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Chapter Directory 49 I Want To Have A Home
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

At 12 o'clock in the evening, many people were already immersed in their dreams.

     But for other people, their nightlife has just begun.

     The previous magic show ended and Sister Na stepped onto the stage.

     The stage of the Daylily Bar is not big, she can't count how many times she has sung on it, and she can stand in a familiar position even with her eyes closed.

     However, tonight's Sister Na was extremely excited and excited, as if she was in the mood to go on a date with a boy for the first time.

     Facing more than two hundred customers who knew or did not know in the bar, she held the microphone in her hand tightly.

     For this debut, Sister Na made a lot of preparations, pulling the Pang-Huang Band to rehearse again and again.

     Although Big Qing is very supportive and doesn't mind, she really feels that she can't blame her friends.

     Therefore, she would never allow herself to sing it!

     Behind Sister Na, Qin Hanyang is following with the Pang-Huang Band.

     They will also accompany Sister Na's performance.

     Finally, Lu Chen.Before coming to Daylily, Lu Chen didn't expect that Qin Hanyang actually gave himself a place when composing music. The two measures of guitar accompaniment are simple and light, but the meaning is completely different.

     What a surprise egg!

     Snapped! Snapped! Pop~

     Sister Na hadn't started singing yet, and warm applause rang out in the bar first.

     Among the people who came to the Daylily Bar tonight, many are old customers who know and are familiar with Sister Na, and many of her friends in the circle. Everyone already knows that she is going to sing a new song.

     "Sister Na, come on!"

     Enthusiastic shouts and loud whistles followed, easily pushing the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

     It also made Sister Na's eyes more glittering tears.

     She is an old river and lake who has experienced the ups and downs of her life, and she would not be moved by why!

     "Thank you, really Thank you everyone!"

     Sister Na took a deep breath, then raised the microphone and said, "I'm glad to have so many friends over to join us tonight. I'm really happy and very happy. You can bring you a Thank you first!"

     "Thank you" is a light rock work that was a smash hit in the country in the early 1990s. The melody is full of passion and vigor, and the lyrics are positive and sunny, and contain the power to work hard.The classic charm will not fade easily due to time, but will become more and more mellow and touching. This song has been covered countless times so far, and it can often be heard in Houhai bars. There are many different versions.

     Lu Chen also played and sang "Thank you" here.

     Sister Na’s singing style is completely different from his. With the accompaniment of the Pang-Huang Band, she digs into the extreme saturation of the inner spirit of the song, and sings the taste of real rock with a unique voice.

     "Thank you, you stay with me every minute of my life, let me have sunshine, let me have power!"

     "Thank you, your support without regrets, let me get rid of the darkness, and let me no longer be cowardly!"

     "Thank you!"

     The song is over, the audience is thunderous applause!

     Although it was a warm-up song, Sister Na performed very well, with very good skills and emotions, showing a deep foundation and experience, and worthy of the status of the big sister in the daylily bar vagabond singer.

     Many of the customers present are music-knowledgeable, so they won't be stingy with applause when they listen to enjoyment.

     "Thank you!"

     After singing "Thank you", Sister Na bowed and thanked everyone.When the applause subsided, she continued: "The second song I will sing below, I believe many people already know, it will be a new song, a new song I have prepared for a long time!"

     "And this song was specially written for me by our music talent Lu Chen!"

     Sister Na turned around and looked at Lu Chen who was sitting with Pang-Huang Band, with a hint of gratitude in his eyes.

     The talented music talent has just been circulated in the Houhai circle and belongs to the new nickname of Lu Chen.

     Houhai's circle is not big, so news often spreads quickly. The two original works he sang on the music carnival night were sold at a surprisingly high price, and they have been spread throughout the circle.

     In addition, Lu Chen has been singing "My old classmate" and "Cinderella" in Daylily. This nickname is not just in name only, but also in reality.

     Sister Na added another sentence: "To be precise, it should be our handsome young talent!"

     "Little General Lu, genius!"

     Applause and laughter sounded at the same time. Lu Chen embarrassedly stood up holding the guitar and waved to everyone.

     Stop molesting handsome guys anymore, the protagonist of the night is not me!

     The next moment, the prelude sounded quietly.

     The beam of the stage spotlight hit Sister Na's body, making her the center of attention of the audience."The name of this song is, I want to have a home."

     She narrowed her smile to the audience, half-closed her eyes and quietly listened to the prelude that had just begun.

     Then very naturally, she sang a song that she had practiced and didn't know how many times.

     "I want to have a home,

     A place that doesn't need to be gorgeous.

     When I am tired,

     I will think of it.

     I want to have a home,

     A place that doesn't need much size,

     When I was frightened,

     I will not be afraid.


     The beautiful and moving melody, straightforward and realistic lyrics accompanied by the right composing music accompaniment, under the perfect interpretation of Sister Na's unique voice, it seems to be flowing like water in everyone's hearts, touching the soul!


     Who wouldn't want home,

     But some people don't have it.

     With tears on his face,

     You can only rub it gently by yourself.

     I envy him so much,

     You can go home after being injured,

     And I can only be alone,

     Lonely looking for my home.


     Tears gleamed in Sister Na's eyes again, and she closed her eyes, afraid of tears.Happy families are always similar. Unhappy families have their own misfortunes. Sister Na’s family is undoubtedly one of the most unlucky. She has been away from home when she was young and has never returned home for more than 20 years. .

     Because that home no longer exists, it belongs to a distant memory that I want to forget.

     However, deep in her heart, why not yearn for a real home of her own!

     Tears, nevertheless flowed down uncontrollably, but the accompaniment and singing became vigorous and violent!


     Although I never had a warm home,

     But I grew up gradually,

     As long as the heart is filled with love,

     Will be cared for,

     Can't blame anyone,

     You can only rely on yourself.

     Although you have a home, you don’t need anything,

     Why can't I see you smiling,

     Never say there is no love,

     Not going home all day,

     The same age,

     Different minds,

     Let me have a home!


     While singing aloud and venting emotions, Sister Na forcibly resisted looking at someone sitting down the stage at this moment, because she was afraid that her eyes would reveal her heart, and she was afraid of the pain of rejection.

     She has been rejected too many times.Under her strong and optimistic appearance, hidden is a fragile and sensitive heart.

     After the first time, applause rang out again, neatly and enthusiastically.

     Many people stood up and applauded, clapping vigorously, and even tears appeared in some people's eyes.

     Like Sister Na, they have been wandering in the capital for many years. Although some have achieved careers and some have an annual salary of hundreds of thousands, they can afford apartment hotels and car loans.

     But they used to live in the basement, used to be crowded in the subway, used to survive day after day on instant noodles, faced countless difficulties and setbacks, and became numb as walking corpse in the increasingly heavy work and entertainment.

     At that time, even now, they all yearn for a warm home, a caring and kind husband or a gentle and beautiful wife, and an obedient and sensible child, so they can go out happily on weekends. play.

     No matter what you experience outside, your home will always be a peaceful haven and a sanctuary for healing!

     This song "I Want A Family" sang the hearts of everyone, and it aroused resonance from the soul. They empathized with each other, and they couldn't help it!

     "I want to have a home, a place that doesn't need to be gorgeous!"Lu Chen sat on the piano bench, holding the guitar and looking at Sister Na on the stage, but his mind flew thousands of miles away.

     At this moment, he missed his home extraordinarily!


     Note: "I Want A Family" Lyrics: Pan Meichen.

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