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Chapter Directory 48 PK Theme Show
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Coral Fish has been waiting on WeChat.

     She sent several messages to Lu Chen, and she called without waiting for Lu Chen's reply.

     What Wu Shanshan and Lu Chen want to discuss is a good thing. [Whale TV] will hold a competition show in the near future. The rewards are very generous. As a representative of the new anchor, Lu Chen is also among the invitees.

     That's right, now Lu Chen is already the No.1 in the newcomer anchor of [Whale TV]!

     In less than half a month, he has become a leader in [Whale TV] from a pure newcomer anchor. Without the strong recommendation of the website, he has created the record of the largest increase in popularity, and the amount of rewards has been repeated. Innovative high, has a large number of loyal fans.

     Although the current number of Fish Fans and online number of Lu Chen is far from comparable to that of several major anchors, his growth rate is too amazing, and he did not use the bad means of brushing the rankings to brush the data, so he got [Whale TV] respect.

     Especially last night’s live broadcast of the music carnival night, Lu Fei’s live broadcast room hit the hot list on the homepage, and it caused a small sensation in the Operations Management Department. Wu Shanshan also watched the live broadcast.

     Based on the above factors, Lu Chen has become one of the 24 competitive show anchor candidates.You must know that those who are eligible to be selected are all popular anchors of [Whale TV]. Some of them have a popularity of over one million, some have a signing fee of up to one million, and some are seniors in the industry. Newcomers like Lu Chen who have just joined recently are just There are only 4 people.

     Lu Chen is undoubtedly the most junior.

     "The name of this competition is called Whale PK Theme Show..."

     Wu Shanshan said to Lu Chen: "The format is very simple, that is, the host of Jingxiu chooses a theme show and performs a live show within 90 minutes. Finally, a comprehensive ranking is made based on the popularity index, audience voting and presidium scores, and a decision is made. Winner!"

     Lu Chen returned: "It looks very interesting, do I think about the content of the theme show?"

     Wu Shanshan: "Yes, nostalgia, sentimental, humor, inspirational, etc. are all possible, but there must be a clear theme, because then it will be all on the homepage for publicity. The more eye-catching the theme is, the better, of course, the premise is not Violation of the rules, otherwise it will be directly disqualified.

     Lu Chen has fully understood: "Understood, Thank you Sister Shanshan."

     Wu Shanshan: "(*^__^*) You are welcome, but I signed you, the better you perform, the more radiant my face will be, so be sure to cheer, if there is anything you don’t understand, just come ask me!"Lu Chen: "What are the rewards for the top 5?"

     Such activities must not be missed, but he is more concerned about the rewards of the website.

     Motivation can only be achieved with rewards!

     Wu Shanshan: "The PK champion rewards 300,000, the popular anchor on the homepage has three big seals, and the PK runner-up awards 200,000 + 2 big seals. The third place is 100,000 + 1 big seal, and the fourth and fifth places Both are 50,000 bonuses."

     [Whale TV] The handwriting is really not small!

     Lu Chen looked very excited: "When will the event be held?"

     Wu Shanshan: "Forget the most important thing. The Whale PK theme show will be held on May 30th, which is from 8 to 10 pm on the next Saturday night, but you have to send the theme content to me before the 29th. "

     "Remember to warm up in advance to let all fans know that you participated in this event!"

     Lu Chen: "OK!"

     After talking with Wu Shanshan, Lu Chen started replying to many messages on WeChat.

     Lu Chen did not start the live broadcast this evening. Although he had already announced in the live broadcast room and in the group, nevertheless had a lot of enthusiastic fans who sent letters to inquire with concern, and he replied if he could reply.

     While replying to the message, Lu Chen was also thinking about what theme he would use to participate in the PK show.

     He already had a preliminary idea in his mind.After processing WeChat messages and emails, it was already past 10 o'clock in the evening.

     Lu Chen turned off the computer and hurried out to leave his new residence. He stopped a taxi and rushed to the bar as he passed by.

     His current performance at the Daylily Bar has been postponed to around 11pm, so as to avoid conflicts with the webcast and ensure that both can be taken care of.

     Of course, Lu Chen knows very well that he will not spend much time in Daylily because the world there is too small.

     Too small to accommodate his ambitions!

     But tonight is very important, Lu Chen does not want to be late.

     Today is Sunday, and business in the Daylily Bar in the evening is still very good. All the wine tables are full of customers, and even the front of the bar is crowded, which seems very lively.

     There is a female vagabond singer on the stage playing folk songs. The song is an old song of what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail. The face of the person is very strange.

     Lu Chen knows that this is the first time a vagabond singer has come to the Daylily track.

     The vagabond singer who mixes in the bar, even if it is a contracted vagabond singer, will often run on the field. Communication in this circle is very important, otherwise there will be a few familiar faces coming and going, and even the loyal customers will be tired and aesthetically tired.

     "OH, our Little Lu boss is here!"Lu Chen was just about to sneak into the backstage. He didn't expect to be seen by David, who was bartending the guests. The guy immediately yelled strangely, causing the customers sitting in front of the bar to turn their heads and look.

     "It's Little Lu!"

     "It should be said that it is the owner of Little Lu now, haha!"

     "Boss Little Lu, I saw your performance at the scene yesterday, and the two new songs are really good!"

     "We should let Little Lu boss give us a discount!"

     "Little Lu..."

     Most of the old drivers who like to stay in front of the bar know Lu Chen, and they also joked with David.

     "Master, please forgive me youngster!"

     Lu Chen not to know whether to laugh or cry gave David a glance, and then begged for mercy at the old customers: "I invite everyone to have a drink, and nevertheless call me Little Lu in the future, the boss really dare not be!"

     He didn't expect that the fact that he got the shares of Daylily would spread so quickly, so everyone knows it now, and it is probably David who said it with a big mouth.

     In fact, Lu Chen owns only 5% of the shares, which is barely a minority shareholder. Qin Hanyang and Sister Na also have some Daylily shares, which are only non-transferable incentive dividend shares.

     The veteran drivers made a profit, and they happily let go of Lu Chen.The big room in the backstage of Daylily is also very lively. In addition to Sister Na, Li Hong, Ye Zhenyang and Wang Xiaoshu, the members of the Pang-Huang Band who seldom walk out of the small suites are also there, and there are many others who come to run the field. Peer.

     "Little Lu is here!"

     Seeing Lu Chen coming in, Sister Na was the first to express a warm welcome: "Everyone is waiting for you!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "I moved today and came a little bit late. Didn't miss your first song by Sister Na, right?"

     Tonight, Sister Na will sing the song he wrote for himself for the first time.

     Originally, the first song was on the music carnival night yesterday, but because Compass Band gave up performing on stage after Lu Chen, Sister Na temporarily changed the repertoire and didn't want to share the glory that belongs to Lu Chen.

     So this new song, which she had prepared for a long time, was put in the Daylily bar tonight.

     Sister Na complained: "How can I sing if you don't come? If you're not here, I won't be able to speak... Hahaha!"

     As she said that, she laughed and laughed happily.

     Others greeted Lu Chen either warmly or politely, regardless of whether they were familiar or not.

     After experiencing the night of light blue music last night, Lu Chen has become famous in the circle of Houhai. His outstanding singing skills have been recognized by everyone, and his status is undoubtedly surpassed by ordinary vagabond singers.Young and talented, who would not like to make friends with such a character?

     I'm afraid that only Ye Zhenyang didn't dare to talk to Lu Chen more. Those who didn't know thought they didn't know each other before, and their eyes flashed with a guilty conscience.

     Lu Chen knows the ghost in the other party's heart, but he doesn't bother to care about it.

     If Lu Chen would envy Ye Zhenyang before, now he can completely ignore the other party.

     As for Ye Zhenyang's tricks for inviting people to play on the night of light blue music, that not only did not affect Lu Chen, but it made him high-spirited and showed 100% strength on the scene.

     Ye Zhenyang, just being a villain in vain.

     Lu Chen's vision has long been placed in a wider world!


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