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0 Chapter Directory 183 The Most Terrifying Thing Is ...
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Go to...Guishui Island."

     After Ming Huarui disappeared, Bo Shao made the decision immediately.

     Ghost Eye Curse... finally started!

     At this moment, in the villa that Sun Zhengyan temporarily purchased, every person sitting around who was regarded as a "ghost" by the prince reincarnated and made a final decision in order to find a way to live.

     "Miss Ren Jing told me a lot of things," Bo Shao not to mind taking all the trouble explained to Fang Kai and Li Hongming again and again: "You may not be able to understand yet. However, this curse opened thousands of years ago. Chain, how terrifying and desperate. As long as the curse is suffered, whatever the case is without any means of escape and escape. In the end, only passively wait for death."

     Li Hongming wanted to say something, but Bersau stopped him, saying: "Of course... we can't be too pessimistic. At least, now I know that the person named'Lu Xiaoming' has the secret of the vicious space. She is the current leader of Guiyanjiao. I don’t get much information about her because this secret school has too many unknown secrets..."

     Then he began to explain "Guishui Island"."Guishui Island was bought by me three years ago. At that time, when I investigated the matter related to Miss Ren Jing, I learned that the island is the one region/place closest to the Xingming Space in the legend of ghost eye religion. It is also a taboo for the church. The island was originally under the name of a Real Estate Company and was located in the coastal waters of city A. The island was extremely barren, not even a blade of grass grows. Later, in order to be able to consider living there in the future, Under the direction of the chairman, I built a villa on that island. Now, we are going to go there... the vicious space, there should have been some changes..."

     As he said this, Bo Shao squeezed his hands tightly, the slightly hot blood-eye scroll fragments...

     Run dark woke up.

     He was lying on a soft and comfortable bed. It looked like an ordinary residential room. The furnishings were simple. They were just basic furniture. There was no computer on the desk.

     "A Jing... A Jing!"

     Run An quickly got up, ran out of the room, looking for Ah Jing.

     This really seems to be just an ordinary residence, which looks like a cheap rental apartment.

     The house was clean and tidy, but the furniture was too few, and the door to the outside was locked. No matter where, there is no window.

     He only remembers that before he was in a coma, he was pulled in by a hand that stretched out from the gate of the fierce underworld.

     So... could it be...

     Is this the vicious space?

     He immediately took out the phone and called Runli.

     The phone was connected, similar to the curse of the stairs in the past."Hey...hey... Runli? Tell me, whats the matter happened this week?"

     "Brother?" As soon as Runli heard the dark voice, she said excitedly: "You... how are you now? Did you find Master Lu Xiaoming?"

     "Listen..." Run An squeezed his temple, and said, "Run Li, tell me first, how long has it been since A Jing and I left that day?"

     "It has been... the past four days."

     Four days...

     "Someone... die?"

     "Um..." Runli told Ming Huarui about her disappearance.

     Run Dark nodded, he recalled A Jing's body, which changed into a door of a vicious space, Run Dark still felt a pain like a knife being twisted in one's heart.

     Must... save her, save Jing!

     "Run Li, listen to what I'm going to say next, and pass it all to Bo Shao. It is estimated that the relationship between A Jing and Guiyanjiao, he has not found out...A Jing, she is actually..."

     Runli heard heart alarmed, trembling in fear, almost unbelievable when listening to the dark description of the incident. And she heard Run An said that he was in the vicious space now, and immediately exclaimed: "Brother!"

     "That's all I want to say... don't worry about me. I carry a lot of potions made by Ah Jing, don't be afraid...I won't be afraid anymore...Follow them, I will definitely come back! Love you, Runli! Goodbye!"

     Run An hang up the phone after speaking.

     He knew that the intention of Ah Jing sending him here was for him to find out the truth about the curse of the fierce space.

      No matter the case, her wish is to "live with Run Dark".At this time, the door to the outside suddenly opened.

     Run An looked nervously outside the door.

     One room is connected to the outside.

     When I walked in, it was still a simple and elegant room with few decorations.

     Similarly, there is no window, no light. It is strange that the dark can see all this.

     In this unknown space, there are still many mysteries waiting for him to explore.

     Here... there must be the source of all curses!

     Then, there must be a way to find Remove Curse! Run Dark's heart swears that he must see Ah Jing again, no matter how much hardship it takes and how much terror he faces.

     If human fear creates a vicious space, then only human courage can end it?

     Run dark believes so unflinching.

      thought until here, he resolutely took the step and walked towards the unknown...

     Xiaoxia knew that today is his death.

     Even though it sounds ridiculous, it is true and real.

     At this moment, he still stared at the mirror in front of him.

     In the mirror, his face was as usual, but he was even thinner.

     Mother was busy with work and did not notice much about his changes. However, Xiaoya has always seens in the eyes.

     Dead Spirit has announced his prophecy.

     He lowered his head deeply.

     "Sorry...Brother...It's my fault..."

     He has completely restored past life's memory.

     However, life cannot be repeated, let alone the previous life.How much sorrow can be relieved by this confession? Xiaoxia didn't want to die, but without other methods.

     After dinner, the mother settled the accounts in front of the computer, and Xiaoya was doing her homework. As for him, always staring at the mirror.

     Xiaoxia raised her head again.

     At this moment...

     In the mirror, a change finally appeared...

     The mirror is facing the doorway of his bedroom, reflecting a terrifying sight.

     A pair of festered hands, holding Xiao Xia's mother's feet, slowly dragged out of the bedroom. Fan Xia, Xiao Xia's mother, leaned on the ground, letting her hands sway, her face covered with blood. And the master with both hands was completely hidden outside the door.

     Xia Xunji turned the head around.

     There is nothing.

     The doorway to the bedroom is as usual.

     And when he turned his head back to the mirror again...

     In the mirror, a face full of red abscesses and an unusually protruding left eye came to the other side of the mirror.

     In front of him, the deep and mysterious purple pupil looked directly at Xiao Xia, and then, in the mirror, opened his mouth without lips and only exposed white teeth!

     A sharp, screaming like hell from hell, let Runli living next door heart alarmed, trembling in fear.

     Whats the matter happened?

     I can't remember how many rooms I walked through., hundreds...

     Inside the vicious space, there are only infinite rooms. Those rooms are connected together. Every door...

     And Moist, began to notice one thing.

     In every one room, there are clocks.A watch with hands completely stopped and not moving at all.

     What does Ah Jing want to find?

     Run dark stayed in a room at this moment, staring at the clock in front of him.

     Stare, stare.


     He began to feel that the light in front of him began to diminish.

     What exactly do these rooms mean? The stagnation clock is...

     Run An recalled the words of A Jing's mother.

     "Your curses can be avoided, and they cannot be avoided..."

     What exactly does that mean?

     The clock in front of him always gave him a strange feeling.

     It is as if there is no time flow in this space.

     At this moment...


     Behind him, the sound of what was torn apart was clearly heard!

     Run dark bit his lips tightly, clenching his fists, and said repeatedly in his heart: "Can't be afraid...can't be afraid..."

     As if a large piece of paper was torn, the sound echoed repeatedly.

     Run dark turned the head around.


     Runli came to the door next door to ring the bell and loudly shouted: "Whats the matter happened? Is there anything I can help? I live next door..."

     Then, the cry of tearing the heart and rending the lungs came from the room.

      "No... Xiaoxia! Xiaoxia!"

     Then the door opened.

     Xiaoya immediately grabbed Runli's hand and cried, "Miss Yi, please help... my brother has an accident, he has an accident!"Runli turned pale with fright, and then Xiaoya quickly pulled her into the house.

     Inside Xiaoxia's bedroom.

     That what is?

     Most of Xiaoxia's body has been swallowed by the mirror. The face is less than one third, and it remains outside the mirror. His mother, Fan Yin, was holding his body tightly, trying to stop the mirror from sucking his son in.

     In the mirror, only Xiao Xia's body outside the mirror is reflected, and nothing else is abnormal.

     After a few seconds of consternation, Runli reacted immediately, stepped forward and helped Xiaoxia's feet together, and said, "Come will be fine!"

     However, the force behind the mirror was too horrible. Runli and Fan Yin, combined with Xiaoya's power, could not pull him out.

     "Break...Break the mirror!" Run Li suddenly flashed the idea and looked around for tools that could be used to break the mirror.

      "No... No!" Fan Yin cried and said, "So, what will happen to Xiao Xia's head in the mirror..."

     At this moment, Xiao Xia's right hand suddenly lifted up slightly.

     Then... his right index finger pointed to his sister, Xiaoya.

     Then his lips twitched, and finally he opened his mouth reluctantly, and said a word.

     "She... is her! She is..."

     As soon as the word "Yes" exited, suddenly, the power in the mirror suddenly became stronger. Finally, Fan Yin and Run Li's hands snapped at the same time, Xiao Xia's body, just like this... was dragged into the mirror in!(There will be an exam this weekend and weekend, so the next chapter may be updated next Monday night. Rest assured, this time you will definitely be presented with an ending that truly conforms to the style of "Irritation". In addition, the group number of book friends has been changed, now The group number is 39110410, readers who love this book, please join in the discussion!)