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Chapter Directory 26 Battle In The Forum
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Beihai City Forum, Freedom World.

     In the evening, the popularity of the forum gradually increased.

     Especially those single dogs in the university who don’t play games or go to the library often like to mix in the various forums, wear different vests talk idly about important matters, and then put sugar nevertheless because they eat tofu. For the soy sauce problem, the slabs were picked up and their brains flew out of each other.

     The arena of the forum, the world is big, the mouth is the biggest!

     [At the Houhai bar in the evening, I found a handsome guy and a nice song! 】

     This post, which was added to the top by the moderator and marked with a recommendation badge in the [Freedom World] section, inevitably attracted the attention of a large number of forum members, and the number of clicks and replies rose sharply.

     "I'll go, the moderator also sells his ass to collect money to help people speculate?"

     "Read the posts well and don't use swear words. People are really handsome, and songs are also good songs. Don't get hype in everything!

     "Support upstairs upstairs upstairs point of view, but unfortunately it's a bit too short."

     "Do you know what this song is called? I can't find the full version on the Internet, please download the link."

     "Don't ask, it should be an original song, great!"

     "Listen well, play really well!""Very ordinary, old style, maybe it will become popular in the past, now, hehe."

     "Oh, you are tall, you can write a song if you have the ability, sour!"

     "That's it, I also think this song is very good, it's too short!"

     "According to Ben Wolf's analysis, this video should have been shot in the Houhai Bar, and the identification has been completed."

     "Which bar is Houhai? I want to go see it."

     "The old driver in front brought a belt..."

     Regarding this moderator’s top recommendation post, the comments in the forum clearly showed a two-level differentiation trend. Some people said it was very good, saying that they had listened to it several times, but unfortunately there was only one paragraph instead of the complete one.

     But some people think that there is nothing remarkable, very ordinary songs, and even suspect that it is a premeditated hype.

     Someone said with disdain that he had seen too much of this kind of hype, first deliberately leaking something to attract everyone's interest, and then gradually release the entire content, just like fishing, people with sufficient intelligence will not be fooled.

     His views have been approved by many people.

     The people who often confuse the Beihai City forum are college students. They are often enthusiastic and high-spirited, believing that the whole world belongs to them, and hold an attitude of contempt for authority, and their combat effectiveness is leveraged.Some people like to do the opposite, and others oppose it if they say it is good, otherwise it will not be enough to reflect their own compulsion.

     These people are usually called "venomous snakes" in forums, and they like to spit out venom and bite the poisonous snake!

     This person whose ID is called "Tianya Passerby" is obviously an authentic poisonous snake. He is very famous in the [Freedom World] section and has several fans.

     Unfortunately, shortly after Tianya Passerby's reply was posted, it was seen by Xiao Mi, who just went online.

     Xiao Mi is the Minnie Baby who made this post.

     She was a little uncomfortable at night, so she didn't go shopping with the eldest sister and the second sister in the same bedroom. She was bored in bed, so she turned on the laptop and surfed the Internet.

     As a result, as soon as he entered the Beihai City forum, Xiao Mi was frightened by the large number of system reminders.

     However, she found out that her post last night was recommended by the moderator, and she was on top of the [Freedom World] section, with 30,000+ clicks and 1,000+ replies!

     Even if there is a recommendation to the top, the popularity is amazing. Xiao Mi was surprised and delighted, and read other people's replies happily, until he saw the replies of passers-by from Tianya.

     Xiao Mi's lungs are exploded!Others say that she doesn't care about ordinary people. There are too many sour guys in the forum. She doesn't take it seriously when someone asks if she is hype. How can people not get a knife in the world?

     Xiao Mi is also a small river in the forum.

     However, the post of the traveler from Tianya is too venomous. He uses pretending analysis to spray venom, and regards Minnie Baby as a professional speculator. The frigid irony and scorching satire are convincing, and they have been approved by many people. .

     How can this make Xiao Mi tolerate?

     Don't look at Xiao Mi who usually behaves as a good girl, but she is definitely not the kind of girl who suffers a grievance and endures silently by herself. She immediately wrote a new post in [Freedom World] and published it.

     [Call a passerby from Tianya, I am not a professional speculator, do you dare to expose your identity? 】

     The long title + angry emotions + the content of the call to name the battle attracted a lot of eyeballs in an instant.

     In this post, Xiao Mi briefly introduced the history of the video in the sticky post, answered several questions that everyone was concerned about, and posted a meal card with a revised photo and number.

     Carefully, she also added a small note with her forum ID next to the meal card to prove her identity!

     At the end of the post, Xiao Mi asked Tianya passers-by: I promise I am not a professional speculator, dare you to prove your identity? If you dare not, then please close your stinky mouth!Her post was published in only half a minute, and there were hundreds of replies.

     "Wow, it's a school girl from Beijing Normal University!"

     "Tianya passerby is a scumbag. Don't get angry and hurt your body."

     "I've long thought that the product was not pleasing to the eye, the school girl scolded me well!"

     "The girl is looking for a photo, it should be a beautiful girl by visual inspection!"

     "You can see that it's a beautiful girl with such a thick code. The younger brother really admires and admires it.

     "Stupid! You took off your glasses to have a look."

     "Support the school girl, step on the poisonous snake spray of the passerby from Tianya!"

     "My Old Classmate? The title of the song is very good, please ask for the full version!"

     "Is there a full version..."

     The comments in the reply post are completely one-sided. Although Xiao Mi processed the personal photo and number on the meal card, the logo of Beijing Normal University above clearly proved her identity.

     Beijing Normal University has many famous girls and many beautiful women. The girls of Beijing Normal University naturally have superior authority in the Beihai City forum. It is easy to crush a single dog like Tianya Passerby.

     [Freedom World] moderator Wang Yu, tacitly put Xiao Mi's post on top.Because he heard a good song that moved him, he recommended Xiao Mi's video post. He was naturally disgusted with the unreasonable, unreasonable, unreasonable and unreasonable poisonous snake spray of Tianya Passerby.

     It's just because of his position as a moderator, he can't go off the court personally and confront the opponent.

     Now Zhengzhu has stepped forward. Whether she is a student of Beijing Normal University or not, Wang Yu strongly supports her in the fight.

     After the post was put on the top, the number of replies soared, which was tantamount to hoisting the passerby from Tianya to beat!

     In the forum, Tianya passerby, who has always been known for his viper and fighting power, never showed up again or again.

     Tianya Passerby is not a simple-minded fool. He knows who can step on and who can't provoke him. It is easy for him to kill Minnie Baby, but the consequences of being quick can be very serious.

     You should know that in the Beihai City forum, there are a large number of single dogs gathered. These are all beasts that can't even be tied to a rope when seeing school girls, especially beautiful girls. How can they let go of the opportunity to please the girls.

     They will track the IP of a passerby from Tianya, and show his name, age, dormitory address...

     It feels terrible to think about it!

     Don't want to die so ugly, Tianya passerby can only be a tortoise with his head, he cannot be an enemy of the majority of single people!

     He is a single dog himself, and his kind knows his kind best.Tianya passers-by pretended to be a dead dog, and the masses of people sprayed and had no continuous motivation. They changed the question back to the original video post and asked for more details.

     Whether you really like this song or not, it's almost a good thing to be able to chat with the students of Beijing Normal University.

     How can the long lonely night relieve worries? Only version chat!

     Xiao Mi, who was overwhelmed with the viper, answered their questions patiently. In addition to telling them that the song is called "My old classmate", he also revealed where he listened to the song, and how he felt and liked the song.

     Inadvertently, the song "My old classmate" is in the most suitable soil environment, public praise fermented quietly, quietly sprouted green buds!


     Seeking recommendation, collection support, thank you everyone!

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