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Chapter Directory 7 Like A Teenager
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"You still dare to laugh!"

     Chen Jianhao straightened his face and said, "Do you know that you are going to be miserable? My cousin is not easy to provoke. If you offend her today, you will suffer in the future!"

     Although he was serious, Lu Chen didn't have any fear in his heart. He smiled and said, "Boss, do you mean to let me sign this contract?"

     "It's up to you to sign or not..."

     Chen Jianhao waved his hand and said, "But starting tonight, you will be Daylily's resident vagabond singer!"

     Lu Chen was overjoyed: "Thank you boss!"

     He originally sang the vagabond singer, which belonged to the bottom of the bar vagabond singer circle. There is no guarantee and it depends on rewards. If you are lucky, you can mix up the venue to earn a bit of hard money. If you are not lucky, you can get a song every night. Can't sing.

     The resident vagabond singer is different. Although there is no fixed salary, it can guarantee the playing time, increase the percentage of rewards to 70%, and also run the field-go to other bars to perform.

     Compared with the vagabond singer of a part-time waiter, after becoming a resident vagabond singer, Lu Chen no longer needs to do the work of serving tea and water to customers, but his income has greatly increased!

     "Sing well..."Chen Jianhao opened a Jinwei and handed it to Lu Chen, encouraging: "Little Lu, if you can maintain your current level, and then come up with a few outstanding originals, I believe you will stand out among one's peers sooner or later. Become the first singer out of Daylily!"

     In this case, Chen Jianhao has never told other vagabond singers in the bar, even Zhang Nana or Qin Hanyang who signed to Daylily, the two of them have nevertheless reputations, but they are much higher than Lu Chen!

     Compared with Su Qingmei, he is more optimistic about the future of Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen was moved, and took the beer and drank cleanly.

     He put down the empty bottle, reached out to wipe the foam from the corner of his mouth, and said sincerely: "Boss, if that day, I will pay you to buy some shares of Daylily, it doesn't matter how much!"

     Chen Jianhao was stunned, and then smiled: "Okay, then you will be a small boss, hahaha!"

     He knew that this was Lu Chen's expression of not forgetting his original meaning.

     But Chen Jianhao is not too serious. There are too many talented and gifted young people floating in the capital. How many can really come out? Most are obscure and unknown, and eventually vanish without trace.

     Pointing out his finger, Chen Jianhao said, "Boss Little Lu, now your guests are looking for you, go!"Lu Chen looked back and saw several familiar guests beckoning to him.

     As a bar vagabond singer, unless the big names are flying, there are not many people who will refuse to communicate with guests. They will drink and chat together, talk about music and life ideals, and earn a bit of wine share.

     Most of the guests at the Daylily Bar are of good quality, and there is basically nothing wrong with them.

     Lu Chen works here and likes the atmosphere here.

     "Then I'll pass..."

     Lu Chen hesitated for a moment, and then asked, "Boss, the rewards for that night will be divided into resident vagabond singers, right?"

     Chen Jianhao was furious: "Get out!"

     Lu Chen cover one's head and sneak away like a rat.


     When I walked out of the Daylily Bar, it was almost midnight.

     In the capital of May, there was still a hint of coolness in the middle of the night. The night breeze blew along the lonely pedestrian street, causing Lu Chen to instinctively shrink his head and almost sneezed—the temperature difference between inside and outside the bar was a bit big.

     But his heart was hot.

     The source of the heat is the forty-seven hundred-dollar bills held in the pockets of the jackets, which are hot.

     Although he has become the resident vagabond singer of the Daylily Bar, Lu Chen nevertheless stood up as the last waiter, and then got the salary settled this month.From the teller’s eldest sister, Lu Chen knew that Little Gao, the waiter who didn’t deal with him, had been fired by the boss. As for the reason, no cause, no reason ran out of the audio room to put a fat sound tube on him. He faintly understood.

     Lu Chen just wanted to laugh about this. He is not a narrow-minded villain, but he is not even a noble saint. He is naturally happy when he sees a guy that he hates gets out.

     However, no matter how good it is, it is not as good as the joy of forty-seven new big red notes.

     One-third of this money is the wages of a waiter, because it is less than a month, it is not much. The other two-thirds comes from the rewards of evening customers-70% of the resident vagabond singer!

     Chen Jianhao is a very good boss. Although he has strict requirements on his employees, he is not harsh and stingy in terms of treatment. Like vagabond singer's rewards, he does not settle overnight.

     More than 3,000 rewards are the biggest extra income Lu Chen has received since working in Daylily for more than half a year!

     And this is just the beginning!

     Suddenly, Lu Chen was full of hope for his future life. The gloom and depression that had condensed between him between the eyebrows had all disappeared, and he sprinted towards the subway station.

     Speeding like a boy!Taking the last subway train at midnight, Lu Chen returned to his little snail house.

     Simply took a shower and went to bed.

     No dream for a night.

     At 6:30 in the morning, Lu Chen woke up on time.

     He works two jobs, works more than 15 hours a day, and takes only two days off each month.

     Today is a rest Sunday. He could have a good night's sleep, but under the action of his biological clock, he nevertheless opened his eyes and looked at the lead-grey cement layer on the roof of the shabby room, no more sleepiness.

     Lu Chen's heart was a little frightened, he was afraid that after he woke up, the things he had obtained in the dream would disappear.

     Familiar and unfamiliar memories quickly surfaced in his mind, making his anxiety disappear.

     Turning to get up, Lu Chen quickly put on his clothes, put on those worn-out sneakers, and left the basement after hurriedly finishing his personal cleaning work.

     At this time, everyone else is still asleep, and you can hear the snoring of up here, down there through the fireproof board. They are all the ants of Beijing drifting. Sleeping until noon on Sunday is the most enjoyable thing.

     After leaving the complex, Lu Chen ran across the road to the river, and then ran along the artificial river bank.

     He was too busy at work and had too little rest. He didn't have the habit of morning exercises before. KFC, who went to work as an hourly worker every morning, even exercised.But today he just wanted to run, otherwise he would feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

     At this moment, the sky is already bright, the river bank lined with green willows is still shrouded in thin mist, and there are already many early exercisers beside the trails and roadside flower beds, most of them are elderly people.

     Several bird cages hung on the branches of the tree, and thrush birds jumped in the cage, making clear and sweet calls from time to time.

     After running fast for more than ten minutes, Lu Chen's physical strength was exhausted. There was fine sweat on his forehead, his breathing became heavy, his legs were as heavy as lead, dry mouth and tongue It smells of rust.

     It was the lack of long-term physical exercise that was protesting. After all, he usually only runs for four to five minutes at most when he goes to work, and the speed is not so fast.

     But Lu Chen still has a voice in his mind, urging him, encouraging him, supporting him, and letting him keep running.

     For the future, he needs a healthy and strong physique!

     So supported by a certain belief, Lu Chen gritted his teeth and continued to run until his steps slowly became brisk.

     He is still very young, young is the greatest capital, so everything is possible...

     Near noon, Lu Chen returned to the basement dwelling.Of course, he did not exercise all morning, and spent more time on daily chores, such as depositing the money earned last night into his bank card, and then went to a nearby shopping mall to choose a set of expensive and of good quality sportswear and Sports shoes, and finally went to the supermarket to buy daily necessities.

     Running back and forth, returning with a load, Lu Chen's clothes were soaked with sweat, and there was a layer after drying. It was very uncomfortable to stick to the body sticky.

     However, he didn't care about taking a shower and changing clothes. He turned on the computer first, and transferred the 4,000 yuan that had just been deposited in the bank card to his mother Fang Yun and his younger sister Lu Xue.

     There were only more than 300 points left in his pocket.

     But Lu Chen is not worried, because he is full of hope for the future!

     After completing the transfer, Lu Chen seemed to let go of a major event, and the whole person became relaxed. At the same time, he felt fatigue and soreness accumulated in various parts of his body.

     His exercise volume is really great today, completely exceeding the previous limit, and sequelae inevitably appear.

     Taking off the sweaty clothes, Lu Chen was about to take a shower in the bathroom.

     Jingle bell~

     At this moment, the phone on the small desk rang, and the incoming call indicator flashed non-stop.

     Lu Chen reached out and took it without looking.

     "Brother, what are you doing?"On the other side of the phone, a familiar voice came from my sister Lu Xue, crisp and sweet with the youthful breath of a girl.

     Lu Xue is seventeen years old this year, and is a sophomore in the middle school where Lu Chen is home.

     Lu Chen replied: "I am going to take a bath before going to eat!"

     Lu Xue gave a "Hmm" and then asked: "Brother, have you made a fortune? Why give me money?"

     "That's it..."

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yesterday I made more than 4,000 yuan, transferred 3,000 yuan to my mother, and then gave you 500 yuan for pocket money. Isn't it very touched? Say I am the best brother in the world!

     "go to hell!"

     Through the phone, Lu Chen could also imagine his sister rolling her eyes: "You are not bad, but you don't have to give me so much. My mom gives me pocket money. Don't work so hard. Pay attention to your health. .."

     Listening to my sister's babbling on the phone, Lu Chen couldn't help but feel sad.

     Before the family accident, my younger sister Lu Xue was the little princess loved by the whole family. Usually 500 yuan was not enough for her to buy a pair of shoes, so there is no need to push around like this.

     "Well, you study hard, call me if you have anything..."

     After chatting for a few minutes and asking about the situation at home, Lu Chen ended the conversation with Lu Xue.He rushed into the small bathroom, closed the door and turned on the faucet.

     The cool tap water passed through the shower head and turned into tiny water jets, hitting him.

     Lu Chen closed his eyes, and memories of the past appeared in his mind.

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