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Chapter Directory 5 You At The Same Table
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Luo Hongyi is one of the regular customers of Daylily Bar.

     He has worked hard in the capital for many years and is now considered a half-successful person. Although he is very busy at work on weekdays, he often comes to the bar to sit in the bar at night and order a few rums to entertain the long silent night.

     Luo Hongyi doesn't like to be too noisy and doesn't want to be alone. The atmosphere of Houhai Bar makes him feel comfortable. He came here not to wait for an affair, but to relax his tight heartstrings.

     Tonight, he is sitting in his old place in the Daylily Bar.

     Then I heard "My old classmate" sung by Lu Chen.


     You used to be very careful,

     Asked me to borrow half an eraser,

     You also accidentally talked about it,

     Like being with me.

     The sky was always blue at that time,

     Life always flies too slowly,

     You always say that graduation far in the indefinite future,

     Go separate ways in a blink of an eye!

     Who met melancholy and moody you,

     Who comforts you crying,

     Who read the letter I wrote to you,

     Who threw it in the wind...


     As an elite in the workplace, Luo Hongyi has long been accustomed to fighting and schemes against each other. He once thought that his heart was as indestructible as steel, and he would no longer be moved by people or things.However, when he heard this clean, fresh and melancholy ballad, he suddenly found that his heart was not as hard and cold as he thought, and there was still a softness that did not need to be ashamed.

     Deskmates perhaps is the deepest existence in everyone’s youthful memories. Many people’s deskmates are the most touching first love. Although everyone didn’t understand love at that time, the only thing that does not involve utilitarianism and is not corrupted by the ways of the The feelings of the world are the most beautiful!

     Luo Hongyi also has a tablemate who is inscribed deep in his memory. It is a girl with "pupil" in her name.

     Knowing, getting acquainted, falling in love, quarreling, reconciling... After graduation, go separate ways in a blink of an eye!

     It's like a modern drama, but that's what Luo Hongyi has experienced, Motherf*cker's youth!

     The past can no longer be recalled, but at this moment Luo Hongyi suddenly had a strong impulse. He wanted to call Hitomi, just to ask-are you okay now?

     But he had lost contact with the other party a long time ago.


     The old days are gone,

     I will also have my wife.

     I will also show her photos,

     Tell her about My Old Classmate.

     Who married melancholy and moody of you,

     Who comforts you crying,

     Who put your long hair up,Who made the wedding gown for you,


     Luo Hongyi stood up abruptly and almost overturned the small wine table in front of him, but he ignored it, grabbed a piece of unopened wine on the table and strode towards the stage.

     On the stage, Lu Chen finished the last lyrics.

     The whole audience was silent, as if it had been enchanted, and time was still frozen at this moment.

     Lu Chen feels great.

     Because everyone's eyes were focused on him, no one was talking, no one drinking, no one walking around, no carelessness, no turning a blind eye.

     Here, on this stage, he conquered everyone with a new song!

     Except for a well-dressed middle-aged man, he quickly walked through the aisle between the wine tables, rushed to the front of the stage with a slight stagger, and then placed the wine bottle in his hand on the countertop covered with non-slip hard rubber. on.

     Immediately afterwards, the man who looked like a professional elite took out his wallet from his arms and opened it. He first counted out five hundred-yuan bills and placed them next to the wine bottle. He hesitated and added three more.

     A total of eight new big red banknotes were held down by him with a wine bottle.

     "Sing it again!"

     The middle-aged man looked up at Lu Chen and said in a hoarse voice: "Please sing again!"There was an inexplicable luster in his dark eyes.

     Lu Chen was startled at first, and then quickly said, "Thank you for the support of this gentleman, then I will sing it again. I hope everyone will like my original new song."

     This kind of rewarding method is rare in Daylily Bar, because most of the people who come to consume here are white-collar workers, literary and artistic youths, college students or show business community people, and most of them are qualified and rational.

     The classic characteristics of "My old classmate" have been moved by Lu Chen's first singing.

     At this time, the applause finally exploded in the bar, and the enthusiasm was about to lift the roof!

     Lu Chen leaned over and took the bottle of concocted rum, unscrewed the bottle cap, took a big sip, and then returned to the original position. He nodded at the opponent and hugged the guitar again.

     Start singing the second time.

     The applause that had just sounded was like a shower in a summer night, coming and going faster, the bar quickly restored tranquility, and the noise of the pedestrian street outside passed in through the glass windows of the door, faint and ethereal.

     Lu Chen's singing and guitar sound of guqin are mixed together to fill this unforgettable time little by little.

     Behind the bar, Su Qingmei tightly grasped Chen Jianhao's arm with bright eyes, and said in a low voice: "I want, I want him, I want him!"Chen Jianhao squeezed between the eyebrows with a headache, and smiled bitterly: "My eldest lady, can you aloof?"

     "It's yours, you can't get away even if you want to run, it's not yours..."

     "He can only be mine!"

     Su Qingmei interrupted the other party proudly, with unspeakable self-confidence in his words: "I don't believe that he can refuse my invitation, but the premise is that you can't be stalking, and this song is really his own original..."

     Chen Jianhao shook the phone in his left hand and said, "I have tried it by listening to songs. There are no identical or similar works. If you want to confirm the rights, then go to the music library to check."

     "Listen to the Sound and Know the Song" is a very popular mobile phone software nowadays. As long as you open and record a piece of music or singing, you can identify the name of the song and the name of the song, with a very high accuracy.

     Of course, compared with the "Greater China Music Library", the professionalism and authority of "Listen to the Sound and Know the Song" is much worse.

     Su Qingmei grinned, let go of Chen Jianhao's arm and said, "Then it's okay."

     The charm of a mature woman and the cunning of a young girl, the combination of two different temperaments, gives her a unique charm, just like the fairy who turns all living creatures upside down in the legend.

     But Chen Jianhao show respect from a distance: "You are fine, I still have problems!"

     He left the bar and walked in the direction of the backstage.On stage, Lu Chen's singing continued.

     In the large room backstage, Sister Hong and the male vagabond singer Ye look at each other in dismay. Various emotions such as shock, consternation, envy, and jealousy appeared on their faces, and they were relatively silent and speechless.

     The large room does not have the soundproofing of the small suite, so the singing echoes in the bar can be heard clearly.

     After mixing in Daylily for so long, what was Lu Chen's original level, which one of them didn't know?

     As a resident vagabond singer, no matter it is Sister Hong nevertheless, a male vagabond singer with the surname Ye never looks down upon Lu Chen, thinking that he is nothing more than eating with a face open, and is essentially a bar waiter, who has never regarded him as a competitor. .

     However, tonight, Lu Chen played on stage. First, he used a song "Flying Pigeons" to make people admire, and then he came out with an original song that surprised the audience and won the audience!

     Does this nevertheless Lu Chen that everyone knows?

     The two could not believe, dare not believe, and did not want to believe!

     "He... where did he copy this, right?"

     After a while, the male vagabond singer Ye murmured: "I'm a bit familiar, so I am embarrassed to say original?"

     Sister Hong smiled reluctantly, but secretly despised the other's IQ.If it is an original song, you can check it on the spot with a mobile phone. Unless Lu Chen is kicked in the head by a donkey, he brags about being seen through here, and where will he have the face to continue mixing in the future?

     What made her unbelievable was that the two songs that Lu Chen sang before and after, hadn't been repaired!

     What is the fat guy in the audio room doing?

     At the same moment, the electronic sound room.

     The fat music tube and the waiter Little Gao are completely dumbfounded.

     They wanted to calculate Lu Chen, so they closed the Mixer direct soundtrack, thinking that this would make Lu Chen's original identity fully revealed on the spot, to satisfy their gloomy thoughts.

     However, the result was not what the two had imagined. Lu Chen not only did not lose face because of this, but instead won the applause of all the customers. The standard of playing and singing was much better than before!

     The sound coming out of the monitor can be heard more clearly than in a bar.

     Their small movements are all useless.

     And Motherf*cker Lu Chen even has original songs!

     The fat man shook his head in frustration, and reached out to reopen Mixer.

     Little Gao grabbed him, and asked in a dark voice: "Fat brother, can you make his voice more difficult to hear?"

     The intense jealousy was like a poisonous snake biting the heart of the waiter, causing him to lose his mind.But the fat man is still sober. He and Lu Chen don't have such a big hatred. After being startled, Huoliao said in a hurry, "What are you talking about, do you want my job? out of the question..."

     Of course it can be done well in tone repair, but it's too obvious to do so. When someone else is a fool?

     Little Gao was very unwilling, holding on to the fat man's arm, and wanted to continue to persuade him.

     At this moment, the door of the radio room was suddenly pushed open.

     The two with ghosts turned their heads and saw Chen Jianhao who appeared at the door. They were all shocked!

     Chen Jianhao's face was gloomy, and his extremely sharp gaze swept across the two of them first, and finally landed on the still closed Mixer, with faint sparks flashing in his eyes.

     The fat man slumped on the chair, trying to explain with a bitter expression: "Old... boss, I..."

     Chen Jianhao ignored him and said coldly to Little Gao, "Little Gao, you go to the cashier and take away this month's salary now. Don't come here again in the future."

     The owner of the Daylily bar knows exactly what happened and also knows who the criminal ringleader and main offender are.

     As if a thunderbolt hit his head, Little Gao woke up suddenly, all his jealousy, unwillingness, anger and hatred were gone, and some were just panic and regret."Boss, I was wrong, please give me another chance!"

     Being a waiter in a Daylily bar is actually nevertheless good. The job is stable and the salary is not low. The owner Chen Jianhao is not mean to the employees. By the end of the year, the red envelopes are all sealed.

     Little Gao really doesn't want to lose this job, and Chen Jianhao means that he will not be mixed in Houhai in the future!

     Chen Jianhao certainly does not have the ability to influence all the bars in Houhai, but as long as a few words are passed, which bar is willing to hire him who likes to make trouble?

     Now let him get paid and leave, it is already extreme benevolence, utmost duty open the net on one side!

     No matter how much you ask, it is useless.

     Little Gao wants to cry without tears-you can't live by committing sins!

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