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Chapter Directory 4 Stunning Debut
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

"It's raining, I'm walking on a deserted street..."

     After playing the short intro, Lu Chen sang with the accompaniment of sound of guqin: "Look at the flowers, thank you..."

     All fans who are familiar with Tan Hong believe that "Flying Pigeons" is one of his best works. The content of this song is not esoteric and complicated. It tells the story of a teenager yearning for freedom and longing for love. The ideal incarnation is Pigeons flying in the sky.

     This is also a lyrical ballad suitable for young people to play and sing, so it has been loved by countless people. It has been sung for more than ten years, and it can often be heard in Houhai bars.

     However, it is recognized that this song is difficult to sing and play. If a vagabond singer who does not have enough strength wants to sing it beautifully, it is completely self-inflicted.

     According to Lu Chen's previous standards, he chose "Flying Pigeons" as the opening song, which is simply beyond his control!

     However, when he plucked the strings and started his own singing, the Daylily bar quickly became quiet. Several customers who were talking and laughing closed their mouths, and the bartender standing behind the bar stopped shaking the shaker in his hand. Even the waiters walk quietly on tiptoe when they walk, for fear of affecting others.Lu Chen's clear and clean voice was clearly transmitted to everyone's ears through the speakers placed in every corner of the bar, making the customers present can't help be infected, and making their mood rise and fall with the sound of the song.

     "I'm standing in front of you..."

     "I dream of becoming a dove flying in the blue sky..."

     "Lah~a flying pigeon!"

     I like it because I am familiar, and I am picky because it is familiar.

     Many customers who come to Daylily have a good appreciation of music or pop music. As long as a vagabond singer plays a wrong note or sings a tune, they can tell, especially what's frequently like "Flying Pigeons" The classic heard can be repeated in detail is a great test for vagabond singer.

     Lu Chen's playing and singing are almost perfect, fingering, breath, voice, and emotion are all in place. If you insist on being critical, it can only be said that he is a little bit green compared to the original singer Tan Hong.

     But the young boy, nevertheless boy?

     After 5 minutes, the song ended.

     The audience crow and peacock make no sound. After a while, without knowing who raised the head, the applause broke out.

     Good is good. Singing well will naturally get sincere applause.

     Then the loud rogue whistle sounded, again drew a lot of laughter and admiration."Little Lu, you sang so charming today, my sister loves you to death, I will give you a dozen Jinwei!"

     This is a cordial greeting from a certain true white bone spirit/pseudo female literary youth!

     "Thank you..."

     Lu Chen smiled and waved to the other party to express his gratitude-that was an old customer who likes to joke.

     Customers’ love and support for vagabond singers is usually reflected by rewards. Male vagabond singers will give beer, and female vagabond singers will give flowers. A dozen of Kingway’s 12 sticks, one price is 20 yuan, which is equivalent to 240 yuan.

     Lu Chen doesn't need to drink the wine, but he can draw 50% of it, which is 120 yuan!

     The positioning and customer population of Houhai Bar is completely different from that of Sanlitun. Basically, there are no local tyrants who spend a lot of money, rich second-generation XO grudges, and brain-disabled children who fight for girls.

     Twelve Jinwei rewards are not small here.

     This sister Shan also gave Lu Chen wine before, but at most two or three of them were meant to be meant to be. Today, he gave out a dozen directly, which undoubtedly shows that the singing and singing he just finished has been loved and appreciated by the other party.

     Lu Chen is undoubtedly correct to take "Flying Pigeons" as the first song of the warm-up.

     He was holding the guitar, and there was a strange feeling in his heart.

     And behind the bar, there is a charming woman in a very special mood.She opened her lips slightly, staring at the bar owner Chen Jianhao with inconceivable eyes, and said, "Brother Jianhao, if you don't want to let go, just say it. Is it fun for me to play like this?"

     Chen Jianhao couldn't smile: "Su Qingmei, where can I play with you!"

     This aunt is not an ordinary person, and his handful of old bones are absolutely unaffordable.

     "You dare to say..."

     Su Qingmei gnashing one's teeth said: "Little Lu's voice is a bit special, but the level is too amateurish. It is the limit to pad the field here, and you have to repair the sound field at the back. Do you really want it?"

     She repeated Chen Jianhao's comments on Lu Chen completely, and she didn't even make a single word mistake!

     Chen Jianhao immediately dumbstruck and unable to reply.

     He himself felt very strange. Lu Chen was obviously at an amateur level, but the playing and singing skills he showed today are different from the previous ones, as if shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones, a miracle appeared!

     Just before Lu Chen started singing, Chen Jianhao was not happy that Lu Chen chose "Flying Pigeons" as the opening song.

     He thinks that the song is too difficult for Lu Chen to control.

     As a result, he was now frigid irony and scorching satire by Su Qingmei, and he couldn't refute it, he could only say: "This youngster...hey!"

     "It must have been the past two days, I have asked the master to give me advice. It's just a super level performance."Chen Jianhao thought of an explanation that he thought was reasonable.

     "Two days?"

     Su Qingmei sneered and said: "You can point out such a level in two days? Which master is so good? I hired him with an annual salary of one million, and don't tell me that you can't hear it. His voice has never been adjusted by the backstage! "

     Chen Jianhao felt that his face was about to swell.

     He understands music. He was originally from the show business community, and the bar is owned by his own family. How could he not hear the vagabond singer's performance? Has the sound been modified?

     There must be something wrong with the audio room!

     This further illustrates the power of Lu Chen-pure original sound!

     Facing the aggressive Su Qingmei, Chen Jianhao could only say depressed and helplessly: "Then you go and talk to Little Lu by yourself, as long as he agrees, I will definitely let him go!"

     In fact, Lu Chen and Daylily Bar did not sign a formal contract, so you can go wherever you want.

     Su Qingmei smiled triumphantly, and said: "Listen to two more songs, maybe it's really a super level performance?"

     At this moment, Lu Chen, who is sitting on the stage holding a guitar, has already received 37 beer rewards.

     The extra income of 370 yuan made his mood almost fly, and finally suppressed his excitement, and said into the microphone: "Thank you very much for your support, the following song, um, very special..."His words stumbled, and he paused for a while and continued: "It's a song I wrote by myself. It was the first time evertheless sang it today. Its name is..."

     "My Old Classmate!"

     "My old classmate", this is the first song Lu Chen got in the dream world. He composed the song and wrote the lyrics, and then successfully registered the copyright in the "Greater China Music Library" together with another song.

     Therefore, on the legal level, "My old classmate" is an original song that Lu Chen owns all copyrights.

     But Lu Chen could not deceive himself, saying that such behavior is not plagiarism. However, thinking of the huge debts of his family, the burden in his heart is too weak.

     The familiar and unfamiliar dream world, the memories of three periods of life, should be God's gift to him to change his destiny!

     Taking a deep breath, Lu Chen's confused eyes became firm again, and his fingers pressed on the strings again.

     Original song, sung for the first time in a Daylily bar?

     Lu Chen's words inevitably caused a small commotion in the bar. The guests were surprised a lot, not to accept as correct, and many people thought he was sensationalizing.

     Especially those regular customers who knew Lu Chen were already surprised at the level of Lu Chen playing "Flying Pigeons" just now, and now they heard that he was going to sing his own song, and they couldn't believe it.Originality is so easy!

     Since the birth of modern pop music, there have been countless classics in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and America, Japan and South Korea, but now, there are fewer and fewer good original works, and some people even say that excellent melodies have been written.

     The melody is of course impossible to be written, but this statement also proves the difficulty of originality.

     Many popular vagabond singers claim to be original, and their works are often patchwork or ordinary and mediocre. Such vagabond singers are also found in the bar circle. They often expect to become famous with one song, and the result is mostly laughable.

     Is Lu Chen also stunned?

     Young people have normal impulses, and everyone can understand who doesn’t have passion.

     But this does not mean that they think Lu Chen can come up with good original works.

     It’s just that the title of the song sounds interesting-My Old Classmate.

     Many people remembered the same table they used to be when they were young, and a smile appeared on their faces.


     Su Qingmei pursed his lips and said with a smile: "Brother Jianhao, your boy is really hidden, I am here today!"

     The bar owner who has been hit hard said with excitement: "Listen, listen..."

     Original? It's a nonsense. How many catties does Lu Chen have? He still doesn't know?When Chen Jianhao asked Lu Chen to perform on stage, it was because of his good appearance and good voice. It was not a big problem to fool laymen. Anyway, it was just a vagabond singer. It didn't matter whether it was good or bad.

     As for music literacy, does Lu Chen have such a thing?

     But after the previous lesson, Chen Jianhao won’t say much, in case if he gets beaten again...

     Where is his old face?

     On the stage, the guitar prelude sounded, and the soothing singing drifted into everyone's ears.

     "Will you remember tomorrow,

     The diary you wrote yesterday,

     Are you still worried tomorrow,

     You who used to cry most.

     The teachers can't remember it anymore,

     You who can't guess the problem,

     I also turned over the photos by accident,

     I just think of My Old Classmate!

     Who married melancholy and moody of you,

     Who read your diary,

     Who put your long hair up,

     Who made the wedding dress for you...


     The customers present were stunned, and the waiters were stunned.

     Chen Jianhao was stunned, and Su Qingmei was also stunned.


     A classic folk song belonging to another world, after Lu Chen's singing, suddenly broke his/her heart!Touching everyone's soul.


     Note: "My old classmate" made by Lyrics: Gao Xiaosong

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