, formed a huge curse.

     A curse that cannot be resolved for a thousand years!

     They guarding the gates of fierce and evil, let the grieved souls possess the human body, forming the so-called spiritual alien constitution, moistening dark, moisturizing, smelling purple charm, etc. all the same.

     They therefore have the same purple ghost eyes as them, and there are seven kinds of ghost eyes corresponding to the seven evil spirits.For thousands of years, searching for the reincarnation of the seven evil spirits, using the power of ghost eyes. And finally...Now, seven evil spirits have been found.

     Ren Senbo, saw him, and the chairman. That is Shaoqing... and the emperor of the previous life.

     Ningluo saw Li Hongming, the former Liu Zhen.

     Tang Yingxuan saw Fang Kai, also known as Liang Taiyi.

     Tong Moyan saw Ming Huarui, also known as Liu Fei in the previous life.

     John, when I saw Liuli, it was also the kimono.

     And... Run dark, he saw Xiaoxia, that is... Huan Zhen!