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0 Chapter Directory 182 The Most Terrifying Thing Is ... 2
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

What a pair of vicious and vicious eyes!

     At the moment the door was closed, Ming Huarui's body collapsed to the ground completely, his throat seemed to be blocked, and he could only make some whimper of unknown significance.

     This small office suddenly turned into a huge cage. At that moment, Ming Huarui's mind showed a variety of visions.

     "Too... Prince?"

     At this moment, Ming Hua Rui restored almost all past life's memory. She used to be the emperor's concubine in Luoying Pavilion, killing countless cursed babies.

      "No... don't... do not kill me..." Ming Huarui's body kept moving away from the direction of the door and moved towards the corner of the room.

     At this time, a more intense wind blew in!

     Ming Huarui was shiver coldly blown by the wind. She raised her wrists, pulled the window sill, barely supported herself to get up, and then planned to close the window.

     When she stood in front of the window and her hand just stretched out, a stronger wind cut straight across her cheek!

     This time the wind was stronger than before, so she couldn't open her eyes for a while.

     And just when her eyes were half-open and half-closed, she suddenly saw a faint figure in the wind... rushing towards here!

     That is……

     A man in ancient clothes with a pair of purple pupils!

     It was too late to see that face, that figure floated in the wind, and in a flash, it rushed to Ming Huarui!


     As the wind blew, the window was nailed to death.In this office, it becomes empty.

     There is no one.

     In front of us, there is a huge waterfall.

     Above the stream below the waterfall, a road is formed by stones. In this place shaded by natural scenery, the air is also very fresh. With the sound of ear-splitting water, the dark and the heart of Ah Jing, all jumped to the throat.

     I'll see you soon... Lu Xiaoming.

     The current leader of Ghost Eyes.

     "The medicinal materials left by my father were all obtained through ghost-eye teaching. Whether it is against the common sense of chemistry or the Special Effect produced after they are fused with each other, it can be determined that it is not a substance that the human world should have."

     On the way, A Jing began to explain the origin of the medicine she made to Run An.

     "The birth of the ghost-eye religion is, to a great extent, the birth of these plants. Even in the ancient times when the chemistry was still underdeveloped, the extraction of these plants can produce countless magic drugs."

     Those mask-wearing people always say not a word and listen to A Jing talking about the religion they believe in.

     Ah Jing also understands that they can’t intervene.

     What she said is true.

     "So..." Run An thought for a while, and put forward his own view: "The birth of this secret school was because I wanted to striving to improve to understand these plants?""Not exactly... Just like there are people who believe in God and people who believe in demons. For ghosts and spirits, humans have a worship mentality besides Heart of Dread. At that time, people with ghost eyes gradually began to pass Various channels to understand the things related to the seven evil spirits. Even if they are not fully understood, but... they begin to worship the existence of the vicious space. Then, there is the existence of ghost eye teaching." "So... that Are green pills made from those plants?"

     "Almost. With that medicine, you can suppress the erosion of the evil space on my own body, but it will also cause the collapse of the soul in my body. My body is constantly in the human body... and the door of the evil space. Struggling." "Door?" Run-dark suddenly stunned.

     Because Chaos Dimension has swallowed Lu Shenhuai, he can't remember what Shen Huai said to him. Ah Jing's body is a door thing.

     "Yeah...darkness. I should tell you about this matter."

     A Jing closes the eyes, took a deep breath slowly, and then told the truth that hard to believe.

     "Ren Jing... is just one of my existences. I am part of the vicious space. That is the form of the ghost gods of the past, which should exist. After I realized this, I became a ghost eye. The leader of this generation, and... with the name Lu Xiaoming!" When spoke until here, A Jing stopped.

     "I... lied to you, run dark. I am indeed cursed and destined to die, but even if I die, the door to the vicious space will still reappears."When spoke until here, she stopped.

     Run dark incapable of believing his eyes, looking at A Jing. And those mask-wearing people suddenly surrounded A Jing.

     "Sorry...darkness. We, after all, are not the same as a world. But at least, you have to live...I don't care if you violate the spirit of death..."

      When spoke until here, a small black mole appeared in A Jing's brow.

      The mask-wearing believers all knelt in front of A Jing.

     "Actually... they haven't seen what I really look like. In ghost teaching, anyone wears a mask to face each other."

     Suddenly, the black mole, scattered with countless black tendons, covered A Jing's entire face, and looked very scary.

     "I really didn't mean to deceive you. Before I saw the note, I... didn't know that I was the key to saving you. So, I came here, in front of you... to say everything the truth."

     Ah Jing's original beautiful face, at the moment, was like a ghost.

     Run dark stood in place without moving.

     He could not describe his shock at the moment with words.

     "That green pill, I haven’t eaten it for three consecutive days...So, I think It should be about the same...I, abandon Ren Jing’s identity as this human, to save you, as "Lu Xiaoming" And appeared..."Then, A Jing's face has completely turned black. Her eyes turned red instantly, and then her body began to twist, her hands wrapped around her chest, and she began to coil around her body. Finally, her hair began to grow instantly.

     Immediately afterwards, Ah Jing's body was completely covered with long black hair. The believers spread out and knelt on the ground to knock their heads.

     After A Jing's body was buried in the darkness, his body became stranger.

     The hair seems to have life, and began to change. The original hair began to become hard and blended with each other, and then the shape began to become regular.

     A black door...

     So slowly appeared in front of the dark!

     And heaven... don't know when, it has been completely covered by darkness.

     Ah Lu Xiaoming?

     At the same time, she is... Is the key to unlocking the curse on herself?

     Then, the door began to emit a plume of black smoke, which surrounded the darkness like malaria. However, he didn't have any reaction.

     But his missing right hand, surrounded by the malaria, changed.

     The empty sleeves, actually... became bulging! Then, a good palm came out of the cuff!

     But Run dark even looked doesn't look, he but... walked slowly towards the door.

     A Jing... turned into a door? this is what's going on?

     "Mr. Yirun An..."Suddenly, the former mask-wearing leader stood up and said to him: "According to the letter sent to us by the leader before, we are asked to take out the things buried behind that door, and then give it to the person who came with her. . That person, you..."

     But moisturizing doesn't have any reaction.

     "Of course we can't help but listen to the leader's words. Since she left last year, she has been telling us, whatever happens must not go to her. We also know that the leader has been time is limited..."

     "Step aside……"

     Run An just said this sentence without emotion.

     "Mr. Yi... Please take out the Blood Eye Scroll, so that you can open the door and take out what the leader explained..."

     "You get out of my sight!"

     Run dark punched on the man's mask, stepped forward, clasped the door handle tightly, shouted: "A Jing... A Jing! What are you doing a joke! Do you want to treat me like this? Thoroughly? Abandon the identity of human beings and give me hope of survival? What the hell are you thinking about!"

     However, has not replied.

     Lu Xiaoming is the name of the leader of the ghost eyes. It is also a pseudonym that Ah Jing has made for the convenience of his future actions. Three years ago, after her mother died, her father said in a note that she was asked to come in contact with the ghost-teacher, and they would take care of her life.

     Then, A Jing put on the mask that existed as Lu Xiaoming. At the same time, I also realized that I am not a pure Human, but the door of the fierce space and the fusion of Ren Jing's flesh and blood.

     This is all the facts concealed by A Jing.

     At this moment, suddenly, the door opened.At the moment of darkness, a pale and rotten hand reached out from the door.

     His neck was immediately strangled tightly...

     Xiao Xia looked in horror at the sky covered by a black cloud outside the window.

     "This... what is this?"

     Before he could react, the black clouds hovering in the sky suddenly gathered together, forming a vicious face.

     The face was extremely grim, and the deep sunken eyes were two purple lights.

      "No... no!"

     He immediately drew the curtains, and the sweat completely soaked his back.

     "The devil... the devil is coming...he won't let me go..."

     At this moment, the door opened.

     He suddenly raised his head and almost screamed.

     It was his sister Xiaoya who walked in.

     ", What happened to you?"

     This is not the first time Xiaoya has discovered his brother's situation. His condition is getting worse every day.

     The illusion first, then constantly looking in the mirror, these days, it is actually nightmare.

     My brother's eyes were already covered with bloodshot eyes, his hair was extremely disheveled, his cheeks were deeply sunken, where did he look like a child? It looks like a premature aging old man.

     "Brother... Who do you mean by demon? Brother?"

     "Xiaoya...He is coming to find me...Brother...Brother, he is coming to me..."

     "Brother? Who do you mean?" Xiaoya was completely confused."It's him... Brother Huanyuan, he's coming to kill me! He won't let me go, absolutely won't!" .

     And at this moment, suddenly, the curtains were blown up by the wind.

     At that moment, Xiaoya also saw the grim face in the sky outside the window.

     At this moment, the mouth of that face actually opened.

     Then, a voice appeared in Xiaoxia's mind.

     "Four days later... four days later... is yours dead!"