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0 Chapter Directory 184 The Most Terrifying Thing Is ... 4
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

without omen.

     In the room where Won-dawn woke up, there was a crisp crack in the air.

     The sound was very harsh.

     A big rift appeared in nothing between the smoke and dust. Immediately, a completely rotten hand reached out.

     Then, the sound of cracking continued to change.

     With a flash of blue purple-light, the whole space opened a huge gap.

     A blood-red light blade that was more than three meters long stretched out.

     Nethercracker ghost blade.

     The ghost knife created by the ghost spirit eyes.

     Nowadays, only the ghost knife can be used...

     The unspeakable horror face emerged completely from the broken air.

     With a low roar, he immediately revealed his body.

     A luxuriant brocade, but, with this already dead body for thousands of years, could not match.

     The dead spirit of the fierce space, the dead soul of Prince Huanyuan.

     Then, his body floated toward the door where Yun An left, and entered yet another room.

     Everything returned to silence, and the cracks in the air began to recover gradually.

     After about ten minutes.

     Suddenly, another hand broke through the crack!

     A beautiful Qianying quickly stepped into this space, she fell to the ground, panting heavily.

     His face was already pale as paper.

     "Finally...come in..."

     A Jing covered his chest, struggling to stand up."Here... it should be the place where Yun-dang is sent in..."

     Lu Xiaoming...

     That's... the name of A Jing's previous life.

     After her mother died three years ago, she was gradually entangled in some strange dreams. In a dream, her name is Lu Xiaoming. And she later used this name as a pseudonym to serve as the leader of the ghost eyes.

     Recently, her past life's memory has gradually recovered.

     Guishui Island, an area that was once far from the Central Plains.

     The Tang dynasty has already begun its final demise.

     Due to the land merger Intensified, Peasant Uprising continues to erupt. The decadent rule of the Tang Dynasty was already imminent danger, and on the occasion of soldiers munity and troops rebel, Xiao Ming's people chose to migrate overseas.

     They chose this ghost water island as a shelter.

     A desert island facing the sea and isolated from the outside world. The tribes are farming here, and many people choose to go fishing and live a self-sufficient life.

     When Xiao Ming came to this island, he was only fourteen years old.

     All the disasters started on that island...

     A Jing didn't find Run Dark here.

     "Sure enough...he woke up." She began to think about how to find him. This vicious space is almost infinitely vast, and it is not so easy to find the darkness.

     "You have to meet Run-dark as soon as possible. But... you can't use the sub-space potion here..." A Jing began to think, and at this moment, her eyes noticed a wall clock on the wall in front of her eyes.

     A wall clock whose hands stop moving.When I saw the clock, a chill suddenly rose from the bottom of A Jing's feet.

     "Then, that's..."

     A Jing has an ominous feeling.

     She raised her steps and quickly left the room.

     In front of the darkened eyes, a wall of wallpaper was completely torn apart. In the center, a large amount of snow appeared. And just now, this wall is still good.

     Run Dark stepped back a few steps.

      "No... don't be afraid..."

     He almost bit his lips out of blood, his nails deep in the flesh, forcibly suppressing the fear of spraying out from every pore in his body.

     He cannot fall here.

     What exactly do those weird clocks mean?

     Stagnant pointers, if they all point at the same time, then the dark can understand the interior of this space, and time is still. However, the pointers are almost always different.

     The pointing of those pointers doesn't have any meaning.

     Run dark decided to continue to move down one room.

     Ah Jing knows that the dead spirit must be looking for luster. It was only a matter of time before it was found.

     But she still sent him into here.

     Because she is very sure, Run dark will not die.

     Before his "date of death" arrives.

     When she learned from Wen Zimei's notes that she was the key to unlocking the curse, she stopped taking the green medicine. What she couldn't think is, it regained her hunch ability. Moreover, even the name, appearance, and hunch of the date of the cursed person who did not exist before can be achieved.But what followed was a huge trembling.


     She, and Run Yun, Run Li's date of death...

     Just the day after tomorrow!

     There is no time.

     She and Yun An will die on the same day.

     Runli cannot escape either.

     After that, she wrote a letter to the Ghost Eye Teaching Forum. Then, they were ordered to go to Runli, Bersau and others immediately after they came there to inform themselves of the list of deaths they felt.

     The time has not yet passed, so according to the rules, the dead spirits cannot kill the moisturizer.

     However, the day after tomorrow, it will be different.

     She raised her wrist and looked at the three watches she was wearing. Those are all famous watches from Switzerland, and the error is almost negligible, not to mention there are three pieces in total.

     To grasp the time means to seize the opportunity.

     "Wait for me...dark, now come to you..."

     A Jinggang was ready to act, and suddenly found that his feet could not move.

     She lowered her head in horror and looked at the pair of white leather shoes she was wearing... actually turned into a pair of red high-heeled shoes!

     Ah Jing didn't have time to react, then the shoes left automatically!

     A Jing was also taken away!

     She was about to take off her high-heeled shoes immediately, but the shoes seemed to be firmly fixed on her feet, and she couldn't get rid of them!

     A Jing always wears skirts on weekdays, so she can clearly see the scene of her legs.

     Many red meridians extended from the shoes to their legs and began to spread towards the above own body.

     A Jing gritted his teeth.Blood spewed out.

     She dripped the medicine that could be turned into skin on her arm into a saw on her right hand, and immediately saw sharp teeth on her hand. The potion has been strengthened, and the hardness and sharpness of the teeth are comparable to diamonds.

     Then, she closes the eyes, waving the saw teeth growing from her right arm, and immediately cut off the parts of her legs below the knee!

     Her body fell heavily on the floor, and then she fled quickly with her hands on the ground. Even with heartrending pain on her feet, she gritted her teeth to endure.

     And the severed foot has completely turned red. Then, she started to run and ran towards A Jing.

     A Jing pushed the door in front of him with his hand and climbed into yet another room.

     Then she turned around and looked at the two severed feet, wearing red high heels, and walked to the door.

     But... but did not come in.

     A Jing felt very strange.

     Why...not coming in?

     Although the decoration of this room is also very simple, but the painting of the walls and the color of the doors are completely different from the room opposite.

     That foot stopped at the door, motionless like a statue.

     A Jing raised his hand and closed the door heavily!

     Lenovo’s strange clock, A Jing suddenly opened up to a wide panorama.

     She began to understand some of the rules of this vicious space.

     "So... is that so?"

     The right hand is already Reparo, and the jaggedness has disappeared. A Jing took out the rotting powder again and spilled it on the broken part of his knee.

     Soon, a black breath overflowed, and intact feet grew again under the knee."Sure the fierce space, the effect of decay powder has become better..." Ah Jing when recalling, the reason why the dark arm is restored as before is probably the same principle.

     She stood up again.

     In front of him, there was another wall clock.

     Ah Jing coldly looked at the wall clock and walked towards yet another room.

     To find moisturizing, we must rely on mutual induction of decaying powder.

     She poured the powder of decay powder that she used to moisten her palm, and then the powder will gradually move forward, indicating where she is.

     "Yes... here!"

     A Jing prayed in his heart that he must find Rundang earlier than the dead spirit! Otherwise, once Run An was caught, even if the date of death did not arrive, A Jing could not rescue him again.

     Those who have violated the dead spirit will surely be killed by the dead spirit.

     All's just a matter of time.

     A Jing recalled his past life.

     The past life as Lu Xiaoming.

     On that day, she came to that cave on Guishui Island.

     If, she didn’t go there that day...

     Maybe nothing will happen.

     At first, it was just out of fun. This cave seems to be deep, and it was accidentally discovered by Xiao Ming under a hill.

     Because the cave was a little dark, she took a candle and wandered in the secluded cave, a long shadow reflected on the ground.

     Occasionally, she would look at her shadow.

     Originally, everything was calm.At this moment... Xiao Ming suddenly noticed that there was a man wrapped in a black robe all over his eyes.

     He appeared so abruptly in front of her!

     Too late to think, I saw that the black-robed man stepped forward and stepped on Xiao Ming's shadow.

     Xiao Ming's body suddenly couldn't move.

     Then, the black robe suddenly sank slowly.

     He sank into the shadow of Xiao Ming!

     The night is here.

     Under Yuehua, the outline of the island came into view.

     Runli opened her eyes wide and looked at the island.

     Ghost water island.

     The source of all terror.