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Chapter Directory 39 In The Spring
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Lu Chen never thought about it.

     One day, he can stand in such a place and sing to so many audiences.

     The bright beam of the spotlight hit him, and Lu Chen's heart was surprisingly calm.

     What’s not calm is the [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast room with 150,000+ online Fish Fans!

     "Great Lu Fei is on the stage!"

     "I saw!"

     "I'm so excited! So excited! So excited! So excited! So excited!"

     "Come on, anchor, we support you, always support!"

     "The anchor is mighty..."

     As the live host, Li Feiyu did not even look at the screen.

     He curled up, staring at the direction of the stage, his eyes staring at Boss, and his right hand was clenched into a fist and pressed his mouth, as if something was about to gush out, the only way to suppress it.

     Nervous, extremely nervous, as if it was himself standing there at this moment!

     The position of Li Feiyu is 3.5 meters up. In the VIP area on the top floor, those show business community people are still talking about the performance of the Flying Range Band just ended. They all expressed their appreciation and recognition of Cheng Xiaodong’s singing. Has played the highest among Band vagabond singer.Su Qingmei didn't care, she took Dong Yu's hand and said: "Then the youngster is on the court, wait for a good show!"

     The corners of her mouth were smiling, and her smile was very charming, like a fox aiming at a little chicken.

     Dong Yu not to know whether to laugh or cry: "Are you as for? Even if he doesn't sing well, what can you get? Out of breath?"

     "Sister Yu, is this lady so superficial?"

     Su Qingmei proudly said: "I attacked him because I wanted him to clearly recognize his identity, and then I would sign him and cultivate it, because only those who have experienced setbacks know how to cherish it!"

     Dong Yu was speechless.

     Su Qingmei actually wants to say that what she prepares for Lu Chen is more than just the appetizer of qualifying.

     The real meal is in the back!

     The performance scene quickly quieted down. The craze that was originally set off by Flying Range Band and Cheng Xiaodong quickly subsided. More than two thousand spectators looked at Lu Chen with a portable guitar on stage, surprised or curious, or wondering or wondering.

     The performers who appeared in front of Lu Chen were all making up a group, forming a troupe, either a complete band or a vagabond singer with a band accompaniment. No one just ran with an ordinary acoustic guitar like him. Coming to the stage.

     Is Lu Chen planning to sing love songs or folk songs?

     Does that soft and weak song match the atmosphere of the scene?How much courage should he dare to stand in front of everyone?

     Many viewers felt that their emotions were destroyed, and they were a little dissatisfied. There were even boos in the crowd.

     Although most of the audience are nevertheless very qualified, at least they will not booze until Lu Chen sings, but the boos made by three or four people sound exceptionally harsh.

     Invisible, it puts tremendous pressure on the people standing on the stage!

     Lu Chen ignored the boo and said into the microphone: "Good evening everyone, I am Lu Chen from Daylily. What I bring to you is my original work. This is the first time this song has been sung in public. "

     "Its name is, In Spring!"

     Original works? Singing for the first time? In Spring?

     The audience listened a bit baffling and felt that the amount of information was a bit too much.

     Lu Chen didn't explain any more, and played the prelude cleanly.

     The moment the steel string flicked, his gaze looked at the void ahead, and there seemed to be flames jumping in his dark eyes.

     Countless memories appeared in Lu Chen's mind, which belonged to Xu Bo's memory.

     The flame in the eyes turned into endless vicissitudes, a slightly hoarse deep singing blurt out without thinking!

     "Remember the spring many years ago,

     At the time I haven't cut my long hair short,Without credit cards without her,

     Have a home without 24 hour hot water.

     But then I was so happy,

     Although there is only a broken acoustic guitar,

     In the street, under the bridge, in the fields,

     Singing songs that nobody cares!


     The melody at the beginning is very soothing. It is telling people the story that belongs to the past, with a little bit of vicissitudes and nostalgia, and nostalgic for the time that will never be forgotten.

     However, when everyone thought it was a nostalgic ballad, the rhythm of the song suddenly accelerated, sound of guqin sonorous!

     "If one day, I'm old and helpless,

     Please keep me in the light at that time!

     If one day, I leave quietly.

     Please bury me, this In Spring! "


     Suddenly the heart-piercing roar, and the emotion that is so strong that it is in the extreme, is like a cannon fire on the battlefield, bombarding everyone's hearts with lightning speed, making their scalp numb!

     It really touched the soul!

     But the singing at this time returned to the previous melody rhythm again.

     "Remember those lonely springs,

     I didn’t even have a beard at that time,

     There is no Valentine's Day and no gifts,Without my cute little princess,

     But I don’t think everything is so bad,

     Although I only have fantasies about love,

     In the early morning, at night, in the wind,

     Singing songs that nobody cares!


     The people who were caught off guard woke up and became excited.

     It was the first time for everyone present to hear this song. It is reasonable to say that a new song would hardly resonate emotionally with the audience. Many good songs need to be listened to several times to hear the real taste.

     But this "In Spring" is not like this. No matter the melody is nevertheless, the lyrics are not complicated, there is nothing obscure, and the hot, vicissitudes, and nostalgic feelings it contains are so sincere and moving. , People simply can't resist!

     People are moved not because of the sadness contained in the lyrics, but because of the loss of soul, the entanglement of emotions, the hesitation of gain and loss, and the frustration of the past and the inability to restore it.

     "Maybe one day, I'm old and helpless,

     Please leave me in the light at that time!

     If one day, I leave quietly,

     Please bury me in In Spring,

     In Spring ~"The whole scene was completely quiet, only the accompaniment of the guitar and Lu Chen's singing reverberated. Those shrill boos were already vanish without trace, which made people feel ridiculous and pitiful to think about it.

     The biggest impact of this song is not more than two thousand audiences, but the vagabond singers who performed on the same stage with Lu Chen.

     They come from all over the world. Many people come to the capital to pursue their ideals in music. They are eager to be famous, eager to be appreciated, and eager to be the object of attention.

     However, reality is always so cruel. When ideals are replaced by the need for survival and youth is gone, they gradually become numb, no longer stick to their beliefs and forget their original intentions, and become accustomed to them.

     Until now, when they heard the song "In Spring" by Lu Chen, they had deep scars hidden in their hearts, and they were torn apart bloody layers, and they felt unspeakable pain.

     How could such a song be sung by Lu Chen! !

     He is so young, he is just a newcomer, he...

     At the door of the performance backstage, Qin Hanyang and Sister Na stood side by side. The face of the former was flushed and his body was trembling slightly. The eyes of the latter were filled with crystal tears, and he bit his lips with his teeth.

     Inside, all the people in the compass band were silent, and Gan Lang sat there as if he had been cast by petrification magic.He felt very sad.

     Cheng Xiaodong stopped in the employee aisle with an ugly look.

     On the bottom floor of the Blue Lotus Flower bar, whether it was the vagabond singer and Band members who had already appeared and nevertheless waiting to play, all spontaneously rushed to the large French windows, looking towards the stage through the glass, like a pilgrimage!

     Because they know that they are witnessing the birth of a classic!

     No one speaks in the VIP areas of the middle and upper floors.

     "If one day, I leave quietly, please bury me, here In Spring, In Spring~"

     "Staring at the splendid spring at this moment, it is still as warm as it was then..."

     The singing faded away, and the emotion remained, as if spring never left.


     Note: "In Spring" Lyrics: Wang Feng.

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