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Chapter Directory 30 Warm Up
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

"Maybe waiting for you,"

     "Maybe waiting for you,"

     "Maybe in..."

     The repeated ending gradually disappeared with the guitar sound of guqin, and the song "Cinderella" was finished.

     There was a moment of silence in the bar, which was close to being full, and then applause sounded in every position. Although there was no sensation about overturning the roof, it was long and enthusiastic!

     Performing this lyrical song once again, Lu Chen is already impeccable in fingering and singing skills. What really improves is the feelings integrated into the song, which is more real and deeper, and has aroused the resonance of everyone.

     Praise and applause, he fully deserving, without any reservations!

     "What do you think?"

     The reserved seats on the upper floor of the Daylily Bar are six people sitting in the VIP area, and Chen Jianhao is among them.

     He smiled and asked, "Boss Chang, can my young man still be in your sight?"

     Although it is a very humble tone, there is a sense of proud display no matter how you listen.

     Chen Jianhao is certainly not the kind of shallow person. The object of his joke is a middle-aged man in his forties.

     Chang Wei, owner of the Blue Lotus Flower bar.

     Chang Wei looks very thin, but not too weak to stand up to the wind, but sharp and capable.He has short haircut with a small head, piercing eyes, and a tasteful dress. Apart from a small leaf red sandalwood bracelet hanging on his left wrist, he has no other jewellery.

     In Houhai's circle, Chang Wei is undoubtedly the top person. He has a deep network and is related to three teachings and nine tiers. For more than ten years, he has managed Blue Lotus Flower in having sound and color and has become the No. 1 in the industry.

     The most admirable vision of nevertheless Chang Wei, when the Houhai land was already very valuable, he bought the land where the bar is located at any cost, and now the land price has increased by at least ten times!

     Over the past ten years, many famous vagabond singers have emerged from Blue Lotus Flower, and some have become big names in the industry.

     Chang Wei's support can be said that one's contributions cannot go unnoticed, but he never talks about these things.

     Chang Wei and Chen Jianhao have known each other for ten years. The relationship between the two is enough to start a joke (of a defect etc) to be of no great matter, but for the latter's joke, he nevertheless nodded seriously and said: "Not bad."

     Chen Jianhao knows that for Chang Wei, the word "good" is already a very high evaluation. Once a famous vagabond singer went to the Blue Lotus Flower to sing, and he also won the whole house. Chang Wei's evaluation is only "also Row".

     With his shrewdness, he can't help but face light up with delight-this time I am really happy.

     "It's really good!"A middle-aged woman sitting on the left side of Chang Wei agreed: "Both songs are very distinctive, typical nostalgic folk songs. I haven't heard such a song for a long time. It's really nostalgic."

     This woman is also almost forty years old. She has a round and rich face, and her fair skin is well maintained, but the crow's feet at the corners of her eyes reveal her true age, and her charm and temperament are very good.

     "Brother Chang and Sister Chen both said it was good, but that can't be wrong!"

     Another man who laughed and squinted his eyes and said, "Director Su, you are so familiar with the boss of Jianhao, so quickly sign him as a young man, let him go to heartache!"

     The object of his jokes is Su Qingmei.

     It's just that he doesn't know that Su Qingmei had eaten at Lu Chen's place two days ago, and now telling her this is a mention the pot that doesn't boil, it's close to slap in the face!

     Su Qingmei "hum" and said, "Brother Jianhao is so proud, we can't afford it."

     This man with a little bit fascinated eyes is a friend of Chang Wei and a figure in the circle. If she wants to make a joke, don't get involved in this business from now on.

     So Su Qingmei can only bear it, but her grievance is really deep.

     Which one of you is not a human spirit? As soon as I heard Su Qingmei's complaint, I understood it.The man with Mimi Eyes immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing, and quickly added in surprise: "No? Even Qingyu Media doesn't like you?"

     Although he meant to please the other party to make up for his fault, he was really surprised.

     Although Qingyu Media is a rising star in the industry, it hasn't been long since its establishment in Beijing, but its strength is nevertheless, and it has recruited a group of outstanding talents to join, and is preparing to make a big splash.

     Such a new company can be said to have a promising future. Recently, Qingyu Media and the Blue Lotus Flower Bar jointly held a music night. I don't know how many people want to squeeze in with their heads to show their faces.

     Others rush like ducks, Lu Chen actually refused Su Qingmei's invitation to sign, it is incredible!

     The evaluation of Lu Chen in his heart immediately dropped greatly-he sang well, he was handsome, and his mind was out of the question!

     Chen Jianhao was a little embarrassed and coughed twice and said, "Little Lu is a little lax and doesn't want to be bound by a contract. Young people have different ideas from those of us old guys."

     Chang Wei glanced at Su Qingmei, not a word or movement and said: "Song is good, so let's count him."

     No one disputed, not even Su Qingmei, it was just a small matter.

     "Brother Lu!"Here Lu Chen just finished singing, and was stopped by a waiter before entering the backstage.

     Lu Chen was stunned, and then smiled: "Brother Zhang, what's the matter?"

     Daylily's waiter Lu Chen didn't know him, because he was one of them, but he didn't know the waiter Zhang in front of him. There was no friendship between the two, just work acquaintance.

     In the past, his attitude towards Lu Chen was not so enthusiastic, even with a little bit of flattery.

     "Don't dare to be brother..."

     The waiter surnamed Zhang shook his head repeatedly and said, "Brother Lu, you are now signing a vagabond singer, call me Little Zhang."

     Signing a vagabond singer would not make him so respectful. It was his former colleague Little Gao. It is said that he was driven by the boss because he offended Lu Chen, and even Houhai couldn't get along!

     Lu Chen reluctantly said, "Brother Zhang, please tell me something, don't be so polite."

     The waiter surnamed Zhang smirked, then pointed his finger to the back, and said: "The guests at table 27 over there want to talk to you. They are all college girls. There are two very beautiful!"

     He winked, a look that would be a pity if he missed it.

     Lu Chen laughed blankly and said, "Okay, I'll go over with the guitar, thanks."He knew very well that the other party must have taken someone else's tip to come to him so diligently.

     But this is nothing at all. It is better to be kind to others than to be scolded behind the back. He has been a waiter for so long, knowing the hardship and tiring of this work, it is really not easy to make some money.

     The waiter surnamed Zhang was simply flattered: "It's great, I'll talk to the customer, Thank you Brother Lu!"

     He ran away, while Lu Chen stored his guitar in the background and came to table 27.

     The waiter surnamed Zhang didn't fool him. There were five girls at the 27th table. At first glance, they knew they were college students who came to play in the nearby university town. Two of them were beautiful women.


     Lu Chen greeted with a smile: "Welcome to Daylily."

     After sitting for five in four positions, he stopped squeezing in, and was ready to chat and leave.

     The five girls are very shy. They look at me and I look at you. At last one of them stood up boldly and said: "Hello, we saw your video in the forum, so come to listen to the song, you sing that's nice..."


     Lu Chen was surprised: "What forum?"

     "Beihai City Forum!"The girl said with some excitement: "You are already popular inside, and the video you took was posted on the Freedom World section with 100,000 clicks. Unfortunately, the content is only a short section, so we ran over to watch the scene at night."

     She and Lu Chen got in touch with each other, and the other girls became more courageous, and they talked in tweet.

     "I heard someone came over last night, but unfortunately I didn't see you. I thought the place was wrong!"

     "We are lucky, we met Taoist Master."

     "Hehe, listening to the scene is the most comfortable, the sound quality of the video is too bad."

     "Handsome guy, will you still sing on stage?"

     It turned out to be so!

     Lu Chen nodded. He didn't even know that someone secretly took his own video and it was posted on the forum.

     Doesn't this guy know Daylily's rules? Should be spanked!

     Ah sneeze!

     At the same time, in the dormitory of the Girls Building of Beijing Normal University.

     Student Xiao Mi, who was sitting at the desk looking through the notes, suddenly couldn't help but sneezed loudly.

     She rubbed her nose, then rubbed her numb butt.

     It feels a bit baffling.


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