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Chapter Directory 35 Dong Yu
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Lu Chen insisted on playing alone.

     Qin Hanyang and Sister Na looked at each other and didn't persuade them more tacitly.

     Because the two were equally young, passionate, and fought against oppression and injustice, no matter the final result is success and nevertheless failure, they have worked hard!

     Therefore, they understand Lu Chen's persistence and are unwilling to teach Lu Chen as a predecessor, even out of good intentions.

     There is no failure when young. A person can truly mature and grow up only after experiencing setbacks and failures!

     Sister Na encouraged: "Come on, we all support you!"

     Qin Hanyang also nodded.

     It's just that the other four members of the Pang-Huang Band have a strange look, and they look at Lu Chen with weird looks.

     In their opinion, Lu Chen simply didn't know the sky and the earth, and regarded the kindness of Brother Qin and Sister Na as donkey liver and lungs. He would definitely suffer a loss when he went to the stage like this. I was afraid that he would be booed by the time.

     The atmosphere of the Blue Lotus Flower music carnival night is definitely not comparable in a bar. Two or three thousand people gathered around and shouted and screamed, and the sound can overturn the roof. Without a strong psychological quality, it is too easy to make a fool of yourself because of stage fright. Shame.

     If Qin Hanyang hadn't spoken, they would all want to make Lu Chen sober-who do you think you are?Lu Chen suddenly smiled and said, "Sister Na, I have prepared a new song today."

     Among all the people present, Sister Na is undoubtedly the one who cares about him most, so Lu Chen doesn't want to hide it anymore, and simply shakes off the burden directly: "I believe we should not lose our Daylily face!"

     Sister Na's eyes lit up suddenly: "Really? Since you are sure, that's okay, I believe in your strength!"

     If you can write such a good song for her, how can Lu Chen still have problems when he is prepared?

     To some extent, Sister Na is now a fan of Lu Chen.

     Qin Hanyang's mind is more complicated. He didn't have much impression of Lu Chen before, even if the latter worked in Daylily for more than half a year, neither of them said a few words.

     It wasn't until I helped Sister Na composing music later that I knew that there was such a talented young man beside me.

     However, Qin Hanyang believes that the two folk songs by Lu Chen are not as good as the songs he wrote for Sister Na.

     Now that Lu Chen said that he has written a new song again, he is really deeply moved in his heart.

     Qin Hanyang has been involved in music creation, and deeply understands the difficulty of originality, and how difficult it is to make a good song.With these three songs alone, Lu Chen is fully qualified to be among the ranks of second-rate or even first-rate Songwriter, and his creative desire is so strong, if there is a steady flow of fresh inspiration, it is not a dream for everyone to achieve success in the future.

     hope so!

     Outside the French windows, it was dark.

     All the lights arranged on the performance venue are lit, and the bright light shines on the crowd. The atmosphere is warm and noisy, making people feel like they are in the midsummer time.

     More than half an hour before the light blue music carnival night officially began, the audience was almost ready. Young men and women were sitting on small plastic stools talking, laughing and chatting, and some were holding fluorescent signs and light sticks.

     On the stage, a large LED screen flashed with blurry illusion images, and heavy equipment such as drum kits and electronic keyboard synthesizers have been set up, just waiting for Band to use.

     According to the convention of the performance, the instruments that are inconvenient to move are provided by Blue Lotus Flower, so some Band drummers and keyboardists ran over to try their feel in advance, and their actions caused noise in the audience from time to time.

     On the outer balcony of the top floor of the Blue Lotus Flower Bar, the atmosphere in the VIP area is undoubtedly much more relaxed.The well-dressed gentlemen and well-dressed ladies gathered in twos and threes with champagne or red wine to socialize and socialize. The waiters in uniform were holding dinner plates with snacks and drinks, not to glance sideways among the crowd. Walking through, everything seems to be everything clear and in good order.

     The most noticeable among them was a slender and graceful woman wearing Prada summer clothes. She was surrounded by many people like stars and became the focus of the audience.

     This woman in Prada has a delicate and beautiful appearance. She put her hair into a bun and covered her charming eyes with titanium black-framed glasses. She has a thin face and a beautiful temperament.

     "Director Dong, Director Dong Long Time No See..."

     Although surrounded by many people, she was familiar with compliments, and the woman called "Director Dong" always kept a polite smile on her face, and politely responded to other people's greetings and closeness.

     Only a trace of helplessness flashing in the eyes hidden behind the lens is the embodiment of her true emotions.

     Dong Yu, 27 years old, the general manager of Qingyu Media Company, just returned from overseas at the beginning of the year.

     Even if she has an extraordinary family background, she is not good to face the men with coveting, coveting or admiring eyes. After all, to seek development in this industry, personal connections are extremely important.Fortunately, the appearance of Su Qingmei rescued Dong Yu in time!

     The two sister partners hid in the corner to chat privately, and the men who did not find the opportunity had to retreat in anguish.

     "I shouldn't have come at night..."

     Dong Yu opened his carry-on Kun bag, took out the cigarette case and the lighter very skillfully, then lit a menthol cigarette and took a sip, complaining to Su Qingmei: "Leave me here, you can't see the shadow!"

     The habit of smoking was developed when she was studying abroad. She herself didn't really like it very much, but ordering one when she was bored would more or less relieve her emotions.

     Su Qingmei smiled and said: "Isn't I here to rescue you now? It's a good thing to get to know more friends, you can't always keep yourself locked in the office, it will be boring and become a perverted old maiden!"

     "Su Qingmei!"

     Dong Yu put the smoke out in the ashtray, staring at Dan Feng and groaning: "Did you have itchy skin lately?"

     "Don't dare..."

     Su Qingmei hurriedly begged for mercy: "Sister Yu, I know it was wrong, I just ran to select talents for the Company."

     She pretended to be scared and pitiful, making Dong Yu look so angry and funny, but she was thinking in her heart, such a beautiful and charming and delicious lady, I don't know which bastard will be cheaper in the end!Dong Yu asked: "Then have you found out?"

     Su Qingmei pouted, and said: "It's not very good. Let's check it later."

     Dong Yu moved in his heart and asked, "Didn't you discover a promising newcomer at Brother Jianhao last time? Why is there no news now?"

     Su Qingmei was stunned, and asked in surprise: "How did you know Sister Yu?"

     She touched the ashes of her nose at Lu Chen's place, and she was ashamed to take the initiative to tell Dong Yu, but she didn't expect Dong Yu to know it, and suddenly felt itchy teeth--want to eat people!

     Dong Yu chuckled softly: "You dreamed that I heard something in your dreams. Is that person inappropriate?"

     Qingyu Media Company was jointly opened by her and Su Qingmei. At the beginning of the opening, they did not take the way of rampant digging and grabbing people, but instead focused on cultivating and discovering promising newcomers.

     For example, the compass under Blue Lotus Flower, a new band with great potential, was successfully signed by the Company.

     Dong Yu accidentally heard about Su Qingmei's stalemate at a young newcomer, and he couldn't help being curious.

     What kind of character could this young lady hit the wall twice in a row?

     So she mentioned the pot that doesn't boil, digging and teasing Su Qingmei's sore spots, trying to find out the truth.Su Qingmei grinds his teeth and said: "I don't know how to talk in sleep, but Sister Yu, you will see that guy soon, I'm afraid you will be disappointed."

     There was a sly smile on her face, like a fox who just stole a hen.


     Dong Yu raised his eyebrows and said, "He will also play at night?"


     Su Qingmei nodded vigorously, she took Dong Yu's hand and said: "Don't talk about this, the show will start soon, let's go to Big Brother Chang, he is the protagonist at night!"

     It is already 6:50pm, and the Light Blue Night Music Carnival, co-organized by Qingyu Media and Blue Lotus Flower Bar, is about to kick off. Band, the first performer, has just stepped onto the stage.


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