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Chapter Directory 20 No Lord Here
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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[System prompt: Lu Fei live broadcast room is temporarily closed due to violation of regulations, if you have any questions, please consult the administrator]

     Don't talk about Lu Chen, as long as it is an ordinary person with normal IQ, seeing this system prompt of shocks the eye, astonishes the heart, will not be naive enough to think that he really violated any regulations, so he will lead the live broadcast. The room is closed.

     He refused the request to sign, so he was directly blocked by Super Admin 002!

     Domineering not domineering?

     That's how domineering!

     Lu Chen felt like a rush of blood rushed into his brain. He firmly grasped the mouse in his hand and took great perseverance to avoid smashing the mouse because it was an expression of incompetence when he was angry.

     Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to calm down.

     [StarryLive] is the leader in the domestic web live broadcast platform, regardless of the number of users nevertheless influence, has surpassed the established platforms, especially in the entertainment show, the strength is count as number one.

     Therefore, it naturally possesses unreasonable qualifications, and blocking a small anchor cannot be simpler.

     Want to make money with me? Then you have to obey my rules.

     This system prompt also tells Lu Chen plainly-those who follow me prosper, those who oppose me die!

     It's that simple!Lu Chen has no choice at all. If he does not lower his head, then the anchor business that has just started in [StarryLive] will be devastated and an important source of money will be cut off.

     Should you bow your head to the other party and obediently sign this harsh contract?

     Lu Chen first opened a small software in the computer, and after selecting the full-screen record, he clicked the word administrator in the system prompt.

     The dialog window pops up again, and the dialog ID is still Super Administrator 002!

     Super Admin 002: "Can I help you?"

     Even across the computer and the Internet, Lu Chen can feel the other party's triumphant mood at this moment.

     He sank his heart and replied: "Let me ask first why my live broadcast room is closed."

     Super Admin 002: "Because you violated the rules."

     Lu Chen: "Excuse me, what is the regulation that will be blocked if you don't sign an unreasonable contract?"

     Super Admin 002: "You can understand that, this is our company's regulations."

     Super Admin 002: "Think clearly, it’s too late to regret now."

     Lu Chen: "I have thought very clearly now."

     Super Admin 002: "Well, tell me."

     Lu Chen: "Fuck your mother!"

     Super Admin 002: "What?"Lu Chen: "I said, go to your mother! Go to your mother! Go to your mother!"

     Of course, the important thing must be said three times. After typing and sending, Lu Chen directly closed the dialog box.

     Don't give the other party a chance to respond, let that guy hold back!

     Lu Chen's thoughts were instantly understood, and the depressed air in his heart disappeared. It felt as if he had opened up the eight channels of the odd meridian, and it was as if he had gone through a bone-cutting and marrow washing.

     It’s no big deal, [StarryLive] can’t be mixed, there are [Sky Live], [Whale TV], [Xingmeng Qiyuan]... there is always a place for him to display his talents.

     There is no place to stay here, but there is a place to keep him!

     And even if all the live webcast platforms are the same, Lu Chen doesn't believe that he can't make money by relying on the things he remembers, so why should he endure unfair treatment?

     Lu Chen thinks very clearly. He knows that as a newcomer with no background, it is bound to be very difficult in the initial stage and will encounter a lot of troubles and problems.

     But he has no fear, because he is young, because he has a huge treasure in the world.

     That is an extremely sharp bayonet, enough to penetrate all obstacles blocking in front!Firming his beliefs, Lu Chen quit [StarryLive] without hesitation, completely ignored the system prompts and dialogs that just popped up, and then clicked on WeChat.

     It is estimated that Super Administrator 002 is already spouting smoke through the seven orifices, right?

     When logging into WeChat, Lu Chen thought to himself.

     At the same time, Shenhai City is 2000 kilometers away from the capital.

     Deep Sea is one of the largest cities in China, with a population of more than 15 million. Since the reform and opening up, it has always been the economic frontier of the Republic. Over the past few decades, countless innovative companies and technology groups have been born, so it is called the Silicon Valley of the East. .

     [StarryLive] belongs to Starry Media Company, located in the CBD of Shenhai City on the 68th floor of the 75-story Fortune Building.

     Two years ago, when Starry Media Company was founded, there were only 10 employees. The live broadcast platform established by StarryLive struggled to survive in the cracks of many live broadcast giants, and almost went bankrupt several times.

     However, after obtaining capital injection from the well-known domestic media group-Orange Entertainment, [StarryLive] ushered in a blowout. With the strong capital and resources of the former, Starry Media Company fought [Sky Live] and kicked [Whale TV]. Picking up corners, robbing people, and killing many competitors without leaving behind.Up to now [StarryLive] is already one of the dominant players in webcasting, and no one can shake its status!

     After the rich and powerful Orange Entertainment completed the holding, it directly bought the entire floor of the Fortune Building as the office of Star Media, which caused a sensation in the industry and demonstrated its ambition.


     In the office area of Starlight Media's Operation Management Department, a shocking voice suddenly sounded.

     As long as people who often use computers can tell, this is the sound of a mouse being struck hard on the table. Many people have this experience.

     Hit the BOSS, lose equipment and be robbed, smash the mouse!

     The software crashes and the documents are lost, hit the mouse!

     After spending half a day downloading the ultra-high-definition love action movie, it opened and found that it was a gourd baby, hit the mouse!

     Deng Lu Family Online wanted to observe his baby through a smart camera, but saw the next door Lao Wang...

     Drop the mouse!

     Behind a desk, a white-faced man cautious and solemn poked his head out and asked: "Boss, what's the matter?"

     The object he inquired was a middle-aged man in his forties with a thin face and small eyes and a hooked nose. His expression was so gloomy that he had just discovered the old king next door, and the mouse in his hand was breath stop and die.This middle-aged man is Zhao Deping, the manager of Starlight Media's operation and management department. Since Starlight Media implements an open office, even the manager does not have a separate office, sitting in the same area with the employees.

     As the manager of the operation management department, Zhao Deping not only has to deal with the related affairs of the department, he also often logs in to [StarryLive] as a super manager to do things for ordinary management personnel.

     His ID is Super Administrator 002!

     As for 001, that is the ID of the BOSS, which does not appear under normal circumstances.

     In response to the white-faced man's question, Zhao Deping replied in an annoying way: "A little anchor, shameless, helped him sign the contract and even screamed, so that he was sober and sober and dare to scold me!"


     The white-faced man immediately righteous indignation fills one's breast, yelling: "The newcomer is too unruly now, what is his ID, let me block him, and see if he is still crazy!"

     Zhao Deping waved his hand and said, "IDLu Fei, the mainland's land and the flight of airplanes, have been blocked by me. I will send his information to everyone later. If I find that he is reopening the live broadcast with a vest, he will kill without mercy!"

     The manager of the operations management department has a murderous face, and he speaks with the smell of gnashing one's teeth.He was really outraged just now. Which small anchor was not happily after getting the [StarryLive] signing qualification, and respectfully respectful of the super-man who holds the power of life and death?

     Arrogant and obstinate guys like Lu Fei should be blocked to the end!

     The white-faced man replied simply and neatly: "Good!"

     "Lu Fei?"

     At this moment, the desk next door suddenly poked his head out again. It was a man with glasses.

     "Is it that Lu Fei who can play and sing and original songs? I seem to have seen his video in Star Circle."

     The man in glasses actually wants to say that Lu Fei's songs are very good, and he has the potential to become popular in the platform data.

     But seeing Zhao Deping's face so ugly, his limited emotional intelligence finally played a role, and he didn't say everything in his heart.

     "Original is amazing?"

     Zhao Deping sneered and said disdainfully: "The vagabond singer by the thousands and tens of thousands who broadcast live on our platform can create a lot of originals. What we need are real talents, not the kind of newcomers who don't know the sky and earth!"

     The white-faced man agreed, "The manager is too right."

     Zhao Deping was satisfied. He glanced at the man with glasses and said, "Xiao Li, although you are an old employee, you still have to learn a lot from Xiao Wang. Don't just stare at the computer all day."The glasses man Nono was speechless, the white-faced man was secretly proud, but his face showed a humble expression.

     "Okay, I'm leaving now!"

     Zhao Deping stood up and said, "Xiao Wang, you can send the information about Lu Fei to everyone, and then delete all his related content on the forum."

     The white-faced man hurriedly ran over: "Good manager, promise to complete the task!"

     Zhao Deping patted his butt and left quickly, and the white-faced man quickly operated from his position.

     The man in glasses sighed secretly and sat down again.

     Before the capital injection by Orange Entertainment, Starlight Media was small but very human. Superman and the anchors were mostly friends, and they were willing to support the new anchors.

     Now the company is much bigger and richer, but some things no longer exist.

     Before the white-faced male colleague deleted the relevant content in the forum, he secretly copied and backed up a copy of the complete information of the Lu Family Army star circle as an administrator, and uploaded it to his network cloud disk.

     "My old classmate" sung by Lu Fei and "Cinderella" are all songs he likes to listen to.

     It is a good song that moved him and is worth keeping!

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