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Chapter Directory 23 Sign A Contract
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Wu Hongming's vision is famous and accurate.

     When he created [Whale TV], he personally discovered a lot of excellent anchors. Now the situation of the Company is not good, nevertheless he re-emerged as the head of the operations management department.

     Wu Hongming watched Lu Chen playing and singing "My old classmate" and saw a newcomer with endless potential!

     [StarryLive] actually missed the past, which surprised him.

     Wu Shanshan pointed to the screen and said, "This is the chat record of the fan group. You will know it after reading it."

     Wu Hongming opened the text and read it carefully.

     After reading it, he understood, with a sneer on his face, he said, "StarryLive's Super Admin 002? I know, it should be Zhao Deping. If it is really him, then it's normal!"

     Not only did he and Zhao Deping know each other, they were nevertheless friends, and the grievances between the two could not be finished for days and nights.

     What kind of temperament Zhao Deping is, Wu Hongming knows clearly.

     Without any suspicion, he said to Wu Shanshan: "You have done a good job. This Lu Fei is worth the effort to sign. I think he meant to keep the original copyright, so give it to him!"

     After a pause, Wu Hongming added another sentence: "The signing fee is less than 50,000, come and talk to him!"Talents are rare. Originally, Wu Hongming wanted to talk to Lu Chen himself, but he thought that it was not appropriate for him to be too eager. Maybe Lu Chen would have other ideas, so nevertheless asked Wu Shanshan to come forward and sign the contract.

     This is also an opportunity and reward for Wu Shanshan. If Lu Chen becomes popular in the future, she will one's contributions cannot go unnoticed!


     Wu Shanshan was surprised and delighted: "Boss, really let me talk to him about signing a contract?"

     She has just joined [Whale TV] not long ago. She is a new employee with no qualifications. Her current task is to run major live broadcast platforms to find newcomers, which is equivalent to a scout who has no contractual rights.

     Now Wu Hongming is tantamount to delegating this power to her.

     Wu Hongming smiled and said: "If you let you go, talk to others, and you can agree to any reasonable request. For example, if you promise to give other fans equal treatment, I agree."


     Wu Shanshan smiled embarrassedly. She wanted to keep the Lu Family Army, so she made a promise.

     Being rash is being rash, and Wu Hongming didn't mean to criticize her.

     The director of the Operations Management Department waved his hand and said, "Don't giggle, go!"

     Wu Shanshan hurriedly ran back to his desk, sat down and opened the WeChat group at the impatient location, and clicked on Lu Chen's ID to open the private chat interface.At this moment, Lu Chen was still chatting with the group members in the group, talking about little things related to him.

     There are not many people in the Lu Family Army WeChat group, but they are very enthusiastic and sincere. Although they have just experienced a blow, their support and encouragement have made Lu Chen not a little bit discouraged and disappointed.

     With such a lovely group of fans, it’s no big deal to set up a separate kitchen on another platform!

     Coral Fish came to chat privately: "General Lu is big, is it convenient to talk a few words?"

     Lu Chen replied: "No problem."

     Coral Fish smiled and said, "I want to ask, does General Lu have any specific requirements for signing our Whale TV contract? Our basic contract is basically the same as StarryLive, but we can provide different contracts for different contract partners. The terms of the contract."

     Lu Chen couldn't help but nodded, saying that such an attitude alone is enough to throw away the super-superior three streets of [StarryLive].

     He recalled the contract he had read, and then offered two opinions.

     The first is the issue of original copyright. For all original songs sung on the live broadcast platform, Lu Chen will not sell any of his rights in vain. If the platform needs it, he can negotiate and buy them.The second is the signing time limit. Five years is too long. He hopes to change it to two years. When the time limit is reached in the future, he can give priority to renewing [Whale TV] under the same conditions.

     Lu Chen's requirements are actually not very high, and he has no problem with the share ratio or the website recommendation, because he knows that he is just a newcomer now and is not qualified to speak loudly.

     And Coral Fish, that is, Wu Shanshan did not expect Lu Chen to have so few requirements.

     She is ready to have a friendly and fierce negotiation with Lu Chen. The two sides will have to negotiate dozens of rounds, and finally reach a win-win contract that everyone is satisfied with.

     However, the reality is so cruel!

     Coral Fish: "Are these two?"

     Lu Chen: "Yes."

     Suddenly, Wu Shanshan had the urge to rush into the computer, climbed to Lu Chen's side along the network cable, grabbed his collar, and said loudly to him, "You are so unfulfilling for my old lady".

     Fortunately, her saneness is still there, so she hurriedly added: "Then the signing bonus is 50,000?"

     Signing fee?

     Lu Chen was stunned, he didn't even expect that he would be able to get the signing bonus when he signed [Whale TV].I have never eaten pork or seen pigs run away. Lu Chen knows the signing bonus for the anchor quitting. He has made up a lot of common sense on the Internet, but he never thought he could earn the signing bonus.

     Currently in the network anchor circle, when the most popular anchor "YoYo" quit [Sky Live], he once set a sky-high price of 10 million in signing money, which caused a great sensation at that time.

     Although many people say that 10 million is a speculation rather than the real signing price, it is an indisputable fact that the signing fees of popular anchors are getting higher and higher, and there are hundreds of thousands of millions, even millions of examples.

     And Lu Chen is just a pure rookie anchor who has hosted two live broadcasts. Even if he can negotiate a contract with the platform, he will even give the signing bonus. He feels that [Whale TV] is really kind and honest!

     Lu Chen: "No problem, Thank you."

     In fact, the responses of Lu Chen and Wu Shanshan fully revealed their rookie nature.

     Lu Chen didn't mention the signing money at all. If Wu Shanshan had some experience, he would naturally not mention this. The signing of the contract also saves the signing money. The boss must be praised.

     Lu Chen is even more inexperienced. The other party has proposed the signing bonus. He can completely bargain with the trend. No matter what out of the question, it is always right to try, What can you have against it?It's just that at this time, the two really didn't think too much.

     Coral Fish: "(*^__^*), it’s so decided, I will let Boss revise the new contract first. Here I will open the signing account and live broadcast room for you first. When the contract is over, the signing money will be transferred to your account. How?"

     Lu Chen: "Good!"

     When he hit Enter, he was still a little bit unbelievable-just signed the contract like this? Earn 50,000?

     Settling down, Lu Chen said in the group chat: "Brothers, I have reached an agreement with Whale TV. The live broadcast will be on Whale TV in the evening. Welcome everyone to come and join us!"

     Lu Chen said it a bit early because the contract has not yet been officially confirmed, but he is really excited and impatient wants everyone to share the good news.

     The news from Lu Chen just appeared, and the group chat suddenly exploded.

     "Great, long live!"

     "General Lu is mighty, go to Motherf*cker StarryLive, I have moved to Whale TV!"

     "Great Lu Fei, what's the name of the new live broadcast room? I'll pay attention now and bring my friends."

     "It's not open now, right?"

     "It's the Coral Fish who was in charge of signing the contract just now? Is it?"

     "I'm here..."Coral Fish came out in a timely manner, sending a big smile and saying: "I will open an account and live broadcast room for General Lu immediately. I will tell you as soon as possible, and I will not delay!"

     "Also, you are welcome to send me screenshots of StarryLive and Whale TV account information. I will level the level for everyone. If you don't have a Whale TV account, you can create another one."

     Prediction Emperor Li Bai said: "I don't need to adjust, I will go to Whale TV to recharge now, just a gold member."

     A moat is a moat, so it is called domineering, which causes a swipe of people in the group to beg their thighs for support/support.

     Wu Shanshan looked overjoyed and felt very fulfilled.

     She finally forgot what was going on, got up and prepared to report to Wu Hongming, and immediately finalized the contract.

     This time I really caught a big fish!

     "Sister Shanshan..."

     She just got up from the chair, and the colleague sitting next door suddenly looked up and asked in a low voice, "Can you send me a copy of this anchor's video? I am his Fish Fans!"

     Wu Shanshan blinked, his eyebrows curled up with a smile.

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