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Chapter Directory 16 Lu Shuai
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

It was midnight, but the popularity in [Lu Fei Live Studio] did not decrease much.

     Although the number of online in 1975 is far from the well-known anchors in [StarryLive], it is already a remarkable achievement for Lu Chen, a pure new anchor.

     No signing, no recommendation, and no hype, he relied on his own strength.

     Star fan attention number: 7,120, a new high, not far from the signing of 10,000.

     Taking advantage of the atmosphere in the live broadcast room, Lu Chen released his second original song "Cinderella".

     The simple and moving melody, sincere and sincere interpretation, once again conquered the online audience without suspense.

     However, in terms of popularity, "Cinderella" has lost to "My old classmate".

     "This song is so good, I like it!"

     "It sounds so good, it's just abuse, single dog abuse, barking!"

     "Anchor abuses dogs, earning millions a month!"

     "Programme a part-time single dog is passing by, why didn't I find my Cinderella?"

     "Think about it, think about it, and want to play the anchor. It makes me cry so much, how can I go to work tomorrow?"

     "It's sad to hear, I'm leaving."

     "..."Looking at the one after another barrage that flickered on the screen, Lu Chen really didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

     If you think about it, you can understand that at this point in time, those who are still online watching live broadcasts and listening to songs are basically single.

     "Cinderella" is obviously far more powerful than "My old classmate" against single dogs.

     Lu Chen thought for a while and said into the microphone: "Actually, I am single like everyone else."

     "I'll tell you a little joke. I went to eat in a small restaurant at noon today. Just after I ate two dishes, the chopsticks caught a bug. So I was very angry and called the boss to ask, why is there a bug in the dish?"

     The barrage on the screen immediately became sparse, and everyone was curiously listening to Lu Chen's narrative.

     Lu Chen continued: "The boss looked around, nodded and said, one bug is right, because you are a single dog, and the couple at the next table eats two bugs!"

     As soon as his voice fell, the barrage that had just been reduced flew up again, filling the entire screen in the blink of an eye.

     "Hahaha, laughed at me!"

     "Single dogs pass by again, you talk, I'll take a look."

     "I wanted to laugh, but after listening to the anchor's joke, I wanted to cry again."

     "Although the anchor is handsome, he tells good jokes, full of stuff!""Where is this restaurant? I'm going to eat bugs tomorrow!"

     "The people who said to eat the bugs wait for me, let's go together!"

     "Then you will eat two bugs..."

     "Geeky guys get fucked!"


     The atmosphere in the live broadcast room was restored to the original lively and joyous, even more than that.

     Lu Chen took the opportunity to say: "It's late at night, even single dogs should go to bed. Everyone has to go to work and school, so let's end today's live broadcast. Please see the announcement for the next broadcast time. Thank you again for your support!"

     Although there are still many people clamoring for Lu Chen to sing two more songs or tell a few more jokes, most of the audience nevertheless expressed their understanding and looked forward to his next live broadcast.

     The last wave of stars shines, and the screen is shining!

     Lu Chen looked at the star points, and it has reached 2.8T. According to the 50% share, that is, 1,400 yuan is credited to the account. You must know that the live broadcast is not in prime time at night, and the live broadcast time is not long.

     If he follows this trend, it is really not a dream for him to help the family pay off all debts.

     This path is undoubtedly the right way!

     "Anchor, please chat with me privately, there are important things to say!"

     Lu Chen just wanted to go offline, and suddenly saw a barrage sent by the Prediction Emperor Li Bai.Online viewers can chat privately with the host through the live broadcast room, just to avoid harassment affecting the live broadcast effect, so it is usually closed by default, and Lu Chen is no exception.

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai is undoubtedly a local tyrant-class audience. His star value has always been at the top of the list in [Lu Fei Live Room]. He has rewarded Lu Chen with two star battleships before and after, bringing a lot to Lu Chen. Popularity.

     Therefore, Lu Chen did not hesitate and clicked on his ID to send a private chat invitation.

     Lu Chen: "Hello."

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai: "Hello, General Lu!"

     Lu Chen: "General Lu?"

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai: "Hey, this is the highest rank of our Lu Family Army!"

     Lu Chen: "Huh?"

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai: "You will know when you come to Star Circle!"

     He attached a link to the community forum of [StarryLive].

     [StarryLive]’s community forum is called Xingchenhai Community, but everyone is called Chengxinghuan, because there are all circles, and different circles represent different anchors.

     In the Star Circle community, any signed anchor can establish his own circle, which is equivalent to an independent small section. After fans and viewers join this circle, they can talk freely in it.The star circle is very important for the anchor. It can gather popularity and cultivate hardcores, and the number of people who usually visit is very high. Posting live video or personal show photos in the circle is also an excellent publicity position.

     In addition to the anchor, the gold members of [StarryLive] are also eligible to establish a fan circle in the star circle, wave flags and shout battle cries recruit soldiers and buy horses for their favorite anchor, so the number of fans in the circle is to a large extent The above reflects the popularity of the anchor.

     Of course, Lu Chen knows the existence of the star circle, but he has not officially signed a contract, so he can only go shopping as a tourist. Originally, he wanted to wait until the number of star fans exceeded 10,000 to build a circle to play.

     Unexpectedly, Prediction Emperor Li Bai gave him a surprise.

     Lu Family Army-this is the name of the fan circle, so domineering that it can blind you!

     The Prediction Emperor Li Bai is the creator of the Lu Family Army star circle. His self-styled title is "Chief of Staff", and he set Lu Chen's account title as "Commander" and has all the permissions of the circle!

     This is the origin of "General Lu".

     After understanding the situation, Lu Chen was moved and amused.

     But in the star circle, the name and title too many to count even more blind than this, he quickly relieved.What really surprised Lu Chen is that the Lu Family Army star circle has been established in less than 24 hours, and it has 2860 members, and the number of posts and replies in it is very impressive, and the level of activity is very high.

     The two top posts are all live videos of Lu Chen.

     "Anchor Original-My Old Classmate, a good song you can't miss! 》

     The title of the main post in bold and red is very eye-catching. The post fully presents the process of Lu Chen singing the song "My old classmate", and adds the comment of Prediction Emperor Li Bai.

     What is the best ballad this year, what genius, what is the brightest star in StarryLive...

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai spare no pains or effort praised, making Lu Chen blush.

     In this main post, the number of replies is as many as 2000+. Whether it is a member of the star circle, nevertheless tourists, they basically praise the song, think it is well written and sung, and they all expressed their intention to go. stand by.

     As the post included a direct link to [Lu Fei's live broadcast room], Lu Chen finally understood why his star fan count would increase significantly without the live broadcast.

     He said to Prediction Emperor Li Bai: "Thank you so much!"Prediction Emperor Li Bai replied: "You are welcome, I like your songs and your original works. I think you can become a big star in the future, then I will be your number one fan!"

     Lu Chen laughed: "Hehe, I will do my best!"

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai: "Private chat is not convenient, come to WeChat group, group number: 494193990."

     Lu Chen opened WeChat and added the group number.

     His application was approved instantly. The WeChat group is also called Lu Family Army, and the group owner is of course Li Bai.

     "Everyone welcome our General Lu!"

     Li Bai immediately added a management title to Lu Chen and released countless fireworks on the group chat interface.

     Then the entire WeChat group became a sensation.

     "Wow! The host is here!"

     "Ask the anchor Taoist Master for information, age, weight, height, measurements... Fruit photos!"

     "The anchor is a handsome pot, and all handsome pots belong to me!"

     "Mom asked me to turn off the computer, but fortunately it was not turned off, (*^__^*)"

     "The owner is mighty!"


     Compared with the live broadcast room, Lu Chen is undoubtedly familiar with the WeChat group too much. He replies a few words skillfully, and quickly became a part of the group members, and the atmosphere was very cheerful.The WeChat group established by Prediction Emperor Li Bai can accommodate 5,000 group members and belongs to the highest paid group. However, there are only 400+ members at present, which is much inferior to the star circle.

     He said in the group: “Now our General Lu’s star fan number is about 7,200, and signing requires 10,000 attention. We are already very close to the goal, so I hope everyone can bring more friends over. We don’t buy fans, we just need to really Fans!"

     10,000 Star Fans attention is a rigid condition for the signing of [StarryLive]. After the official signing, the share of the anchor will increase, and there will be opportunities for platform recommendations, so many anchors who fail to meet the requirements will buy fans.

     Some anchors often have a dozen or even hundreds of thousands of star fans, and after removing the moisture, they are only one-tenth of their true fans.

     In contrast, Lu Chen's attention count is extremely high. The most important thing is that except for a small part of the star fans who belong to the original Li Feiyu, most of them are attracted by him through two live broadcasts.

     There is no recommendation, no hype, such achievements are rare in the anchor [StarryLive].

     No one doubts whether he can sign in [StarryLive]. Prediction Emperor Li Bai undoubtedly hopes to speed up this process and make Lu Chen known to more people.The Internet is so amazing. Two days ago, this "tyrant" didn't know Lu Chen at all, but now he is actively putting forward plans and ideas (also derogatory) for him, as if he is the number one fan!

     The proposal of Prediction Emperor Li Bai immediately got everyone's response. Many members of the group expressed that they would promote Lu Chen through WeChat and Fetion's circle of friends.

     Their enthusiasm also moved Lu Chen tonight!

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