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0 Chapter Directory 187 The Most Terrifying Thing Is ... Seven
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Xiao Ming suddenly opened the eyes.

     She rolled up the scroll.

     Absolutely not the husband is back. He couldn't knock the door so hard.

     Outside the locked gate, she faintly saw a shadow approaching...

     Xiao Ming reached into his clothes and touched the small bottle with the subspace potion. But this touch made my heart suddenly cool.

     The little bottle is gone!

      how can it be!

     She clearly placed the bottle next to her, but she couldn't find it! However, before she could react, the shadow had walked to the door and began to push the door.

     Because the door was locked, the shadow did not open.

     Xiao Ming turned back to look at the window, but this time, he took a breath of cold air.

     The window... also disappeared!

     Such a strange phenomenon has never happened in the past!

     Shadow, continue to knock on the door.

     Xiao Ming's tears kept falling. She began to understand what she was facing.

     "Enough... Enough... Please let me off... Why... Why must I be selected..."

     Xiao Ming fell to the ground, fear and powerlessness had completely swallowed her.

     "I understand...I, I will not terminate the study, so...Don't come to me!"

     After this sentence was finished, the knocking stopped.

     Xiao Ming raise head up.

     Outside the door... that shadow is already vanished.

     Finally, Bersau and his party arrived at the villa.

     There is still a period of time from 00:00 of Midnight. You must find a way to enter the vicious space before tomorrow."According to Ah Jing's letter, we have to find the original cave," the three skeletons we saw before did not too many affect Bersau's mood. He said to the three who were about to be cursed: "The three of you are currently the most Dangerous, it’s best to stay in this villa. The structure of this villa was constructed with reference to the advice of the first-class geomancer in China, and it should have some effect in the aspect of seek luck and avoid calamity. Liuli and Runli Go find that cave."

     This is indeed the best arrangement at present.

     "For the room, you will be assigned by the chairman, and we will leave after dinner. On this island, the mobile phone has no signal, so we will use the subspace potion to find us."

     As long as it is the same bottle of potion, drip it in two places, you can connect the space.

     Bersau's idea is that with this bottle of potion, perhaps, he can enter the vicious space.

     Runli looked at the dark night outside at this moment, but she couldn't help it.

     Especially the three bones under the mound just now made her full of fear for this strange island.

     After putting on his coat and holding a flashlight, Bo Shao and Liuli and Runli left the villa.

     In the letter, Ah Jing did not describe the location of the cave in detail. After all, it is past life's memory, it is difficult to guarantee that it will not go wrong.

     Along the way, the three were silent.

     Will it die?

     Will we die?

     Runli, however, has been paying attention to the direction of the three skeletons in the distance.

     But if she goes there now, she will find...

     Under that mound, it is already as empty as anything.On the way to the cave, the ground became muddy. And the further away, Bo Shao's mind began to churn all the memories of thousands of years ago.

     Killed the Prince's memory.

     He looked at the dark sky alone.

     In the sky, almost no starlight was visible.

     "Are you afraid?"

     Liuli suddenly asked: "You, afraid of the prince, revenge on your violation of sin from the previous life..."

     "So, what about you? Are you afraid?"

     Liuli looked at Runli next to her, raised her head, and said, "Fear is useless. The more you fear, the more you cannot escape the curse of the vicious space. I understand this."

     "At that time, my mother's instructions asked me to prevent the birth of the dead spirit. I failed to achieve it. Now, I must make up for this mistake. For thousands of years, tens of millions of people have fallen into the horror of unable to escape because of this curse. ..."

     She clenched her fists and made up her mind.

     She said in the heart: "This time... let's live together!"

     Fang Kai stayed in his room quietly in a daze against the wall.

     Full of mind, all are Bin Qiu.

     She was killed by the vicious space. Now, it is difficult to preserve one's life.

     In the past life, as a doctor, he slaughtered many babies.

     Is this retribution?

     Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his head. Under the mound, the images of the three bones could not be swept away.

     This island... is the closest to that space...At this moment, suddenly a smell of earth penetrated into his nose, and in front of him, a phantom appeared.

     Two pale hands, on the ground, eyes are so close to the dirt.

     Head up.

     What he saw was...

     Outside this two-storey villa.

     It crawled here quickly.

     Fang Kai crawled up from the bed in horror. The reality of the image made it difficult for him to convince himself that everything was an illusion.

     He put on his clothes and picked up the flashlight. Decided to go outside and confirmed that the image is not true.

     He walked towards the door of the room...

     An hour later, Li Hongming and Sun Zhengyan discovered that Fang Kai had left the villa.


     The date of death is tomorrow! But Fang Kai was vanish without trace.

     The two of them were constantly searching in the villa and could not see his figure. This caused them to panic.

     "Don't you go outside to find Doctor Fang?" Li Hongming immediately made this suggestion. This island is not big, search again should be no problem.

     Sun Zhengyan looked at his watch. It is 00:00 from Midnight and two hours. On this island, only this villa is relatively safe, which was specifically instructed by Bersau.

     "It's not okay to go out and find him now... getting closer and closer to the date of death..." Sun Zhengyan thought after a while, and said: "The date of death hasn't arrived yet, he must be fine. He has a sub-space potion on him. If something goes wrong, you can escape immediately. It is estimated that you want to follow the Bursau to find the cave. We leave here, but it is dangerous."

     A strange and strange wind began to sweep the ghost water island."found it……"

     Bersau, Liuli and Runli finally found the entrance to the cave.

     When entering the cave, the three of them did not feel very uneasy. Inside the cave, it was not particularly dark, and with the flashlight, the three were rather afraid.

     But, the deeper, the less light.

     Bersau raised his watch... less than half an hour left...

     "This hole looks really deep..." Liuli estimated that they had already walked for several kilometers, but they still did not reach the end. The further you go in, the narrower the cave.

     At this moment...

     A bifurcation appeared in front of me.

     One to the left and one to the right.

     "What should I do? Should we act separately?"

     Bo Shao looked at Liuli and Runli and asked their opinions.

     "Or... Runli, you follow Liuli, walk with her on the left, and I walk on the right." Bo Shao knew that Runli was very timid, and it would be better for Liuli to accompany her.

      "No... It doesn't matter." Run Li said complete change from the normal state: "my one person go to the left."

     She knew... the more fear, the more unable to escape curse.

     Bersau looked at his watch again and said, "Almost there... right here." Then, he took out a small bottle from his body and sprinkled the subspace potion on the ground, forming a circle enough for three people to pass through. .

     Sun Zhengyan and Li Hongming are now in the hall on the second floor to be very scared and on edge.

     The violent wind shook the glass so loudly that the lights flickered up and down at the same time as the two went up and down in their hearts.Immediately afterwards, the glass broke apart and the lights in the room were completely extinguished!

     "Stop... power outage?" Sun Zhengyan couldn't help but ask in surprise: "Aren't you surely checking the circuit before, surefire?"

     Li Hongming gritted his teeth and said to Sun Zhengyan: "Sun... Chairman Sun, let's go... leave this! Use the subspace potion!"


     Sun Zhengyan thought until here, immediately reached into the underwear pocket and touched the bottle of potion.

     But... this touch...


     Just as thousands of years ago, Xiao Ming encountered exactly the same situation.

     Finally, the bell of Midnight 00:00 rang.

     Then, including Runli, a horrible picture appeared in front of all the people on this island.

     That's... Fang Kai's face!

     In the illusion, Fang Kai's face was close to almost everyone's cheek.

     A black nail passed through the top of his head and pierced his chin.

     His eyes have turned completely white.

     Run Li suddenly fell to the ground.

     She knew that Midnight 00:00 had passed, but...

     The picture of Fang Kai's death actually appeared in front of yourself!

     Then, the blurred image disappeared.

     She struggled to stand up, trying to help the rock next to it, but what she felt was...

     Such a soft a bed sheet!

     She looked at the surrounding environment in horror, and then she found a person standing in front of her eyes.Here is a dark room. But she vaguely separated the food around her.

     And that person, she quickly saw clearly.

     It was an extremely familiar face.

     "Run, Runli..."