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Chapter Directory 19 Block!
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Lu Chen, hello!"

     A warm greeting came from the receiver in the phone: "Long Time No See, how are you doing recently?"

     Lu Chen's memory was instantly activated, and a familiar face appeared in his mind.

     He immediately asked with a smile: "Hello Great Class Leader Cao, why do you suddenly think of calling me? Miss me?"

     There was a crisp laughter over there.

     The person who called Lu Chen was Cao Xiuzhu, his monitor in the computer department of Jianghai University.

     In universities, there are always fewer female students than male students in the computer science department. Cao Xiuzhu has been the monitor for four years. Although her appearance is ordinary, she is warm and generous, so she has a good relationship with her classmates.

     In addition to a good relationship between Lu Chen and this Great Class Leader Cao, there is another connection, that is, Lu Chen's ex-girlfriend was introduced to him by Cao Xiuzhu, and the breakup between the two made her feel guilty for a long time.

     "Bah! Bah! Bah!"

     Cao Xiuzhu said: "The one in my house is right by! He wants me to say hello to you, and ask when you will come back. Speaking of which you haven't appeared in the group recently, are you still in the capital?"

     Cao Xiuzhu's boyfriend is also Lu Chen's classmate, who lives in the dormitory next to him, often plays ball together.

     "I'm still in the capital, and I've been diving silently in the group..."Lu Chen said: "Seeing you show your affection every day, I don't dare to speak. I will be back early next month."

     Lu Chen will graduate next month. He has accumulated enough credits. He will go back to get his graduation certificate and attend the graduation ceremony.

     "Lu Chen, you learned how to talk poorly in the capital!"

     Cao Xiuzhu "hately" said: "Now this class leader is going to assign you an important task. At the graduation party on June 9th, you will prepare a program to represent our class and be honored, and you must win a prize!

     "Let me prepare for the graduation party on the show?"

     Lu Chen was stunned: "With so many people in the class, why is it my turn again?"

     He does not perform once or twice on stage on behalf of the class, but the college graduation party is really different from before.

     Only this time in life!

     Cao Xiuzhu replied helplessly: "As you know, letting them play games are all heroes, and all of them are soft guys on stage, so it can only make you hard!"

     "And they all said that you Lu Chen can sing and play guitar, and you are handsome, who are you not on?"

     "Is it all my guilt?"

     Lu Chen not to know whether to laugh or cry, after thinking for a while, he said, "Well, Great Class Leader Cao, I must obey your order, but I also have a small condition."Cao Xiuzhu asked curiously: "What conditions?"

     Lu Chen said: “Last year, the same class of students went out to collect a lot of photos. I took a lot of photos from the student union. I need photos of all girls, both single and group photos!


     Cao Xiuzhu became vigilant and asked aggressively, "What do you want to make?"

     She is the secretary of the Jianghai Student Union, and it’s okay to want photos, but Lu Chen’s motives are suspicious!

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "The squad leader, you said I must win the prize, so I have to prepare well? I need these photos to make a MV, and then put it on the stage in the auditorium. The effect of the performance will be good. "

     "It turns out to be like this, you have a good idea!"

     Cao Xiuzhu said embarrassedly: "Then I will go to the office later and find the package and pass it to you."

     She is a carefree character, she doesn't have much scheming, and she doesn't think too much.


     The two chatted a few more words, and then hung up.

     Lu Chen left the snail house, went out and had a good meal, stuffed his stomach and came back.

     In the afternoon, he continued to work and compiled a total of 20 complete songs.This efficiency is extremely high, but these songs are the most familiar in Lu Chen's memory, so it is easy to rewrite, and the later estimates will become more and more difficult, and it will take a lot of time.

     At present, for him, 20 excellent works are already enough and to spare. He will not throw them all at once, but think up every possible method to discover the value of each song.

     Only in this way can we be worthy of these popular classics from the dream world!

     Five of the twenty songs were sent to the "Greater China Music Library" by Lu Chen for copyright registration.

     It's not that he doesn't want to register all, but because the small amount of money in Easy Pay is really too much to waste.

     One song's copyright inquiry plus registration fee is 600 yuan, and five songs of 3000 have been lost. If Lu Chen had just made two money yesterday, I am afraid that it would not be able to pay.

     He secretly complained about the "Greater China Music Library" Black Feeding Dog, while opening [StarryLive], ready to exchange the money in his account for emergency.

     As a result, I just opened the online anchor platform, and an eye-catching reminder box popped up immediately.

     [Hello, Lu Fei anchor, you have reached the signing requirements, please click to contact the administrator, Thank you for cooperation]


     Lu Chen was surprised and delighted. At this time, he noticed that his number of star fans had reached 10142![StarryLive]’s signing requirement is 10,000 followers. When the live broadcast ended last night, Lu Chen’s star fan followers were only 7,000+, and now it has reached 10,000+!

     However, this time Lu Chen was not too surprised, because he knew that the increased attention must come from the hard work of the "Lu Family Army" led by Prediction Emperor Li Bai, which enabled him to meet the signing requirements ahead of time.

     With emotion and excitement, Lu Chen clicked on the administrator in the prompt box and immediately opened the chat interface.

     The conversation ID displayed on the chat panel is "Super Administrator 002".

     Lu Chen: "Hello, administrator."

     Super Admin 002: "Hello, are you signing a contract?"

     Lu Chen: "Yes, how should I do it?"

     Super Admin 002: "I will send you the e-contract first. Please confirm it first."

     Super Admin 002: "If there is no problem, then you can print and sign as required and send it to our company."

     Lu Chen: "Okay."

     Super administrator 002 sent a document to Lu Chen, and Lu Chen opened it for viewing after receiving it.

     After all, this is the third contract he has seen in the past few days.

     Then I looked at my heart cold.Except for the related terms of the anchor, the content of this contract is at least 70% identical to the new artist contract Su Qingmei gave him at the time. It gives him the feeling that it is completely reworked with the model of the new artist contract, such as creative copyright. , Portrait copyright, liability for breach of contract, nothing more than the contract period changed from 10 years to 5 years!

     all crows are black!

     Lu Chen couldn't help but smile. Originally, he expected to formally sign a contract at [StarryLive], so that he could get a higher share and the opportunity to recommend, and he didn't ask for a million a month, as long as he could mix food, clothing, and moisture.

     Now it seems that he is too naive in thinking.

     Super Admin 002: "Have you finished reading the contract? Confirm it when it's over. I need to file for registration."

     Lu Chen thought for a while and replied: "Can this contract be modified? It's mainly a matter of creation copyright."

     If the other party agrees to modify the copyright requirements, then the other terms are even harsher, and Lu Chen nevertheless can accept it. After all, [StarryLive] is a profitable platform, and there is nothing wrong with pursuing interests.

     Super Admin 002: "Modify? You think too much. The contract of all anchors on our platform is the same. It is impossible to modify it separately for you. You can choose to sign or not, it's that simple!"

     An extremely overbearing tone, nevertheless Lu Chen's familiar taste.All anchors have the same contract?

     That's a big joke. Will the contracts of popular celebrities and unknown artists be the same?

     If you think about it with your toes, you know it's impossible!

     The Super Admin 002 has a tough and cold attitude, and he also regards Lu Chen as a rookie who can deceive at will.

     Lu Chen squeezed his anger and replied: "Then I will think about it again, don't sign for now, Thank you."

     It had to be wrong. Lu Chen didn't want to turn his face with Super Guan. After all, he still had to rely on the other party's platform to make money, so he politely declined. Anyway, not signing the contract is nothing more than taking less share and no website recommendation.

     In any case, he will not give up the copyright of his original works for nothing!

     Super Admin 002: "Whatever!"

     The dialogue between the two parties ended immediately.

     Lu Chen shook his head helplessly, feeling more or less nevertheless in his heart.

     The next moment, the prompt that popped up on the computer screen made him feel chilled instantly, and then almost burst his lungs!

     [System prompt: Lu Fei live broadcast room is temporarily closed due to violation of regulations, if you have any questions, please consult the administrator]


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