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Chapter Directory 9 Starlight
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

A desk, a computer, a camera and a microphone.

     Lu Chen's webcast debut on the [StarryLive] anchor platform, and it simply started.

     To the microphone, he played and sang a song "Blue Crystal".

     "Blue Crystal" is a classic work by many people a few years ago what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail. The lyrics are catchy, with beautiful melody, and the singing rate in the KTV box is among the top.

     Lu Chen has sung with guitar many times before, and the lyrics of the music have been kept in mind for a long time.

     And now Lu Chen’s playing and singing skills have experienced the long dream of that night. He is like a teenager who fell into a cliff and got an adventure in the legend. She shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones. It is a small appetizer to deal with such a scene. .

     "Tomorrow I will go far away, embarking on a journey that will never return..."

     "Do you remember the blue crystal I gave you?"

     "Your real name is engraved on it..."

     As Lu Chen's clear, slightly sad singing sounded, the barrage on the screen was reduced a lot.

     But this situation only lasted for a moment.

     "It sounds good!"

     "Blue Crystal? One of my favorite songs, ah, ah, ah, ah~"

     "Little Lu plays the guitar really well, I sincerely ask for a teacher, and ask for a secret!""I'm so touched, I can definitely rely on my face to eat, but I have to rely on my strength to use PFS!"

     "It's finished, it's finished, after listening to Shuai Guo's singing, how will I face Fei Ge's ugly face and broken voice in the future?"


     System reminder: The New Yorker (Silver IV) presents the anchor with 100 stars!

     System reminder: The New Yorker (Silver IV) presents the anchor with 100 stars!

     system hint:……

     The New Yorker started frantically slashing the screen again, sending out 10,000 stars in the blink of an eye!

     Again easily covered a few sporadic rewards.

     Lu Chen finished singing calmly, and then said into the microphone: "Thank you New Yorker friends for the support!"

     He now has a basic understanding of the rules of webcasting. To put it bluntly, there is no essential difference from singing on the stage of a bar, except that the world of the Internet is vast. The number of fans and listeners in [StarryLive] is obviously the customers in the Daylily Bar. incomparable.

     At the end of the song, Lu Chen noticed that the attention of the anchor "Brother Little Fei ABC" increased to 1623, and the popularity surged to 548. There was a substantial increase, indicating that his singing can attract and retain people!

     This made him feel a little more proud. He coughed twice and said, "Please listen, flying pigeon."For the second song, Lu Chen nevertheless chose "Flying Pigeons".

     Compared with the previous song "Blue Crystal", Lu Chen has a better grasp of "Flying Pigeons". Although the latter is far more difficult to play and sing than "Blue Crystal", it gives him a chance to show off his skills.

     The little finger slides the string quickly and then quickly changes hands, continuously hits the hook, and adds a large span of fingerstyle in the middle, not to mention the chords, he also added a casual fancy to the original score.

     Li Feiyu sitting next to him was dazzled and dumbfounded!

     He has heard Lu Chen sing and watched Lu Chen play, but he has never been so shocked. It feels like Lu Chen has changed himself. He used to be an amateur playing ticket, and now he is a professional performer. .

     The gap between heaven and earth!

     On the computer screen, there is a wave of barrage. Although the popularity is only more than 500, the momentum of the screen and the shining stars are as enthusiastic as those popular anchors.

     "Oh oh oh~"

     "Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great!"


     "Brother Little Fei, I love you!"

     "Hahaha, are you new here? This is not Brother Little Fei, but Little Lu, Little Lu, Little Lu, repeat it three times!"

     "Uh? Did I miss something?"

     "..."Li Feiyu was speechless.

     He used to broadcast live, and when the online popularity was the most popular, it exceeded 1500, which was nearly three times the current level, but the number of barrage was at least ten times worse. As for rewards...

     Why is the gap between people so big?

     "Brother Little Fei ABC" children's shoes cried silently in my heart-this is really the age of looking at faces!

     Lu Chen didn't have so many thoughts. He played and sang "Flying Pigeons" seriously.

     I also feel very satisfied.

     System reminder: The New Yorker (Silver IV) presents the anchor with 100 stars!

     System reminder: The New Yorker (Silver IV) presents the anchor with 100 stars!

     system hint:……

     System reminder: Prediction Emperor Li Bai (Gold Ⅱ) presents a star battleship for the anchor!

     Originally, the nevertheless "New Yorker" was brushing the stars and cutting the screen, but the starry sky battleship sent by the "Prediction Emperor Li Bai" that appeared suddenly entered the screen with a tyrant and unparalleled momentum, and crushed thousands of people. One hundred starlight has become the focus of everyone's attention.


     Li Feiyu jumped up in shock and stammered: "Battle...Battleship! Battleship!"

     Lu Chen didn't understand at first, but he understood when he saw the new barrage.

     "Star battleship!""Really. Tyrant Wushuang!"

     "Which GG can tell me, what kind of prop is Star Battleship?"

     "The starry sky battleship is equivalent to 100000/1T starlight, which is 1,000 yuan. The local tyrant is asking for the thigh!"

     "My husband! My husband! My husband! My husband! My husband!"


     Lu Chen was speechless.

     In [StarryLive], 100 stars is equivalent to 1 yuan. Previously, the "New Yorker" paid 100 stars for a reward of 100 yuan. He just felt that the other party was rich and self-willed, and now Sanguan was immediately "Prediction Emperor Li Bai" refreshed again.

     A reward of 1,000 yuan!

     After giving out the star battleship, "Prediction Emperor Li Bai" concise and comprehensively typed three words: sing well.

     It's also cool out of the question!

     Lu Chen awoke and quickly said: "Thank you for your rewards from the friends of Prediction Emperor Li Bai, and friends from New Yorker, Thank you, everyone, I will send another original song of my own, called My Old Classmate, I hope you like !"

     Originally he planned to end after singing two songs, his stomach was already protesting.

     But now "Prediction Emperor Li Bai" sent out the starry sky battleship, he just walked away wherever he was embarrassed.

     "Original? Little Lu still writes songs by himself?"


     "The same mud?""Your sister, it should be My Old Classmate, have you smeared your ears?"

     "My deskmate is a gay guy!"


     Lu Chen looked at the barrage with great joy.

     It's so interesting! Completely different from the atmosphere in the bar, the level of interaction is very high.

     At this time, he noticed that the number of popularity displayed at the top of the screen had unexpectedly increased geometrically, from the original more than 500 to 1,400+, and it was still increasing.

     On the contrary, the star fans have not changed much, at least not that amazing increase.

     Later, Lu Chen learned that this is the so-called "local tyrant effect", that is, after the local tyrant has rewarded the blockbuster props, the website will display a red celebration barrage in most of the other live broadcast rooms, through which you can directly enter In this room, the popularity will increase.

     But whether the attracted tourists can be turned into real fans depends on the ability of the anchor.

     "Tomorrow will you remember the diary you wrote yesterday,"

     "Tomorrow are you still thinking about you who used to cry the most..."

     Singing "My old classmate" again, Lu Chen didn't brew too much emotion.But this classic ballad from the dream world is transmitted to the computer through a microphone under his playing and singing, and then transmitted to online audiences or expensive or cheap computers, tablets, and mobile phones through the network, and finally restored with the help of different quality speakers and headphones. come out.

     Still has an unstoppable charm!

     The original noisy and lively screen quieted down, and Lu Chen's singing seemed like gurgling water, flowing in a small room and flowing into the hearts of many people.

     "Who meets melancholy and moody you, who comforts you crying,"

     "Who read the letter I wrote to you, who threw it in the wind..."

     Halfway through the singing, the barrage gradually increased.

     "Suddenly I feel like crying, it's so annoying!"

     "Sand in the eyes..."

     "Chen Qian I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!!!"

     "Thinking of my tablemate in high school, I don't know how she is now."

     "None of you stop me, I will confess to the same table tomorrow! Well, he is also a man."

     "I miss the past so much. When I miss reading, I feel a little bit cried."

     "What's the name of this song? It sounds so good, I have never heard it before?"

     "The title of the song is my boyfriend, ask suicide again!""My Old Classmate, original anchor!"


     If most of the people who used the barrage were funny youths, then the current style of painting has suddenly become literary youths.

     Either moved, or nostalgic, or melancholy, or sad...Even if it is the first time to listen, the soul will still be touched. This is the charm of music, this is the magic of classics!

     There is no whispering without disease, and no impassioned high notes. A song "My old classmate" pops out from Lu Chen's fingertips and sings slowly from his mouth, making everyone who hears it moved.

     Until the end of the song, countless stars shine!

     System reminder: Sweet Baby (Bronze Ⅰ) presents the anchor with 100 stars!

     System reminder: Pineapple 1990 (Black Iron Ⅶ) presents the anchor with 100 stars!

     System reminder: Crystal Jelly (Bronze Ⅱ) will give the anchor 100 stars!

     System reminder: Walk the End of the World (Silver Ⅰ) as a gift for the anchor! 1 meteor!

     System reminder: Tekken (Black Iron III) will give the anchor 100 stars!

     system hint:……

     Different from the previous local tyrants, the number of viewers who gave out starlight has greatly increased, and the number of online fans has exceeded 1900, and the number of star fans has jumped to 2700+, reaching 2722, which is very close to the 3000 mark!

     "Thank you everyone!"Lu Chen put down the guitar in his arms and said, "Let’s stop here today, goodbye."

     The barrage flew wildly, all of which were reluctant to let him sing two more songs.

     Some people even sent out a lot of starlight and shooting stars.

     "Thank you!"

     Lu Chen was really moved, but nevertheless stood up-can't you not even eat rice, right?

     Li Feiyu hurried over, folded his palms and bowed to apologize to the audience, and then closed the live broadcast.

     He grabbed Lu Chen's shoulder forcefully with one hand, wiped the tears that did not exist on his face with the other, and said in meaningful and heartfelt words: "Brother, I have a treat to Old Chen chef at noon today, let's go and have a good time!"

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