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0 Chapter Directory 191 The Most Terrifying Thing Is ... 11
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

A Jing's body was completely tied up and firmly tied to the ceiling.

     This situation is almost exactly the same as the original curse of ghost painting.

     And Runli, has fainted.

     Here...Here...He's coming!

     A Jing felt, the dead spirit will enter this room!

     Outside the door that had just opened, clear footsteps began to sound.

     The death grim reaper, now, is coming in...

     At the same time, A Jing has told Liuli all the answers through Telepathy.

     Now, all hope is pinned on Liuli.

     Bersau jumped violently from the window. His physique was always good, and he fell to the ground without much injury.

     It was followed by Liuli.

     After she jumped, Li Hongming helped Sun Zhengyan prepare to jump down. In front of her, the thing had moved outside the hall door.

     Various weights have already been piled up at the door, barely able to resist for a while.

     Li Hongming gritted his teeth, grabbed Sun Zhengyan and jumped down violently. Below Bersau and Liuli are responsible for catching them. After all, Sun Zhengyan was very old, and the two were also very worried. Although there is Healing Potion, it is not clear if the fracture can be treated.

     And at the moment of jumping, the door was completely knocked open.

     Li Hongming successfully jumped down, and Sun Zhengyan fell heavily on the ground with his right leg. The fracture was affirmative, and it seemed that his waist was dislocated."Listen... Officer Li..." Bo Shao pointed to the front and said: "Let's separate and escape... You go there, we go here... In short, everything must be careful! Rest assured, blood eye scrolls can also play a role... …"

      Having said that, no one knows how great the scroll can be.

     There was no time to hesitate at the moment, so the two groups dispersed and fled.

     While flying, the image in my mind is also changing.

     They can still see what they see in their eyes.

     It is now slowly crawling into the room.

     Bersau pulled the glass and spread his legs, and on this island that doesn't have any grass and trees, he only relied on rocks to cover it. in addition without other methods.

     "Planting...Planting human-faced plants...You can blame the dead..." He said to Liuli while flying, "Send to yet another space! Miss Ren Jing, did she tell you?" ?"

     Liuli has not replied, but nodded.

     She has also completely restored past life's memory. In fact, the fact that Shaoqing saved the prince was only known to Shaoqing himself and Yueyi. Everyone else thought it was the messenger of the underworld who took the corpse of the prince.

     No one doubts Shaoqing's words.

     "It's me... with my own hands, to restore the horrible source of this World... the real sinner is me..."

     Bersau very clear this.

     But, if he is allowed to choose again...

     Will he save the prince?

     At this point, he could not give himself an answer.Then the scene in front of me switched again.

     The pale hand began to crawl desperately, got into the window, and then crawled down the wall quickly!

     Bersau continued to accelerates, and although he had run for several kilometers, he still kept on stopping. Although he was almost overstretched, he still dared not stop.

     Finally, the scene no longer appeared in my mind. The two also ran to the island's Periphery Zone.

     There are many rocks, suitable for hiding.

     "Here... planting?" Bo Shao had lingering fears and looked back, and asked Liu Li.

     "Yes... if it is here, it will be fine."

     "But... the chemical equipment in the villa..."

     "no need."

     Liuli replied intermittently, and then began to wander around, choosing a relatively soft land, and said to Bo Shao: "Come help me... Shaoqing."

     Bersau walked to the earth, nodded, and began to help plan the soil.


     Liuli, no, it should be said to be nodded, and then said: "Now... it's time to start planting."

     "But... how do you plant it?" Bersau asked puzzled.

     "Do you know... how did the mother plant that human face plant on Guishui Island?"

      "Yí?" Bo Shao shook the head and said, "How could I know...she..."

     "It's a shadow."

     Bo Shao froze.

     Liuli explained: "Mother, she... uses her shadow as a seed to grow plants. I can also do such a thing."

     "Shadow...shadow?""Trouble you, turn on the flashlight and reflect my shadow."

     Bo Shao thought she was completely serious, so she took out the flashlight and pressed the switch.

     The shadow of Liuli was illuminated and projected on the ground.

     Then, Liuli squatted down and stroked the shadow on the ground with his hand.

     After a few seconds of touching, she seemed to have a decision. Then, press the thumb and index finger of the right hand on the shadow on the ground. Then... she actually tore off the shadow on the ground!

     The torn shadow is like a piece of shredded paper. The torn part was quickly filled with shadows.

     She buried the black shadow the size of a piece of paper into the soil that she had just dug, and then filled it up.

     "That's it... that's fine. It must grow out before tonight."

     At this moment, Bo Shao can only pray in his heart that the chairman and Li Hongming can support it until that time.

     Then she crouched down again, tearing off a small piece of her shadow as before.

     "Even if reborn by reincarnation still inherits the mother's physique. You can use your own shadow to grow alien plants. Now A Jing can probably do such a thing?"

     "This shadow is about..."

     "Well. We need to make tools to destroy alien plants."

     Then she gave the shadow to Bersau.

     "This, you plant it."

     She looked at Bersau seriously, and then replied: "You know. your responsibility, Shaoqing."

     Bersau knew that he could not refute Liuli's words."There is nothing wrong with what we did in the previous life, and now there is nothing wrong with what we do."

     When Liuli said these words, tears flashed in her eyes.

     "Only by doing this...understand? Shaoqing?"

     Bershaw shook his hand and took over the shadow fragment.

     Or... do you want to do it yourself?

     Do you still... kill the prince?

     Even after a thousand years, the problems to be faced remain unchanged.

     After all, you still have to do this.


     Holding the shadow fragment, I can't feel any temperature passing on it. Bersau felt that his heart seemed cold.

     If you choose again, what will you do?

     This answer is now the moment to face.

     "So, how to plant?" Bo Shao asked Liuli.

     "Incorporate the shadow fragments into the fragments of the blood-eye scroll. That's it. That's all right. Lady Mother... I mean Ah Jing, that's what I told me just now."

     "Got it." Bersau took out the scroll fragments he had, and then placed the shadow fragments on the scroll fragments.

     Soon... the shadow merged into the scroll, and the entire scroll was suddenly dyed black. Before he could react, the fragments were in his hands and gradually melted.

     And Liu Li took a test tube sharp-eyed and deft-handed from his body and took the dripping black liquid.

     When black liquid almost filled the entire test tube, Liuli was at ease.

     So... all the conditions are ready.The trap is ready.

     This battle with the dead spirit... either you die or I die!

     The fate of everyone is about to be decided.

     The sky is still dark.

     It is very close to the sea, and sometimes the sound of waves can be heard.

     Both of them there's nothing about it, drowsiness, almost, staring at the dirt just now. Although I know, it will not grow out so quickly.

     "Yiyi..." Bo Shao sat cross-legged, looking at the Liuli around him, and suddenly said to her: "You still think that I did something wrong?"

     Liuli was silent for a while.

     "Do you... still think you are right?"

     "I don't know." Bo Shao Ang looked up at the starry sky and said, "Tomorrow... tomorrow evening, can I still look up at the starry sky like this?"

     Liuli sighed.

     "In the future, it has not become a fixed number..."

     "I, I promised you to replace your mother as a witch, even if you stain your own hand and kill those babies, you will not hesitate to eliminate the connection between the vicious space and this World. But after all, nothing can be reversed."

     Suddenly, Liu Li's body was completely embraced by Bersau.

     "Temporarily...Keep this posture...I'm tired. Either me as Shangshu in the previous life, or you as the witch in the previous life. We, all of us are... tired, isn't that so?"

     Maybe... there is no future at all.

     Sun Zhengyan and Li Hongming later separated and ran away.Inside his mind, the pale little hand is still advancing on the ground, constantly crossing the ground in front of him. This is so fast... let him heart alarmed, trembling in fear.

     After all, as he was older, he was out of breath at this moment, holding a rock and sitting down to rest for a while.

     At this time, the image in my mind disappeared.

     This instead scared him.

     In this way, it is impossible to understand where the ghost is.

     Dead Spirit... When will it arrive?

     Outside the dark door, stepped into a foot covered by a long dress.

     In the dark, the rotten and terrifying breath made A Jing dared not move.

     Still... inevitable...

     However, he cannot kill himself now. At the earliest, I also got Midnight 00:00 tonight.

     However, for A Jing now, it doesn't have any meaning.

     Countless evil spirits coiled around the ghost blade, floating around the prince's scary face, in the blood-red light, those purple pupils were wide open.

     The dead report's verdict will be delivered to Ah Jing from his lipsless mouth at 00:00 tonight!