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0 Chapter Directory 189 The Most Terrifying Thing Is ... Nine
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Here... is the room where a ghost is!

     A Jing is very sure of this.

     Although twelve o'clock noon and Midnight 00:00, through this stalled clock is Unable to Judge, but A Jing is convinced that this pervasive death curse, there is no reason to give them the mercy of one thread, one hair.

     All three were in a state of extreme panic.

     Even if the date of death has not yet arrived, so I don’t need to worry that I will die, but... If I am really stuck here, then it is only a matter of time before the dead spirit finds them!

     An extremely strong sanguinary aura drifted from every corner of the room.

     At this time, it is the most terrifying!

     Bo Shao heard Runli's inner panic shouting and felt uncomfortable. He quickly asked: "Runli...whats the matter happened? And, did you see Miss Ren Jing? When she saw her, let her drink it. 'Mind Potion'! Runli!"

     The person who brought Spatial Summoning to this World is A Jing's previous life, Lu Xiaoming.

     Liuli still remembers what her mother told her in her previous life.

     One month after seeing the shadow, at midnight, my mother conducted an experiment on the subspace potion Teleport on Palace Square. That square can hold a thousand Royal Forest soldiers. The other side of the move is a town in the country, very far away from the capital.

     The potion was sprinkled around the square. At the same time, in order to ensure the effect, a human face plant was planted in the plaza center.

     At the beginning of the experiment, the soldiers endured the terrible howling of the human face plants and lined up to stand in the plaza center.Because Xiaoming was not particularly confident because he sent so many soldiers at a time, he planted human-faced plants as an aid to ensure the stability of the space. that time...

     Above the plant with countless faces, a man's face suddenly raised his head, facing the sky with a very sharp howling.

     The scream made almost every soldier hold his head and fell on the ground in pain. And at the same time, Xiao Ming dumbstruck saw... a huge crack appeared in the sky!

     The crack, getting bigger and bigger, was completely broken.

     A huge Black Sphere floated out of the spacial rift(s).

     And the place it floats to is...

     Luoying Pavilion!

     Only Xiao Ming saw this sphere, everyone else basically couldn't see it.

     The huge Black Sphere enveloped the entire Lok Ying Pavilion.

     On that day, Huang Fei actually gave birth prematurely because of an accident. After the Black Sphere enveloped the Luoying Pavilion, almost all of them were dead.

     Huang Fei died after giving birth to her son.

     This son, the father of Huanyuan in the future, one of the seven evil spirits, became A Jing's grandfather in this life.

     Really full of satire.

     A Jing thinks this is also one of her destiny.

     Liuli's plan is... to choose Guishui Island and plant that human face plant again. At the beginning, it was because of the human-faced plant that brought the vicious space into the world. decided to use that plant and the sub-space potion again to send the dead spirits... to other spaces, and then destroy the plant, completely cutting off the connection between the dead spirits and the vicious space!

     However, there are two problems.

     After recalling past life memories, Liuli already knew the method of planting that kind of plant, and it was no problem to grow and finish in one day.

     Moreover, how to connect a new heterogeneous dimensional space can only be known by the mother, A Jing.

     A Jing said in the letter that after she turned into the door of the vicious space, it would probably take three to four days before she could enter the vicious space. According to their plan, someone is going to enter the vicious space to find A Jing, and then, through the mind potion, let A Jing tell Liuli these things. The communication of the mobile phone has been cut off and cannot be used.

     This is a plan to bet everything!

     The bloody breath became stronger and stronger.

     Run An, carrying a chair, slammed into the door, but there was no response at all. Even the chair was smashed, the door was not move a single jot.

     "It would be nice if... there were ghost eyes..."

     Run Dark is covered with sweat at the moment, how terrible Li Gui is, he is very clear.

     Even if he does not die, he will definitely fall into the horror of prefer death over life!

     A Jing and Run Li are also knocking on another door with various tools. However, it is useless to do anything.

     "A Jing..." Run Li asked out of breath: "Do you... do you have a potion that can open this door? There must be some?""No, no... doesn't have any potion can directly resist the curse of the vicious space... I can't do this!" A Jing said, his hand didn't stop, he was still desperately smashing the door.

     "Then..." Runli gritted her teeth and said to her, "Only has one way!"

     Then, Runli put down her hand and smashed the door, took out a bottle of blue potion, and said to the surprised A Jing: "This... is the'mind potion' you made. Drink this and you can Liuli talked. You...was mother and daughter in the past life isn't that so? Liuli's plan is..."

     Run Li just wanted to tell the plan. Suddenly, she only heard a "loud" a loud sound. Suddenly, all three fell into extreme silence.

     Following the source of the sound, the "boom" sound came from a cabinet in the corner.

     Immediately afterwards, there was another "bang"!

     The things in the cabinet are striking hard, and they are going to come out!

     They dare not move at all.

     The one in the cabinet... is a ghost!

     The sound of the impact is getting louder and louder, and even the whole cabinet is shaking!

     Suddenly, A Jing took the potion, unscrewed the cap, and drank it. Then, she said in her heart: "Hip... is it Hip?"

     She now seems to have changed back to Lu Xiaoming.

     "Mother... Lady Mother?"

     Liuli was shocked at first, she couldn't think A Jing would call her "Huiyi".

     "do you have any plans?"

     The door of the cabinet was heavily opened.

     However, nothing in the cabinet.

     "Hurry up! Scarlet clothes!""Got... Mom, my plan is..."

     While listening to her thoughts, A Jing watched the surroundings vigilantly.

     Even in the most optimistic situation, I am afraid to lose hands and feet.

     After listening, A Jing said: "Understood, the method I tell you... although the success may be very low..."

     She was about to talk, and suddenly...the neck felt tightly bound by what thing...

     While Liu Li was waiting for A Jing's answer, suddenly the contact was interrupted, and she suddenly sighed in her heart.

     The candle placed on the table in the lobby on the second floor also began to flutter with the wind.

     Immediately after...

     In front of us, illusion and reality overlap together.

     Same as Fang Kai at that time.

     Not only Liuli, Bo Shao, Li Hongming, and Sun Zhengyan also saw it.

     "That...that what is?"

     The illusion in front of me... is right in front of this villa.

     They felt that they seemed to see the villa through the senses of their eyes.

     Connect with the senses of someone, no, something "eye"...

     The surrounding scenery reversed rapidly, and the villa was getting closer and closer.

     Finally, at the gate.

     Everyone held their breaths, and even the sound of a needle falling on the ground in the room could be heard.

     A little white hand stretched out towards the door of the villa.

     That door should be locked.

     But that hand, actually pushed it away easily!

     Immediately after...

     The four heard at the same time, the sound from the first floor...the door "squeak" opened!;