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0 Chapter Directory 190 The Most Terrifying Thing Is ... Ten
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

In an instant, thousands of years ago, past life's memory flashed in the mind again.

     On that day, the emperor shot an arrow into the prince's head. Then, he left the secret room.

     a long time. Shaoqing's hand reached the prince.

     "Your Highness..."

     The arrow stuck in the crown prince's forehead seemed to shoot into Shao Qing's heart. The curse on the prince before he died made him unforgettable.

     "Am I... a ghost?" Shao Qing talked to oneself and repeated what the prince said just now, suddenly and violently laughed.

     The evil spirit... is the evil spirit...

     He saw the image of the ghost behind the emperor just now.

     Even if there is the protection of the blood-eye scroll, even if this World can be prevented from being invaded by the murderous space, the fact that Shaoqing killed his best friend and killed this person who trusts him incomparably will not change.

     will not change……

     It’s just like, in this life, you will return to your previous life without any means...

     And just then...

     The sound of the door "squeaking" opened, causing Bersau's heart to tremble, as if the world had fallen into a state of stillness. And then, in front of him, those pale hands crawled on the ground and hurried towards the stairs...

     It is coming up...

     It is coming up!

     Bersau's hand began to tremble.

     Just as it was then...

     "Little... Shaoqing..."

     At that time, the prince did not die!

     An arrow has been inserted into his head, but he is still alive!" me...please..." Prince dying said: "I...I know, Lu... Lu Xiaoming witch has... there is a kind of Healing Potion that can... save me, please... "

     The Prince's eyes were already full of despair, but he also prayed to Shaoqing that he could let him be for the friendship of the two.


     Shaoqing's hands were shaking.

     As long as he inserts the arrow a few inches, he can kill the prince.

     Dead spirits can only choose the living person as the host. As long as the dead spirit does not appear, the vicious space can be affected, only this Luoying Pavilion, at most, involves the area around the Royal Palace, and absolutely cannot spread to the entire world.

     This man who may become a dead soul will disappear.

     In the future, as long as you continue to work in Luoying Pavilion. That way, this country, no, this World can be saved. That was exactly what Lu Xiaoming Witch Maiden had admired since he was a child.

     As long as Shaoqing reaches out, he can save this World.


     The pale hands crawled slowly on the stairs.

     Bersau opened the window and looked at the height. Say to the people behind: "No way... jump!"

     At this point, that hand, already arrived at the top level of the stairs.

     There is only a few corridors away from the room they are in!

     And that hand, continue to crawl on the ground.

     At the height of the second floor, you can't fall if you jump down. Of course, you may be injured, but if there is A Jing's Healing Potion, there is no problem.

      Healing Potion...Thinking of these four words, his heart jumped.

     "Please... Shaoqing..."

     The prince is still struggling.

     Shaoqing hesitated.

     Because he is always under the threat of those ghosts, Healing Potion, he does carry it at any time. This kind of potion is the one made by Lu Xiaoming and is the only one used for medical purposes. No matter how many injuries are suffered, as long as the blood loss does not reach the level of lethality, you can definitely be saved.

     The arrow sealed the wound in the brain, it is estimated that the arrow was not inserted deep, so now, using the potion, it is likely to save the prince.

     But, that means bullying the king, but also... destroying this World.

     It is an indisputable fact that the dead spirit has chosen the prince. On that day, if Xueyi took a slow step, the prince was already dead.

     Only by killing him can this country, this World be saved.

     "We... are all guilty..." Shao Qing said coldly to the celebrity who didn't know when he entered the secret room: "We are unforgivable..."

     "No, that's not the fault of Master Shaoqing..." Shao the head said: "This is a choice made for the sake of the world." But...


     Shaoqing didn't know how many babies he had killed. He did it with all his heart and never hesitated.

     Only this person...

     Only the prince...

     He trusts himself so much, he doesn't have any fault, until now ......

     He saw tears in the Prince's eyes...

     He made a decision.Shaoqing took a small porcelain bottle from his chest and unscrewed the lid. Then, step forward, grab the arrow and pull it out suddenly! Suddenly, a lot of blood spilled on Shaoqing's face.

     "Shaoqing... Shaoqing, what are you going to do!" Feiyi seemed to realize something, and hurried over. However, she and Shaoqing were separated by a distance.

     Shaoqing poured the milk-white liquid in the bottle onto his hand, and then applied it to the wound on the forehead of the prince that was pouring blood.

     "Do not--"

     Almost instantly, the wound disappeared without trace.

     The prince came to life.

     Feiyi ran to Shaoqing and was speechless in surprise.

     He actually saved the prince!

     What does this stand for?

     Ah Jing already knew.

     Sun Boshao is not one of the seven evil spirits.

     His death, not because of the curse of the Prince, but because of the hatred of other strange babies for his killing, or because of the arrangement of the vicious space itself. In short, that had nothing to do with the Prince's will.

     The seven evil spirits are Emperor, Liu Zhen, Feiyi, Liuli, Liufei, Huanzhen, and the seventh person is...

     Lu Xiaoming, the witch, is A Jing!

     A Jing, she is the most hated person among the seven evil spirits!

     And seeing her, there is no need to ask, it is naturally Yin Yang's ghost eyes of her biological father Ren Senbo.The prince did not hate Bersau, because Bersau was his savior. She anticipates that the keywords for Bersau's death are clearly different from others. The key word for other people's death is "dead spirit", and the key word for his death is "Purple Eye Ghost Infant".

     The sound that Cursor had heard at the Crown Hotel before, cursing him, was not the prince, but the strange babies.

     At this moment, A Jing's neck was strangled violently. A black shadow lying on the ceiling put a black string around her neck and suspended A Jing...

     A Jing knew that the prince would choose to kill her last.

     Kill her the origin of everything.

     He hated the most... evil spirits!

     "Ah... Ah Jing!" Run An looked at Ah Jing suspended from the ceiling, and went on like this... she would die!

     However, as he prepared to go to help, the door to the outside suddenly opened.

     For the prince, restraining Ah Jing is the first priority. In addition, the cursed person only needs to cast a curse on the date of death.

      whatever the case...A Jing...must die!

     Although this vicious space refuses the existence of all living creatures, only the dead spirits must be alive. Because only living life can have human self-knowledge and feelings of fear.

     The dead ghost is either a part of the curse, or it is turned into a wraith because of evil thoughts. Without good and evil views, without heart, nature, there is no fear.The dead spirit is a source of fear connected to the human heart, and thus creates the root of all kinds of horror curses. As long as the dead spirit exists, humanity will not die for a day, this curse... there will be no day of rest.

     Run An didn't look at the open door at all, but said to Run Li: "Run away, Run Li... I, I want to stay and save A Jing!"

     If you don’t live with Ah Jing, it’s meaningless.

     No more... fear!

     The black figure on the ceiling groaned low, while A Jing was still hanging. However, the black strips were not really tight. Only, just restrained A Jing.

     After all, her date of death is tomorrow.

     Runli also wanted to immediately escape from this ghost room, but brother and A Jing are here!

     "Run away!" Run An bit his teeth, grabbed the chair, and threw it against the dark shadow on the ceiling!

     The chair hit the shadow, and then fell to the ground.

      "No..." A Jing desperately wanted to speak, but once he talked, his neck was tightened.

     She could feel that the Crown Prince Huanyuan, holding the ghost blade, was farther away... getting closer and closer! At most, only about ten rooms away!

      If you encounter it, the dead spirit, in this vicious space, only get trampled on!

     At the same time, she conveyed to Liuli inwardly, planting human-faced plants, connecting Foreign Space, and... the way to destroy it!

      No matter the case, the prince would never be able to kill those people without going to Guishui Island.Just go there... send the prince to another space, you can cut off his connection with the vicious space!

     Run An was planning to continue throwing furniture, and suddenly his entire body was firmly pressed against the wall.

     Then he saw in horror that each of his hands and feet had a deformed baby, and he affixed it to the wall ignoring gravity, holding in his hands... a black nail!

     Before it was too late to respond, those weird babies nailed the black nails to the dark hands and feet!

     Ling Huan Yuan will soon arrive in this room!

     Shaoqing looked at the prince don't dare to believe.

     He actually...healed him, and this death by the emperor will become a spirit of death and destroy the existence of the world!

     But... this short period of consternation...

     A black sleeve appeared on the left and right sides of the crown prince.

     Then, in front of him, the prince's entire body was suddenly dragged into his brocade!

     In the Chamber of Secrets, Shaoqing and Yueyi watched unbelievably, the empty robe in front of them.

     Dead Spirit is born at that moment...