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Chapter Directory 21 Have Your Own Place!
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

"Great Lu Fei, really?"

     "Are there any mistakes? Wow, blocked the account? I'll go!"

     "Hehe, the shop is bullying customers, StarryLive has always been peeing like this."

     "Then what do we do? The star circle just built has a group, is it going to disperse? I want to cry!"

     "It's so overbearing. It's too much to be blocked without signing a contract!"

     "Let's think of a solution together..."

     When Lu Chen was in the Lu Family Army WeChat group and told everyone that he was banned because of the contract signing, this small chat group suddenly exploded.

     All online fans came out, all of them were righteous indignation fills one's breast. Some denounced StarryLive's overbearing, some lamented Lu Chen's just-starting achievements, and some said that they must never let go.

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai: "No need to say anything. If you support General Lu, everyone will go to the forum and post a protest together. If you make a big mess, you can make the seniors of StarryLive pay attention to it and let them understand that even small anchors are not bullied by them Object!"

     Li Bai appeared late, but as soon as he spoke, the whole group seemed to have found the backbone. Everyone agreed with his suggestion and prepared to go to the forum to post.Lu Chen is grateful: "Thank you for everyone's support, but StarryLive I don't want to stay anymore, and I don't have to bother you to quarrel with the official, the big deal is I will change the platform.

     These fans are very enthusiastic and sincere. Lu Chen does not want to use them to fight for his own rights.

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai said: "General Lu, this matter is not only your business, it is also ours. Even if we leave, we must go vigorously, so that people can't be bullied in vain!"


     "Li Di is mighty, supports General Lu and also supports you!"

     "Go on! Go on!"

     "Don't say anything, I have started to post, everyone keep up with the rhythm!"

     "Okay, put the flag of our Lu Family Army on the circle of stars!"

     Even if he has experienced three periods of life in the dream world, Lu Chen is essentially nevertheless the passionate young man. He can't help being infected when he sees the passionate group: "Then let's do it together! I recorded and superman The dialogue is stored in the group sharing, and you can attach it as evidence when you post!"

     When he had a conversation with Super Admin 002 before, he had a lot of thoughts, and he deliberately opened the "Screen Recorder" software to save the chat history between the two parties.

     "Okay! It's best to have evidence!""I downloaded it, add enough ammunition and set off, expedition to the star circle!"

     "I see, I will go to Super Admin 002, this number should be the little BOSS!"

     "Don't care about the big BOSS nevertheless little BOSS, let's talk about it!"

     "Brothers, I'll be one step ahead!"

     "Kill, kill, kill!..."

     Although there are not many members in this newly-built fan group, the members have shown great unity and appear to be very combative.

     Unfortunately, their opponents are too strong and unreasonable at all.

     The members of the group logged on to the website and soon discovered that the star circle that was just established yesterday no longer exists.

     And when they ran to the public forum to protest, they just posted a post on the front foot, and the back foot was deleted. The speed of the forum administrator's processing speed is simply jaw-dropping.

     It does not count if the post is deleted, and the ID of the post is muted or even blocked at the same time, without giving any opportunity for excuse!

     If this is a battle, it is definitely a battle of disparity in power. The members of the Lu Family Army are like praying mantis trying to block the advancement of the wheels, and they are crushed into slag in the blink of an eye.

     Everyone is very angry about this, but there is no countermeasure available.

     "F*ck! Our star circle has been disbanded!""555~The post I just posted was deleted and the account was blocked."

     "Me too, the forum administrator is staring at it. It is estimated that keywords are set, and you will know it as soon as you post."

     "All the old posts are also deleted, they are really quick and ruthless!"

     "Hehe, everyone is the same..."

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai said: "I was also banned. They didn't give us a chance to speak at all."

     Facing the extremely powerful website official, the local tyrant also seemed helpless, and could only scold angrily: "Fuck! If I spend a penny in that place in the future, I will give him the last name!"

     Lu Chen said: "Everyone, stop first, let's think of a way."

     He didn't want to pour cold water on the fans, and he didn't want to see them hit their heads.

     This kind of feeling is really bad, but what can I do if my arms can't twist my thighs?

     The atmosphere in the group that was originally high and warm suddenly became low and gray, and many people were sighing voice, wailing breath.

     It's all like this, what else can I think of?

     "Forget about it, let's go to another website, I will always support General Lu!"

     Someone suggested: "I believe in the strength of General Lu, our Lu Family Army will not admit defeat!"

     "Right right! Never admit defeat!""As General Lu said greatly, go to Motherf*cker StarryLive!"

     "Haha, go to Motherf*cker together!"

     Lu Chen couldn't help but feel warmth in his heart as he watched the dialogue on the screen.

     At this moment, a member of the group whose ID was displayed as "Coral Fish" said, "Great Lu Fei, I am the administrator of Whale TV. How about I want to invite you to our Whale TV as a host?"

     The chat group suddenly exploded.

     "I'm going, the administrator of Whale TV? Really nevertheless fake?"

     "Don't be kidding!"

     "Hahaha, I can't think of our General Lu's great reputation, even Whale TV knows it!"

     "If it's true, you can go to Whale TV!"

     "Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, there is a 007 lurking in our group!"

     "Don't make a noise, let's see what General Lu says!"


     Coral Fish did not speak, but posted a screenshot showing the management background of Whale TV.

     This screenshot strongly proves his identity.

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai private Lu Chen: "General Lu, would you like to try Whale TV?"Lu Chen has made up a lot of things about webcasting during this period. He knows that [Whale TV] is one of the earliest live broadcast platforms in China. It has always been based on game live broadcasts. It has been used in the three most popular online games-CKG, Hero City-states and planet-dominant players occupy a high share of live broadcasts.

     However, the veteran [Whale TV] has recently faced fierce competition between [Sky Live] and [StarryLive]. Many popular anchors have been poached away, and their popularity has not been as good as before.

     Of course even a scrawny camel is bigger than a horse. Speaking of [Whale TV], the name nevertheless is well-known on the Internet.

     [Whale TV] Of course, I will not be willing to decline. On the one hand, we will increase resources to open up new areas. On the other hand, we will keep a close eye on several competitors. Therefore, it is not surprising that an administrator appears in Lu Chen's group.

     The new anchors who have not signed a contract but have the strength are exactly the objects they are soliciting vigorously!

     The water flows to the lower places and the people go to the higher places. Is it the right choice for Lu Chen to join [Whale TV]?

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai also expressed his concerns.

     Lu Chen thought for a while and replied directly in the group chat: "Whale TV is also fine, but if I want to sign a contract, then I can't agree to a harsh contract!"

     This is the bottom line he must stick to, not wanting to repeat the mistakes of [StarryLive].Coral Fish replied: "Great Lu Fei, I have seen all your encounters on StarryLive. Our Whale TV is not that harsh, but my authority is not high. Please let me discuss the specific contract terms with the head of the operation department. How about replying to you?"

     "In addition, what I can dominate is that all members of the Lu Family Army can have the same level as StarryLive on Whale TV, because I am also a member of the Lu Family Army!"

     Finally he attached a smiley face symbol.

     The member account levels of the live webcast platform are basically the same. Except for ordinary members, they are mainly divided into five levels: diamond, gold, silver, black iron, and bronze. The five levels are further divided into Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ...Ⅸ9 Small class.

     Upgrading depends on points. The most important source of points is paid rewards. For example, Prediction Emperor Li Bai is Gold Ⅱ. Then he has smashed at least 200,000 in [StarryLive], which can be regarded as a small local tyrant.

     Under normal circumstances, transfers to other live broadcast platforms will have to accumulate points again, but some live broadcast platforms will promise to give the same level in order to attract customer resources. If you are a gold member in [StarryLive], then come to [Star Show] The start is also a golden level!

     High-level members enjoy various privileges and permissions, and are often pursued by many anchors in turn.It’s just that this method used to be used only on small live broadcast platforms, and large platforms are disdainful. Now Coral Fish has taken the initiative to propose it, which also shows that [Whale TV] is really not very good now.

     However, this just made Lu Chen see the sincerity of the other party, and there really is no such thing as an empty head.

     Lu Chen typed a word on the keyboard: "Okay!"

     He has decided that as long as the contract given by [Whale TV] is not harsh, then set up a separate kitchen there!

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