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0 Chapter Directory 181 The Most Terrifying Thing Is ...
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Everything... seems to be hidden in this overlapping mountain.

     Run An and A Jing have been walking along this difficult mountain road, looking for the place from the map drawn on Wen Zimei's notes.

     The map was not very clear, but it was marked very accurately.

     This area is an untapped mountainous area, completely away from the city. The trees seem to be very old, almost all of them are giant trees like the pillars of the sky.

     The deeper the depression, the more obvious the repressive breath.

     "Really...can I find it? The man named Lu Xiaoming..." Run Anxin also had a huge doubt in his heart.

     However, she is currently the only hope.

     Can avoid the hope of the curse of the fierce space.

      at the same time, G City.


     Ming Huarui pointed at Bossau, who was in front of him, and said, "Mr. Sun, I respect you as a friend of Mr. Yi, and I came to see you... But you actually talked to me about the curse of past life, you don’t think Is it ridiculous?"

      "Oh?" Liuli on the side said very food for thought: "Aren't you a reporter of Lingyi website? Don't believe past life?"

     "Then... that's two different things!"

     After graduating from Ming Hua Rui University, he started working on the Tartaros website. Although she has also been exposed to many inexplicable and strange things, it is difficult for her to fully believe the ghosts and gods.

     Contrary to her reaction, Li Hongming completely believed."In other words... I was a general in my previous life, and in that Luoying Pavilion, slaughtered countless cursed babies? Then, that prince... would come to us for seven lives?"

     As a doctor, Fang Kai always looks like nothing sadder than a withered heart after the accident in Binqiu. For everyone's discussion, it doesn't have any reaction at all.

     "The key point now is..." Li Hongming suddenly asked Bo Shao a question: "Where is the reincarnation of Prince Huanzhen?"

     Bersaw shook the head and replied: "I don't know...but I can be sure that the six people here are all the reincarnation of seven evil spirits..." spoke until here, he looked and sat in the hall On the central sofa, the pale chairman.

     In the old days, the one who killed his own flesh and blood...the reincarnation of the tyrant.

     Chairman Sun Zhengyan finally cleared why he was so afraid of Ren Senbo's purple pupil.

     That was a symbol of his old sins.

     He was afraid... from the depth of one's soul.

     That's... Prince's eyes, the eyes of every prince killed.

     Here, Sun Zhengyan temporarily bought a house in G City.

     He knew that he might not be able to leave alive China.

     The day before, he had made a will and his lawyer had returned abroad. The content of the will is that when he died, all his property, including real estate, was inherited by Run An and A Jing.

     He thought that in this way, he could calmly face Lingxiu after his death.

     But after all, it's not that simple.Can he really see Lingxiu after he dies?

     Lingxiu, can you really forgive yourself?

     "In short...I don't believe it!" Ming Huarui shook his head violently and said, "Don't come to see me again in the future, I will be today, I haven't seen you!"

     After she finished speaking, she rushed out through a door. No one stopped her.

     "After all, life and death can't help people. Since she doesn't believe it, there is no way." Bo Shao sighed shook the head.

     Liuli is the most natural person to accept his past life.

     Even she herself was surprised.

     In fact, she even suspected that she had recovered part of her memory.

     As a witch, Ying Yiyi's memory.

     She is naturally also the object of the Prince's hatred, which is without a doubt. Although the previous life was to follow the mother's will, it is an indisputable fact that so many innocent babies were killed.

     At the same time, he was also an accomplice in the murder of the prince.

     Prince, there is no reason to forgive yourself. absolutely no.

     "So..." Finally, Sun Zhengyan raised his head and looked at the four people in front of him.

     Bersau, Liuli, Fang Kai and Li Hongming.

     "Are you... acceptable? We, violation of sin in the previous life?"

     Except for Fang Kai, the other three are nodded.

     Sun Zhengyan looked at Fang Kai, he always bowed his head, not say a word.

     "Mr. Liang..."

     I don't know why. He originally intended to be called "Dr. Fang", but when it came to his mouth, he became "Liang Taiyi"!Hearing these three words, Fang Kai suddenly shone one shivers, and his head immediately lifted up, and when he looked at Sun Zheng delaying, he said Unable to Restrain Emotions: "Emperor...Emperor..."

     Both Bersau and Liuli were shocked.

     This scene is very similar to the previous situation of their two people!

     So... what does this mean?

     The prince’s grievances took thousands of years to find their reincarnation. Now, is it really not saved?

     In the previous life, the Blood Eye Scroll protected seven people from ghosts. Today, there is only one copy of this scroll.

     But now, there are five people.

     At present, Bersau can only divide the scroll, and each of them has one copy. According to his past life's memory, it should be possible to do so.

     However, after a thousand years of death, will the dead spirit be the same as before?

     No one is sure.

     What's more, how can a person cursed by a vicious space escaped alive?

     So, hope is all pinned on it, looking for the luster of Lu Xiaoming and A Jing.

     The distribution of the surrounding trees is not so tight.

     In the center, a spacious path clearly began to appear.

     There are no weeds above the path, which is visible, it is a road that is often used by people.

     Then, in front of Run An, a group of people began to walk past them.

     Those people, all wearing white robes, completely wrapped their bodies completely, all wearing a mask on their faces.

     That mask is too abnormal.

     The mask was painted with big, blood-red eyes.There are about two or thirty people, all dressed in the same way, walking in front of Run An and A Jing.

     Suddenly, some of them seemed to find Run An and A Jing.

     The lead one stopped immediately, and the others looked towards it.

     "Are you a tourist?"

     Asked the leading mask-wearing man.

     Run Anxin took a step forward and said, "We... are here to see the Lord Lu from your religion. My name is Yi Run An, and this lady... she is the daughter of Mr. Ren Senbo, named Ren Quiet."

     This remark immediately caused great uproar.

     These mask-wearing people immediately surrounded the two.

     The leading man slowly approached Run Dark.

     Because of mask-wearing, Run-dark cannot see each other's appearance. However, he could feel his hostility.

     "Leave here. Don't let us see you anymore!"

     In Wen Zimei's notes, it was mentioned that if the other party did not want them to see Lu Xiaoming, they could propose Ren Senbo's name. However, the current situation is completely different from what is described in the notes.

     Run An knew that he could not go.

     The only hope for survival is at hand, how can he leave? Without seeing Lu Xiaoming, he would never leave.

     "Please help us to report to Master Lu... We have important things to ask to see her!" Run An knew that at present, without other methods, he only bowed his head.

     The mask-wearing person said without emotion: "Leave! I don't want to say it again!"

     "Keep away... Run dark..."A Jing suddenly walked in front of Run-dark, looked at the mask-wearing person, and said, "Sure enough... the gods of the ghost-eye religion are still the same as before, so rude..."

     Then, she suddenly extended her right hand, and the masked man immediately became alert, but then he froze.

     A small green pill is placed on A Jing's right palm.

     It looks like an ordinary cold medicine.

     "Recognize it? This medicine... Of course, the person who teaches ghost eyes can't be unaware. Let the leader come to see me."

     Run dark is also very surprised, what exactly is the tablet that Jing Jing took is?

     "I'm sorry... Darkness, this thing has been hiding from you. All the medicines I made, whether it is chameleon potions or subspace potions...their materials are all affected by the vicious space and grow. Out of the plant."

     The level of consternation that moistened at this moment was even greater than that of the masked man.

     "A Jing...what the hell..."

     "Father discovered it very early. I am implicated in the unbroken space of the vicious space. I have a deep relationship with the black door. However, it is not important now. I just want to live with you... Just for this!"

      spoke until here, A Jing's eyes were filled with crystal tears.

     "You...will you believe me?"

     The man in the mask took the medicine and took a closer look, finally determined.

     "Good... not wrong! The two of you... are rude, please follow us, and we will take you to the leader!"

     This mountain is the main altar where ghost eyes teach.This esoteric religion has been supported since many social celebrities as believers.

     A Jing was about to follow the man with the mask, and suddenly, her dark hands held her tightly.

     "Why ask that extra question... I never doubted you. A Jing, as long as you want, I will listen to you tell me everything in due time."

     A Jing couldn't help but smile.

     "Sure enough... Run dark, always run dark..."

     Ming Huarui struck the keyboard of the computer mechanically.

     Bersau's words have been hovering in her mind for a long time and cannot pass away.

     She knew that he was telling the truth.

     He had no reason to know his dream.

     She was indeed a concubine in her dream, and she did give birth to a healthy boy.

     the most important is……

     The doctor who was responsible for her pulse diagnosis was indeed very similar to Fang Kai.

     There is no reason for so many coincidences.

     Will she die? Will it die?

     Suddenly, outside the bed, a gust of wind blew in, and the documents on the table fell to the ground.

     Ming Huarui looked around, but found...

     There was no one in the office.

     Where did everyone go?

     She looked at the clock and it was indeed lunch break.

     She put down her work and planned to go to dinner.

     However, the door of the office was slammed shut by the strange wind!

     Ming Huarui fell to the ground!

     And... just at the last moment when the door closed...Ming Huarui absolutely saw...

     A purple eye looked at her just behind the door!